Re-Summoned Hero Episode 23

They enter a large room with various instruments installed.

「Now then, let me see the materials first.」
Carena tells Souta to put them on the table.

A vial of dragon tears, a chunk of basilisk claw, a small bottle of holy water, and a bundle of Iyashi Tree leaves.
「This should be enough.」
「You really were able to gather them all … Well done. Moreover, the material is for the recipe that’s no longer used.」
「It’s no longer used? Do you mean the one that need dragon liver is the latest recipe? 」
「Huh, you know that too? The difficulty of getting the liver is high, but the medicine can be created with holy water and basilisk claw.」

Souta shows a dubious face.
「The original request was to bring liver, but even then, isn’t it easier to create ambrosia using tears? You just need to add Iyashi Tree’s leaves as the material … That tree should have been abundant in the country of the elves. 」
「Not anymore. About 200 or 300 years ago, a Stone Fever epidemic broke out and the leaves were rapidly used. A dragon tear is massive, while only small quantities of claw are needed. Holy water can be created, but the leaves are natural things. 」
「For something like that to happen… did it become extinct?」

Carena shakes her head.
「No, we prevented its extinction somehow, but it has decreased to a degree that is close to that … How should I say this …… The Elves restricted the flow to the outside, and the amount circulating has become extremely small. It is too expensive. Even the royalty cannot get it easily. 」

Souta nods, looking convinced.
「Another recipe was created because of that? It’s actually more realistic to get dragon liver instead of Iyashi Tree leaves.」
「That is right. In addition to being managed, it is mostly consumed domestically, as there are other uses than curing Stone Fever. So there are only a couple of leaves that leave the country, and that is only on the first month of every year, so it’s impossible. 」

「I won’t tell you how or when I got it, I can get dragon liver if I take down one … But I have the Iyashi Tree leaves, so I got the tears because it’s less dangerous.」
「…… I have it as well, but I don’t care if you don’t know that it’s valuable. I also won’t ask you because I don’t want to be asked in turn.」
「It will be great if you do that. So what I prepared is the material for the recipe that’s no longer used. Can you make it anyway? 」
「Naturally! I have been alive for 500 years, and although I said that it is no longer used, I used to make it in the past.」
Carena pushes her chest out and says that with a proud look.

「That’s reassuring … Well then, I ask you to do it immediately, I can’t keep doing this for too long.」
「Leave it to me. First, grind the leaves using the mortar there. I will put my hands on the other side.」
After that, they continue working while following Carena’s instructions.

Working through the day, by evening when Elmia tries to check on their condition, Souta and Carena raise their voices at the same time.
「「Complete !!」」
Souta tries to appraise the finished product. He feels relieved after confirming 「Stone Fever Ambrosia」 is displayed.

「You saved me. With this, I can save that jii-san’s granddaughter.」
「Fumu … … I think it would be better if I to come too. Originally, it was a request to bring a liver, right? If that is the case, if you bring the medicine, you might not be accepted because you bring something different from the request. They might also suspect whether you actually brought real medicine or not.」
「Yeah, I was worrying about how to talk about that.」
「I have met with the lord, and my name as an alchemist has been spread quite far. It will be fine.」
「Sorry for troubling you so much, can you come with me, then? 」
Carena gives an exaggerated nod.

「Also, as advice from me, it would be better to tell Elvas the truth. That guy is stubborn. The story should proceed smoothly if you don’t keep any secret, since it is about his important grandchild.」
「I understand, let me follow that advice as a proof of trust.」
「Well, then let’s go at once, I’m going to change my clothes, you prepare the medicine to bring over.」
After saying that, Carena goes into the back room to change clothes.
Souta puts the medicine in the bag and tidies up the table.

When the two are ready, Carena calls Elmia at the entrance of the shop.
「Preparations are good, then let’s go. Elmia, I’m sorry, but I’m counting on you. I’m going to the lord’s house.」
「Unn, I got it. Please be careful.」
Elmia says that to Carena and gives a bow to Souta.

As they exit, the sky is already getting gradually darker..
The lord’s house is located on the west just a little bit outside of the town.
Carena’s shop is also located in the west of the city, so they decided to just walk there.

In front of the lord’s house

The lord’s house is closer to a castle than a house.

Souta asks the guards who are in front of the gate.
「I’m sorry, I would like to meet the lord. He should understand if you say it’s Souta, an adventurer who received his request.」
「I am this town’s alchemist, Carenalien. You know, don’t you? Today, I came with Souta, so please convey this to Elvas right away.」
The guards have already been told about Souta, and it was said that there is a possibility that he will come soon.
Carena is also famous in this town. She gained tremendous trust from medicine compounding, so the guard heads inside to report to the lord without being too cautious.
「I understand. I will ask, so please wait for a bit.」

Because they can’t leave the gate unmanned, only one guard goes in while the other keeps watch as it is.

Soon, the guard returns.
「It’s confirmed, you were told to go to the reception room. Please go inside.」
Following the guidance of the guards, Souta and Carena enter.

The maid who waits there takes over and guides the two to the reception room.
「Welcome, the lord is waiting for you in the reception room, I will guide you.」
She says so with a bow and smile without any hint of sarcasm.
「Ahh, I’ll leave it to you.」

Inside, Lord Elvas sits on the sofa behind the large table, with his knight, Dan, standing behind him.
Elvas stands up and spreads his hands to greet them.
「Yahh, so you came. Both of you can sit there.」
He prompts them to sit on the opposite sofa, so they do so.

「I didn’t expect Carena to come. I thought that I was going to have trouble because I was planning to ask Carena for the preparation of medicine … So, Souta, do you get the requested item? 」

「I got it, however…」

t/n: i wonder where the editor go, ohh well, here we go 23, it’s already edited and getting an okay from proofreader, so it should be fine

ohh i read ahead quite far, and i just want to say, at least i know the identity of that blue haired girl (no i read ahead not to look for her, but because i stumble at cliffhanger, and fall quite deep)

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