Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 7

Around That Time, Sword of Lightning II

「Found it!」

Several hours after they left the guild, finished their self-introduction already, together with the newly joined healer Laila, Margulus and his party found the hydra they failed to kill yesterday.
Hydra had an unmatched regenerative ability compared to a human, so after a day, their injury would heal to an extent.

However, while there was no scratch on its body, the two heads that were cut off by Raust early in their previous encounter had not regenerated at all.
In addition, it was in a deep sleep, indicating that it was still deeply fatigued.

「… If it’s like that, then we can surely do this!」

Seeing the state of the hydra, Margulus, confident in his victory, smiled.
Unlike yesterday, today Margulus was in a perfect condition.
On top of that, his enemy was still wounded.
All things considered, there is no way we will lose, he thought.
That was why he was going to give a signal to start the attack right away…

「Okay, let’s-」

「I’m sorry, may I ask you something before we start?」

Cutting off Margulus’ order was Laila.
In an instant, Margulus turned his eyes toward Laila, a hint of displeasure was in his eyes.
Strength escaped from Laila’s legs, but not discouraged by that, she still continued to ask.

「I’m sorry if I shouldn’t saying anything now, but can I ask for your confirmation?」

「Confirmation, for what?」

「That depend on whether or not you have medicine.」


Hearing Laila’s question, a certain memory emerged in Margulus’ mind.
When they were going to subjugate the hydra, Raust told him there was a certain medicine to get rid of hydra’s poison that they should buy.
But, once he knew how high the price of that medicine, he didn’t purchase the medicine, this time too, he had no intention to buy that medicine.
After all, victory is guaranteed.
There is no need for insurance like that.

「I have panacea, but……」

「Ahhh yeah, I know! Don’t worry, we all have one, so this conversation is over!」

… And so, Margulus forcibly told Laila to shut her mouth.
For a moment, question marks showed up on Sarveria and Armia’s faces who didn’t know anything about any medicine, but they didn’t say anything because they thought if their leader said they didn’t need it, then they didn’t need one.

「But, can you check one-」

Whether it was because she couldn’t believe Margulus or something else, Laila tried to ask once again, but Margulus was no longer willing to hear anything from her.

「Our opponent is sleeping! Now is a good opportunity.」

「Roger that!」

「Yes! I understand!」


The next moment, Margulus acted as if he couldn’t hear Laila’s question and ran out with a greatsword in his hand.
Laila could only bite her lips seeing Margulus’s and the others attitude.

「… Even though it’s important.」

After such words leaked from her mouth, she chased after Margulus and the others.

◆ ◆ ◇


And the second confrontation with the hydra began.

「Alright! This thing is clearly weaker! Here I come!」

At first, Margulus entered the battle with an apparent smile.
After all, the hydra was obviously weaker than when they fought it yesterday.
Apparently, its physical strength was limited to a great extent, the hydra’s movement was lackluster.




… But that confidence was gone in just a few minutes.

Unable to parry the tail, Sarveria was thrown off. Margulus shouted reflexively.
A response came from her answering Margulus, but it was clear that it was not a minor injury.


「Ahh, Laila, please…」

Laila, noticing Sarveria’s state, came to her side and then applied healing magic on her.
… However, Laila’s complexion also didn’t look good as she applied the healing magic.
After all, in just a few minutes, Margulus and Sarveria were injured again and again, making her used a great amount of magic.
As a result, Laila was no longer using 《Area Heal》, a long-distance healing magic.

「What’s your deal! Why don’t you use 《Area Heal》 anymore!?」

「Because this is sufficient, now stop the hydra!」

It was totally couldn’t be helped, but Margulus didn’t try to understand and instead moaned.
After all, when Raust was still present, long-distance healing magic was always a common sense.
Raust was unable to use any intermediate healing magic like 《Area Heal》, instead, he treated his injured comrade by shooting out his 《Heal》.


That was why, Margulus with his common sense, insulted Laila instead.

