Re-Summoned Hero Episode 97

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Reyshaw victory.
Grey victory.
Santana victory.

The magic which had injured a lot of participants in the preliminary round has been tanked by Santana without any scratch, the audience that was shaking from fear that the barrier would break turn around their feeling and start to cheers and applause which exceed the intensity of the one from before.
Santana is lending a hand to Plum who is on her knee.
「You’re not very bad yourself. I never thought an elf would get this far. The last magic too, it makes my blood run cold.」
Plum obediently takes the stretched hand and then stands up.
「You say that, but looking at you taking it head on without any scratch, it hits my self-confidence pretty hard.」
After she gets up, she pats the dust off her clothes and then takes Santana’s hand once again, this time for a handshake. Although the magic she put her all was blocked, Plum’s face looks refreshed.

「Winner- Santana! Please give them big applause again for showing a fantastic match!!」
After urged by the announcer, the audience gives them big applause against for honoring each other and for the good fight. After they thanks the audience, they return back to their respective waiting room.
The magical explosion created by Plum causes great damage to the stage. Therefore the tournament is put on a break for a while for the staffs to repair the stage. Although it has become a break time unexpectedly, the two who will have a match next only stay still, concentrating with their eyes closed in their respective waiting room.

The two matches so far are exciting for everyone, but looking at the two’s face, they look completely unaffected by the excitement, even the unexpected break time doesn’t change their expression at all.
Their eyes meet with each other as they walk toward the stage, and by the time they reach the center, they’re already glaring at each other.
「You don’t look concerned at all.」
Tobine says so to look down on Gargis.
「So are you. You always hide behind your father’s back, but today you’re able to show up. I will recognize that courage.」
Gargis doesn’t really care about what he says to him, and so he calmly replies. Wrathful expression emerges on his face once Tobine hears his reply.
「This time, I will make you grovel.」
Suppressing his anger, Tobine says so and takes a distance from Gargis. Gargis shrugs and then moves away from Tobine.

After confirming they’re ready at an appropriate distance, the announcer signals the start of the match.
「Without further ado, the last match of the first round, Gargis versus Tobine, Begin!」
From the fight in the preliminary round, everyone expects the battle would be a long and exciting one as both of them have a similar battle style and more or less same ability, even Souta thinks so. However, this prediction ends up being overturned.

Right after the start signal, both of them run toward the center and collide there. A loud voice as if a rock just crashed into another rock resounded in the venue. The voice is so loud it shocked many audiences, making them close their eyes and hold down their ears. The people who don’t however, already know the result one step ahead.
Tobine calls Gargis’ name, and then he crumbles down.

「E-Eh!? I-It’s…settled?」
The announcer is unable to grasp what happened in that instant. Gargis raises both of his hands as if saying that he is the victor to everyone even before it is announced.
「It seems to be settled! Winner- Gargis! Although the match only last an instant, the victor is participant Gargis!!」
After the two collided, the venue was silent, but once the announcer announces the victor, the audience, as if getting a waking up call, start to cheers loudly again.

Both of them aim for the same thing, to end the match in one blow, and so they put all their best into the first blow. Their running speed is identical, Tobine accelerate more or less faster, however, Gargis’ skill, abandonment, judgment, and way to handle his own body are better than Tobine. The instant they collide, Gargis parries Tobine’s fist and then launches his counterattack on Tobine’s chest.

While the audiences still cheering, Tobine who is not even twitching is brought to the medical office by the staffs. Gargis looks at the scene with an indifferent look.
「You never changes since long time ago, that’s why you will never reach me.」
Gargis says so while holding his left shoulder. While Gargis is able to parry Tobine’s fist, he’s unable to completely parry it, the fist ends up grazing Gargis’ shoulder.

This ends the first round of the match, and the pairing of the semi-final is announced.

First match: Reyshaw VS Grey
Second match: Santana VS Gargis

With how S-ranked adventurer Carlos and the military officer, Inggard’s son, Tobine, which was said to be the winning candidate of the tournament eliminated early, many predictions from the predictors end up upset.
Inggard who is watching from the VIP seats isn’t surprised that his son would lose.
「As I thought, he is still no match for Gargis, I guess…」
Inggard admits the talent of his son, but he acknowledges Gargis’ talent, who is willing to put his effort, further.
「Hmm, this is a pretty interesting outcome. Santana is the only one left from the knight order. Furthermore, Grey’s opponent next is Reyshaw, which is a guaranteed win already for Grey. Rudredd, it looks like Souta is going to win.」
Rudredd who listens to his king’s word covers his face with his right hand.

「ku~ku~ku~ isn’t it interesting? Inggard, who do you think will win?」
After pondering for a bit, Inggard starts to talk about his prediction.
「Let’s see… I think Grey-dono will win if nothing else happens. Gargis who defeated my son, and Santana too are quite powerful, but it’s nothing like a bottomless pit I could feel from Grey-dono. As for Reyshaw, it might be rude to say this, but his skill is incomparable to the other three.」
「Inggard, you’re not adding anything new, right Rud? In any case, I’m looking forward to what will happen.」
The words from the two only increase Rudredd’s headache even more.

Lack of pressure makes me unable to finish everything I need to finish by today, I will just move on to Goddess’s Suffering and release the rest of tournament arc following the schedule I’ve yet to put on my site. Patrons will get the chapter when I finish the translation as usual.


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    1. I don’t really like picking a project that was already translated no matter how much, but I guess I can make an exception here, I might pick it up, but I’m going to start from the beginning as a matter of principle

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    A tournament arc with 2-3 fights a chapter? I guess the author isn’t really interested a full blown tournament arc.


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