Re-Summoned Hero Episode 128

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Let’s kept going
Monsters were swarming the ores
Souta annihilated the monsters

「Souta-san, thank you for your hard work.」
Dina approached Souta who was still covered in the blood of monsters without fear or disgust. Antgar flinched for a moment before followed Dina along a bit later. Before the two could rush to reach him, Souta stopped them with his hand and cleaned himself with magic.
「Show a little resistance before coming closer wouldn’t you? No matter how you put it, my appearance was terrible before.」
He said so while making sure his clothes and equipment were clean.
「But, we couldn’t do anything. We can’t just avoid Souta-san who took care of everything!」
「Tha-That’s right! After you’re doing all that, there is no way we could be so heartless and do that!」
Antgar was trying to hide the fact that he faltered by agreeing to Dina’s words.

「Well, nevermind then… more importantly, the ore. All of the ores in this wall are the ore we’re looking for right?」
Souta spread out his arms to encompass the entire wall.
「Ahh, this is the first time I’ve seen this amount, but there is no doubt. It’s all dragon iron.」
The ores emitted a unique light, Souta and Dina could sense that the ores contained a lot of magic power. Antgar was looking at the wall with a somewhat stunned expression, so Souta poked him in the flank.
「Wai- stop it.」
「No, you’re the mining pro here, right? You understand we have no know-how about mining if you don’t tell us, right?」

After Souta pointed that out, Antgar took out a pickaxe in a hurry. Although not very large, Antgar also had a magic bag. The pickaxe he took out was specially made by himself, to mine the dragon iron.
「Then, from hereon, leave everything to me. You guys can help me storing the ores I dig out.」
He approached the wall while spinning his arm around and then began mining. His skill was magnificent even to the untrained eyes, the ores were piling up one after another.
「Dina, for the time being, I’ll do most of the work. However, put it inside your bag first. It’s easier to deal with various things if it’s distributed when anything happens.」
Dina nodded at Souta’s suggestion and then she began to put the dragon iron into her bag.

「Come on, there is more of it coming! We won’t make it in time if you don’t put it away fast enough.」
After he said that, his mining speed gradually increased and the mountain of dragon iron was also growing.
「Huh, guess we need to put more spirit into it too, huh.」
Souta picked up the dragon iron and sent it into his dimensional storage while pretending to put it into his bag. Also, instead of putting everything into his dimensional storage, he put some of it into his magic bag to separated it into three places: Dina’s bag, his bag, and his dimensional storage.

The work continued for several hours. Normally, this work was done with some breaks in between, but Antgar kept going without feeling tired because of his adrenaline. The two in charge of storing the ores felt tired, but if they didn’t get rid of the ores, it would form a mountain, so they didn’t take a break.
「Now let’s see, guess this is good enough?」
Antgar stopped mining once he had mined most of the dragon iron on the wall.
「Is it okay? To take most of it.」
「Not really, no, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t think there is anyone that can come this deep into this mine. Someone needs to be as strong as you to be able to defeat the monster with that kind of strength from before, right? Even the general in this country couldn’t reach Dina-san’s level.」

「You don’t have to address me with -san, just my name is enough. In any case, indeed, if that general is at the top of this country, then it may be difficult to reach this point. That person’s and my ability seems to not so far apart. This time, I won because it was pre-emptive…」
Dina understood that the reason she could come this far was because of Souta, or in other words, she understood that she didn’t have enough ability to come this far.
「But, I doubt monsters on that class would appear and settle there again…… Well, if they do, then they do I guess.」
Souta put off thinking about something he couldn’t do anything about.

「More importantly…… apparently, I’m…… only so far…… it seems…….」
After saying so far, Antgar collapsed on the spot. It seemed he didn’t hit his head because he fell slowly, but Souta and Dina were surprised that he suddenly collapsed as if he ran out of batteries.
「Antgar, are you okay!!」
When the two approached him in a hurry, Antgar was sleeping with a satisfied expression.

「…Just sleeping, huh? I was worried for nothing.」
「This happens because you mined so much alone…… Thank you for your hard work.」
「Guess so, well done.」
Although dumbfounded, they both praised him for the result he had produced.

「Can’t just leave him like this, huh…… Heave ho.」
Souta bent down beside Antgar, and then lightly lifted him on his shoulder. While Antgar’s stature was on the smallish side, he had sturdy build.
「I know Souta-san is amazing, but it feels weird seeing you carrying Antgar-san like that……」
Looking from the side, that huge body was obviously overweight, but Souta carried him on his shoulder across the plaza like nothing. No enemies came out along the way and they were able to return to the clearing smoothly.

「There is nothing.」
Souta explored the surrounding with his sign perception, but he couldn’t feel anything unlike before they depart.
「We can take a break here, but I don’t know if I can relax with the chance of monsters appearing at any time…… Dina, can I leave the monsters that appear to you?」
「Leave it to me! As long as it’s not the dragon or the black knight from before, they’re no match for us!」
Dina had already summoned her spirit in preparation.
「Then I’ll keep carrying this guy, I will it to you.」
Dina enthusiastically nodded and then she led the way back to the entrance while carefully checking the surroundings to answer Souta’s trust in her.

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