Re-Summoned Hero Episode 82

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

White tigerkin appeared.
Red Blow’s clan leader appeared.
Honorable death of someone’s confession.

The sudden confession quieted the room entirely for a moment, though Dina’s immediate reply refreshes the hustle and bustle back to the dining room.
「Hey man, cheer up! Here, just drink your feeling away!!」
Dazed, the white tigerkin man is taken without resistance by the other customer. Just like that, he drinks the alcohol in desperation.

「Souta-san, let’s have a meal.」
Dina pulls Souta’s hand with a smile as if nothing happened. In front of Dina, everyone makes a path directly to an empty table as if she was splitting the sea. Only after reaching the table, Dina’s showing up her anger.
「What a rude person, the first time we met and he asked me for a marriage, even a joke should have some limit.」
「Maybe he was unexpectedly serious?」
There is no need to, but Souta still makes a follow up to the man in consideration of that man trying to save him.

「It’s still bad even if it’s serious! Even though we don’t know each other…… moreover, I’m Souta-san-」
Her voice quieted down on the second half of her sentences that Souta unable to hear her.
「Hmm? Did you say something?」
「No no, it is nothing.」
Dina vigorously shaking her heads.

「More importantly, why didn’t Souta-san said anything? After he said such thing to me.」
「… Well, I know you would refuse. Rather than uselessly saying something like appreciating his effort, I decide to not say anything.」
After a moment of blank look on his face, Souta answers Dina’s question.
It’s unclear what kind of conclusion Dina reaches to when she hears Souta’s answers, but whatever it is, that conclusion leads to the blushes on her cheeks.

「The meals are free of charge after some troubles, so let’s order something. Excuse me.」
Souta raises his hand and called the clerk. In this noisy dining room, Souta applies wind magic to his voice so that it can reach the clerk smoothly despite all the hustle bustle in there.
「Yes, I will take your order.」
「I want this, this, and also… this. How about you, Dina?」
As the topic of conversation suddenly changes, Dina checks the menu in hurry.
「Err.. umm, I want this, this, after that, I also want this.」
「Is that all? Then please wait a moment.」
After confirming the order, the clerk runs back to the kitchen.

「At any rate, the white tigerkin man is noisy. Trying to protect me from those guys, and then now asking you for a marriage…」
「I know right. I’m not very good at dealing with people like that.」
Dina unhappily puffing her cheeks.
「I guess he’s not a bad guy, just reckless. I feel like he resembles that man a little.」
Said Souta while reminiscing his beastman companion from his previous adventure.

「They definitely, definitely not similar at all!! Barza-san was a hundred times better than that man!!」
In the fit of her anger, Dina’s folds her arms, furthermore, her cheeks are puffed further.
「M-My mistake. I will apologize, that was a slip of the tongue.」
Barza is a lionkin, and also the hero of the beastkin. He has won the battle tournament many times. He’s a man who helps the weak and also kind to Dina, therefore she feels a bit attached to him.

「Leaving that aside, from the information I gathered, there seems to be a battle tournament in the beastkin’s country, it might be the same kind of tournament that Barza won before.」
「Really!? It is amazing how it continues even now. I want to see it.」
Dina recalls the tournament which Barza participated in.
「Well… we’re going to the capital city anyway, so if we can get in, let’s watch the tournament for a bit.」
「That’s good! I hope we can……」
Compared to sometimes ago, Dina now showing a bright expression on her face.

While chatting like that, their meals are served. They’re amazed by the speed of the preparation of their order, but that’s actually because the order keep coming one after another and so the kitchen staffs are making food one after another even before any order comes in, and so the food can be served faster.
「Now, let’s have a dinner first. As there is no need to worry about the price, so if it’s not enough, you can order additional food.」
They’re hungry because they were skipping lunch before they came to this town. After clearing the ordered meals, Souta additionally orders two more foods, while Dina decides to order a dessert.

Even after they finished eating, the excitement in the dining room has increased instead of ceasing. In the center there is the white tigerkin man, he’s doing drinking competition, eating competition, arm wrestling one after another.
「Not bad.」
After giving a sidelong glance to the man, Souta stands up and leave, Dina follows after him. As they keep their presence low, only a few notices they’re leaving, and so they’re able to leave without anyone calling them out.

After reaching their own respective neighboring room, Souta talks to Dina.
「Dina, let’s set out early tomorrow. It will be less crowded that way.」
「Ah, that’s certainly the case. Because it will become more crowded the closer to the battle tournament is, this way we can smoothly reach the capital.」
Dina agrees with Souta.
「Well then, good night.」
「Yes, good night.」

The next morning.
Most of the other guests are still staying in the bed because of yesterday party. Souta and Dina have a breakfast and then check out from the inn.
「Now then, should we depart to the capital?」
Souta gets on the carriage and takes the reins.
「Yes, let’s go!」
Dina replies to Souta from inside the carriage.
Ed answers Souta and then start advancing.

t/n: I ended up marathoning overlord and reading re-summoned hero until chapter 176, I can see why people call this novel slow now, and with my release rate, I can see more of why.

I can assure you this novel won’t be a harem though, the first part end at chapters 330 something (iirc). If no other heroine show up at halfway mark of the novel, I don’t think it will develop to harem at all, not sure about re-summoned hero 2 (only 13 chapter and not updated for at least 5 months though), the author of this release new title though, roughly translated to “Flight Reincarnation – I Did Say I Want To Be Able To Fly, But That Doesn’t Mean To Make Me a Bird!”

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      1. For clarification, Main heroine is usually a title given to the girl with the closest relation to the Protag, found in stories with multiple possible romantic partners. This can mean both Harems like Arifureta, where the Protag has multiple lovers(Yue is Main), or what I call semi-harems, where there are multiple girls in love with the Protag but he only chooses one relegating the others to the friend-zone, Like Rosario+Vampire(Moka is Main)


    1. not really, i know the one who takes him is that person who offers him to drink, but we don’t know for sure if there are more than that, so i believe singular is more correct here, though now you mention it, i’m not entirely sure anymore if it’s correct grammar wise or not, if it’s not then i need to redo the sentence a bit instead


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