…… Without noticing Raust was the abnormal one.




That exchange made a big gap in Margulus’ defense, the hydra flung him off with its tail.
Margulus managed to escape with only minor injury thanks to the armor he equipped.



However, the hydra didn’t give Margulus any breathing time.
The hydra fired off an elementary level earth attribute magic 《Pebble》, fist-sized stones flew toward Margulus.
Somehow, Margulus avoided fatal wounds by using his great sword as a shield, however, one of those stones hit the shoulder part of his armor.

Margulus leaked a scream from the dull pains in his shoulder.
Considering the pain, the wound was not that big, but that pain stopped Margulus’ movement for a moment.
In the middle of combat like this, it was such an obvious gap…



… When Margulus noticed, it was already too late.
Margulus was stunned by the sight of the hydra who was looking down at himself, convinced of its victory.

「The fuck!」

And in that helpless situation, what came out from Margulus’ mouth was an idle complaint.

「Why am I become tattered because of that thing! We’re supposed to win! Why! That useless fucker is gone already, this quest should be easy! He was the one who attacked the hydra first, and then he was just running around!」

Margulus miserably spat out his pathetic complaints while the hydra looked at him with apathetic eyes.
In fact, he didn’t notice that what caused the hydra major wound was Raust’s attack and Armia’s magic.
And those words didn’t reach the hydra.
Looking at Margulus akin to looking at trash, the hydra opened its mouth to kill him.

「Spirits, come and protect us!」


… But Margulus was saved by the action of a certain person there.


As if it forgot about Margulus, the hydra sent its sight to the rearguard.

「Hear our wishes, show us a glimpse of great power-」

There, was Armia who chanted the chant of grand magic.
At the previous encounter, Armia had use grand magic without hesitation, but this time, she didn’t do that and only use magic to suppress the enemy.
The reason was that Margulus and Sarveria alone would be unable to stop the hydra which would start aiming at Armia if she tried to use grand magic.
That was why, Armia who didn’t cast grand magic until now, purposely used it to help the helpless Margulus.


And so, the hydra started to move toward Armia.


Somehow, Margulus was able to land a blow to the hydra, but it was not enough to stop its movement.



And then, the hydra’s poison struck Armia’s foot.

I just reminded from a comment in previous chapter about poison and venom, I’m aware they’re different and I should really edit all of them, will do so when I actually have access to PC, editing that many text in this tablet PC is hard, so just mentally replace poison with venom, or don’t mind the different.

A little blooper, when I was editing this, there was 2 instance which tempted me to just leave it and later apologize because I mistyped, but decided to fix it anyway and put this note instead

Both are the same typo, basically, I type Margulus’ name twice in the later part of this chapter (where he was helpless already) as Margululs, really tempted to leave it like that, but reader’s comfort is my number one priority so, nope

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32 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 7

    1. He is a 3rd tier adventurer and scam artist who seems ot live the “Good Life” of the spoils of his cons rather then training. It would not surprise me if he is getting weaker not stronger the whole time they had the MC as a punching bag/money source.


    2. I would say it was more the low self-esteem that his previous Healer had that engendered his mistaken behavior. Also note that said previous Healer basically soloed the lower floors of the dungeon that basically require high tiered “parties” to compete with. So in all honesty we can assume that our MC might be capable of soloing this hydra, or if not o ly needs a little support to do so.

      On a side note, I think his skill set he sounds more like that of a fist type monk or a paladin.


  1. Looks like new healer is competent, and on top of being crooks the party is cheap. I mean unless the antidote expires quickly you should have at least one since it is your life on the line if it is missing.


  2. I would say that the hydra might be able to use both venom and poison. Venom that is injected when it bites, and poison as a [skill] that is fired at a distance.


