Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 32

Goddess-sama, Being Watched

Realm of reincarnation and Realm of Causality, it was the day after I received warning from the two people from their respective realm.

Even though this was the morning of my long-awaited day off, I was currently answering a visitor at the front door of my apartment with a frown on my face.

「Oh my, what’s with that bird’s nest on your head? Shouldn’t you pay a little more attention to your appearance when welcoming a guest?」

The visitor…… the goddess of reincarnation, Fellrose, while giving an insulting glare toward me who just stood there, rubbing my sleepy eyes, she said so with a lively appearance despite how early in the morning it was.

「Go back.」

Flatly declaring so, I closed the door as I didn’t want to deal with her.

『Ahhh, What are you doing! How rude! Open the door now!』

The rude one is you.

Reluctantly, I opened the door again as she was banging at the door that not only would disturb the neighbors but would end up destroying the door anyway if I left her to her own device.

「Good grief, how can you cause me trouble when I come here personally……」

「Shut it, if anything, it’s me that’s being troubled here. So? What is it? What makes you come here this early in the morning?」

It came to my mind right after I asked her. No way she comes here to say something like 「die, you!」 this early right?

When I was preparing myself for any abusive words that would come from her mouth, Amaletta, still in her pajama, showed up from behind me, hugging her pillow while rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand. Ah, her pajama getting messy again, I can see her belly button.

「……Tanaka-san? It’s still morning, what are you doing?」

「Ohh, my bad, did we wake you up? Actually…」


The moment I reached out to fix Amaletta’s clothes who was stifling a yawn without care, something pushed me from my back which made me rolling until I went back to the futon. That fucking goddess, the fuck is her deal!

「Shameful! How shameful!! I can’t believe you slept with Amaletta when she wears such a defenseless outfit…… How enviable! I’m jealous!」

「Too loud!」

While I was turned upside down against the wall, I glared at Fellrose who happily hugging Amaletta while combing her hair. Yes, I can see you like her.

「Fell? Why here?」

When Amaletta who was squeezed by Fellrose aware of her visit and wide-eyed in surprise, Fellrose answered her while rubbing their cheeks together.

「That is, you see, I want to spend the entirety of today with you, to watch your work and gaining an understanding of why that rebel there refuse to get reincarnated.」

While I was being glared by Fellrose, I quickly realized that my long-awaited holiday was likely to be wasted and let out a deep sigh. On a side note, did you really just call me a rebel…

「Do you mean you come here because of instruction from the Realm Chief?」


After she listened to Amaletta who cast a shadow over her purpose of coming here, she closed her eyes and shook her head vehemently.

「I applied for a long-term paid holiday, I come here at my own personal discretion.」

You like Amaletta that much you take paid leave huh. However, there was one detail from Fellrose words that catch my attention.

「Huh? What? Your job comes with a salary?」

From the image until now, I never thought the lot at Realm of Reincarnation and Realm of Causality had some kind of social background.

As I sat cross-legged on the futon, I asked Amaletta, to which she answered with a denial.

「No, we don’t get any wage. On the other side, it’s like we live for the sake of living there. However, we do have vacations. Well, what Fell said is just a figure of speech.」

Ahh, so it’s a world where you just live. However, daily life in the realm of reincarnation, huh… I’m a bit interested.

While I imagined the hometown of the two goddesses of reincarnation, Fellrose step forward as if to hide Amaletta behind her.

「Anyway, based on that reason, I hope you can accommodate me for today.」

「Even if you say so…」

Today is holiday, moreover, the last holiday in August, the month with a considerable packed schedule. Well, I probably will just go along with Amaletta’s hobby. But, walking around with her on our tail gave me a headache just by imagining it.

「Please just do your daily routine like usual. It’s fine. You can just think of me as air.」


Seeing Fellrose said that with a challenging gaze, I slumped my shoulders.

——— Well, she does this for her love of Amaletta I guess.

In any case, she probably won’t listen to me anyway, let’s just give up and answer her appropriately.

On the last day of the summer, accompanied with the chorus of cicadas, I nodded to Fellrose’s request.

Not sure why I keep underestimating this novel and its difficulty, sure it’s shorter, but it packs more thing I need to translate per line

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