Re-Summoned Hero Episode 55

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

The Hydra spits out acid.
Souta-san defeats the acid-spewing head.
When Souta tries to unseal the crystal…….

「That thing is…. This is quite a pinch.」
Souta turns his eyes to the Hydra, and sweat can be seen flowing on his forehead.

「I-I will try to buy some time somehow…… Souta-dono, quickly save Dina-sama.」
Narasu moves to the space between the crystal and Hydra and goes into the fighting stance with her rapier, intending to protect Souta and Dina.
「Stop it, it’s not an opponent you can handle, you’ll just die in vain.」

Still Narasu doesn’t move from her spot.
「That’s…. I can’t do.」
She shakes her head while keeping her eyes locked onto the Hydra.
「This is also to repay the favor from when you saved Arezel!」
With firm determination, Narasu faces the Hydra with a rapier fully filled with magic power in her hand.

When the Hydra who raised its head and roared calms down, it moves its sight to the crystal it’s protecting.
It’s cracked, the seal is likely to be broken sooner or later.
Noticing that, the Hydra is furious, while roaring, it tries to attack Souta and Narasu.

Without changing her stance, Narasu casts magic.
Narasu tries to stop the Hydra’s movement by casting wind magic and then strike with the rapier with the gap created, however nevermind stopped, it doesn’t even slowed down.

The Hydra sets off Narasu’s magic with its own magic power and heads toward Narasu as if nothing happened.
Although the blow from its fangs is blocked by her rapier, both her hands are numbed and the rapier falls from her hands.
「Guhh, how powerful is it…」
Forcing herself, Narasu tries to pick up the rapier she dropped, but as she does so, an attack using its tail comes from the side.
Narasu is able to pick up her rapier and defend herself, but she can’t stop the momentum and is thrown onto the wall.

「Sou-Souta-dono….. I’m sorry……」
She’s still conscious, but as she tries to raise her body, she falls again. Although she is still conscious, she has received a great deal of damage.

「Narasu …. This is bad, but…. I refuse to stay still and let you do as you wish!」
While putting magic to the crystal by his right hand, Souta throws weapons he takes out from Dimensional Storage with his left hand.
Due to his posture, the power and speed are poor, especially when compared to his attack against the right head from before.
Without magic power infused to them, the attack won’t deal any damage to the Hydra, it will just hit its skin and bump off.

By stopping the magic power injection, Souta will be able to focus on the battle and win, but even so, he doesn’t stop.
With the seal only solved this far, stopping the unsealing process might affect Dinarius negatively, with that in his mind, he can’t stop and takes the risk.

The Hydra pulls its head back, on a closer inspection, there is an almost exploded breath stored in its mouth.
The breath of the central head, the acid solution of the right head, the mysterious breath of the right head.
With all three breaths unleashed as one, it won’t be hard to imagine the outcome, even if they can avoid death, they will still take major damage.

Souta quickly chooses the best action he can do.
He focusing all the magic power in his body on his hand, furthermore, he also takes the magic power on the air around him and inject them all to the Demon Crystal at the rate uncomparable than before.
Souta also injects the magic power needed to maintain his defense. This seems like a suicidal act, but the last thing Souta want is for them to get caught in the breath attack and killed.
「Dina…… Wake up!!!」
The crystal glows brighter, and large crack forms in the middle of the crystal.
The air from outside that reaches Dinarius seems to quicken the unsealing process.

Just right when the breath is released, the crystal breaks apart.
The seal that sealed Dina breaks, but at the same time the breath is released towards Souta.
Souta tries to make a barrier to protect them, but with his magic exhausted, he’s only barely able to stand.
「I’m sorry Dina, I can get you out from the seal, but it seems I can’t protect you…」
Dina who was just released from the seal falls on the spot, still unconscious.
Just as Souta think the situation is hopeless, a voice resounds.

「Don’t give up!」

Just like before, someone stands between Souta and Hydra.
It’s neither Narasu nor Dina, it’s a woman Souta never seen before, but despite that, the face of this elf woman seems familiar.
She already used a recovery potion to the previously collapsed Narasu. Now able to move, Narasu gives Souta a Magic recovery potion.

「With this!!!」
She uses dozens of magic stones and fires her magic gun at the Hydra.
Magic gun can shoot magic bullets with power depending on the quality and quantity of the magic stones loaded. It’s disposable because the gun barrel could not withstand the power, it’s hardly used.
However, she uses many first-grade magic stones without holding back.
The magic bullet fired from the gun has enough power to swallow the Hydra together with its released breath whole.

Souta makes a barrier to keep the aftermath of the magic gun from reaching them, but they can still feel the vibration and the blast created.

Besides destroying the Hydra, the magic bullet also makes a big hole on the wall far behind the Hydra.
Despite able to save Dina, Souta and Narasu’s minds are occupied by the surprise from seeing such an absurd attack.

「Ahh, errr…. I wonder if I overdid it a little?」
『That’s not a little!』 That retort comes from both Narasu and Souta at the same time.
「Umm, there is no accident and everyone safe. so it’s fine right? Isn’t it right Master?」
She laughs at Narasu while sticking out her tongue.

「Hahhh, you never change… It’s true that we’re saved, but remember about moderation.」
Narasu lightly pokes Roury’s head.
「Waiii~ I’m sorry.」
There’s no sign of guilt on that face.

「Souta-dono, I will introduce her, she’s Carenalien’s daughter, and Elmia’s mother, Roury.」
「Nice to meet you!」
Because of her carefree attitude, Souta’s mouth hangs open from the surprise, he can’t believe the person in front of him is related by blood to those two.

「I understand that you’re surprised, but they’re really connected by blood… probably.」
「Ehhhh~ Master is so mean! I’m really the daughter of my mom, and I’m also really the mother of Elmia-chan!!」
「… This is a mother with one child? Well, I guess she is, the person herself says so, and I certainly can see the resemblance of their faces.」
Seeing that she’s able to convince Souta, she makes a delighted pose.

「Nnn~ this place is…….」
Behind the three, Dina, who was almost forgotten because of the impact of Roury, is awake.

t/n: originally planned for sunday, but i mess up something on chapter 54, which affect chapter 53 and 55, so i re-check all those chapters before finishing this one

also, here comes Loli, ohhh i mean Roury, because japanese

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  2. I still don’t see how this Hydra was a fight for him I doesn’t seem stronger than that ancient dragon I also doesn’t see how that crystal would require him to drain all his mana with his current power ups and level


  3. Its a nice chapter but ehy the hell is he so weak???????
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