    1. thinking things again, I think it doesn’t matter in the end, kumoko’s skill is all poison even though it has touch damage which should’ve been a trait of venom, save me the hassle of editing too


      1. Ahh, true~
        I’m all for anything that makes the translator happy and increases their transition rate! xD
        Though your comments makes me wonder who kumoko is now…


    2. To be scientifically specific, venom is something used to attack, so it’s naturally located in areas like fangs or claws, while poison is used as a form of self defense against predators, so it’s located in areas like the spikes protruding out of a creature’s spine, or elsewhere in their system.
      If anyone says that a creature is using poison to attack, then, scientifically, they are dead wrong…
      If you can, please keep the naming this way~


      1. Yes and no, my point was that things such as skills and spells generally differentiate between venom and poison. It doesnt matter if the originator uses venom or poison, because in the end the target always ends up “poisoned”. So i feel its more a matter of semantics then anything else.


  3. So, is Armia going to die? And the way the author was talking about her was as if she’s a decent person, but what would someone like that be doing in Margulus’s party? Did she, by any chance, join after Raust? Now I’m slowly feeling guilty for my previous comment. But if Armia dies and Laila gets out alive, she could spread the truth out to the guild and the other two would suffer the consequences of spreading so many lies to the guild…

    Then, if they realize that it wasn’t the healer who was leeching off of them, but the other way around, then won’t that be another serious blow to that receptionist as well? After all, she had been mocking him this whole time and even drove him away, so seriously less income for the guild, then she realizes the party she’d been counting on to make up for the losses she caused is actually useless and all their glory is a lie using the healer as the only foundation.
    Ahhh, I can’t wait~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the Healer had some form of cure type potion, but may not be a cure all that is needed, or is highly expensive. So she might be saved if they retreat. In the end the only people we really care about are the Healer and possibly the mage, the thief and warrior can not so peacefully die here and we will only begrudge their lack of suffering longer.


    2. Didn’t Raust say in the first chapter or 2 that curing the poison/venom was still possible for a normal healer, but slow and time consuming?


    3. As I understand it mage girl joined after our punching bag of an MC. She might not have been a part of the initial con jobs, but she’s not entirely blameless. She did go along with the abuse, and is more focused on getting in the leader’s bed than having a functioning party.

      From the prologue: 「If you’re truly are better, then this quest would be easily cleared.」 [E]ven Armia, the female magician that should know what I was doing . . . turned her accusing eyes toward me. Armia didn’t have a physical relationship yet with Margulus, but she seemed interested in him . . .

      Basically she joined after the party went legit, will probably be the first of the three to realize their mistake, but still is in the party she deserves. This doesn’t seem like the story where people die for their mistakes, so they’ll probably pull back, get her detoxed, take a financial hit from the detox, take a reputation hit for failing the quest twice, and fight amongst themselves while the new healer peaces out.

      Not sure about the receptionist girl. She might be the first to reform, or she might get fired / punished / fade into obscurity. After all, she was rude to the MC, (How dare she!) but all she knows is what she was told, and she hasn’t been told anything other than the MC is incompetent. Even then, she chose to attack the MC rather than question the lower-layer drops, and his partner didn’t seem to be some sort of famously strong newbie star (this being her first day and all). I’d say her fate comes down to if a second receptionist is named, if the MC starts working with with some guild competitor, or not.


    4. She forfeited any claim to innocence the moment she brought the scammers a new victim. At that point she became directly complicit in their crimes.


    5. >Will Armia die?
      Hopefully she will die. As of now, we readers haven’t invested a lot of emotion into her character, so the author could let her die from a story design standpoint.
      If this party keeps on killing healers, then it will at last be unable to recruit any healers at all.
      I wanted to see this story approach because too many other authors don’t design and introduce characters to be killed one after another. Perhaps it is too much trouble for them when it comes to WN. But without more characters dying, then the story path is too much like all those other “kicked out of the party” stories. I’d like to see this story appear different from the others early on.


  4. Oh sorcerer girl, bout to lose that foot are we?

    Like did these people ever know the common sense of the world? Like they forgot what healers normally could do?


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