Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 36

Hydra Battle I



The hydra roared.
Narsena wasn’t reflected in its eyes at all.
It was turning all of its hostility towards me, I involuntarily smiled wryly knowing that its killing intent was so strong it made my skin tingle.

「But this is convenient.」

This situation was an advantage for me and Narsena.
Our battle style was me defending and stopping our enemies while Narsena attack.
In other words, for the hydra to only concentrating on me meant Narsena could freely attack.

「If so……」

That was why, I let out a sigh of relief.
Honestly, the only attack I could do while devoting myself to defense was something that could only act as a diversion.
I couldn’t draw its attention long enough before it was mutated, and now it was mutated, if it decided to attack Narsena first, then I wouldn’t be able to do anything.
Hence why, this situation could be said to be the best situation I could hope for.


Because I knew that, even when the hydra attacked using one of its head towards me, I was calm.
In addition to magic detection, I also had thought acceleration activated, as the hydra’s head came closer, a smile formed on my lips.
Its movement that was captured by magic detection was perfectly identical as when it was yet to be mutated except for its speed.
In other words, just like with its pre-mutated state, I would be able to deal with its attack.


… However, I who should have defended against that attack was floating in the air.


With Narsena’s scream that came from some distance away and the floating feeling my body experienced, I finally understood I was blown away by the hydra.


When I fell to the ground I was able to recover my stance quick, however, the distance between me and the hydra got bigger.
The close-range magic detection allowed me to grasp everything in the radius of 10 meters, in return, I was kinda blind outside of that radius.
In fact, I currently didn’t know where the hydra was, that was why I disabled the magic detection temporarily to get back to the hydra.


…However, before I could do that, the magic that was thrown at me made me flustered.
I rolled on the ground and somehow managed to dodge the magic, it was too late, but I understood the hydra’s threat now.
It was true that its movement didn’t change compared to its pre-mutated self.
But its basic ability had enhanced significantly.
I was sure I could parry that attack.

…And yet, it easily blew me away.

Its strength was incomparable to its pre-mutated self, it was strong enough now to blow me away even if I parried its attack.

Furthermore, the magic from before.
How long did it take me to recover my stance after getting blown away?
It should be quite short.
Despite that, the hydra built and then released its magic at that short time.

……As far as I know, only Master can do that.

The hydra high physical ability and the too advanced magic technique.
I understood what kind of existence this mutated hydra was.

……If nothing changed, this was not something we could defeat.

「What about it?」

——Even though I knew that fact now, I was strangely not shaken.

「Stop! Come at me!」

Desperately hitting the hydra with her skills, Narsena tried to distract the hydra.
With the huge body of the hydra, the shockwave from Narsena’s fist unable to reach the hydra’s internal organs, the hydra kept moving, ignoring her.
Still, Narsena, for the sake of helping me, threw her punch over and over again.


And I was laughing in spite of it.
The hydra was ignoring Narsena to come at me, and if this kept going, we would surely be defeated.
And yet, the heat I felt propel me forward.

I remembered how deeply I was moved knowing I obtained a companion.

——If Onii-san is with me, there is no way we can lose!

I recalled Narsena’s words.

「Ahh, I really believe so.」

We can’t win against the hydra as it stands.

「In that case, we just need to put more power than we do now.」

But with that as a reason, I didn’t intend to stop now.

It wasn’t that easy to just increase our power out of nowhere.
I understood that much.
In fact, I kept facing my limit in my desperate attempt to increase my ability, I understood that better than anyone else.

—— Despite that, I believed without a doubt I could easily surpass my limit.


The hydra came at me while ignoring Narsena’s attack.
How long will it take for that hydra to reach here?

「That’s enough time for me.」

Clearly aware of the time I had, I laughed.

I activated magic detection, however, I didn’t activate thought acceleration.
The amount of information magic detection sent to the brain was huge, for a normal person, they would lose their consciousness in an instant.
That was why, I processed the information while activating thought acceleration, with that, I was somehow able to take advantage of it in battle.


……However, to process the information from magic detection without thought acceleration, even me, who was somewhat accustomed to it, was overloaded by information.

My head felt like it was split into two and I got a nosebleed.
There were too many information, I understood instinctively that if I didn’t carefully process the information, my mind and consciousness would shutdown.

「But, I can, think properly.」

Still, I was smiling.
I can think, hence I can still fight.

After thinking that, I reinforced my body with ki.
I understand the hydra’s movement perfectly, even if I’m not using thought acceleration I would still able to handle its attack as long as I have physical strengthening active, or so I believed.


…But the next moment, my headache became more intense I was almost collapsed.
At that time, even my self-consciousness was gone.
Some question like what am I popped up in my mind.



Narsena’s scream resounded and before I noticed, the hydra was approaching in front of me.
I have to move! I thought so, but alas, my body didn’t move.

While I felt a sense of crisis, I also accepted what happened.

After all, handling magic power and ki at the same time is difficult.
Even just using both at the same time is hard.
There is no way I can change the way I use it in an instant.

While thinking so, I smiled.

「Even so, I have decided to do this!」


The hydra seemed to upset with me who had clearly reached my limit but still smiled regardless.


I put my strength toward my body while shouting.
Even trying to move my body a little, my head hurt like crazy and my consciousness was about to fly.
However, ignoring that, I put more power into my body to take action.



And then, I, with a feeling of breaking through something, completely warded off the hydra’s attack.

It was really close.
If I was late to move just a little bit, I would have been poisoned by the hydra.
No doubt I would be dead then.

「From here on is the real thing!」

And yet, even when I knew that, I still said that without being shaken.



…However, the next moment, the hydra turned away from me and started to head toward Narsena.

After a moment of confusion, I felt my blood drained from my face.
I was ready to receive the hydra’s attack, but there was no way I could stop it from going toward Narsena.


And then, I let out a scream……

I didn’t translate the hydra’s voice, everything is straight up copy-paste from the raw, so please use your imagination on how it sounds, because I also don’t have any clue.

I have some difficulty with next chapter translation, this one too, but next one is harder in some part, originally I want to post all 3 together (not at the same time, but close), but because of that, I stopped to refresh my mind, meanwhile, enjoy the cliffhanger.

You can expect the next chapter in… 15 hours? I need to sleep in a bit, so it really depends on when I wake up (add 3 hours for translating the leftover)

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12 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 36

  1. ..Why did it go after Narsena? Out of all the adventurers there and it went specifically for Narsena, and that just after just 1 clash that ended in a tie somehow.
    You better explain this weird behavior Author, didnt you make the hydra go berserk and go for the MC from the get-go? 😛

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/


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