Banished Healer Volume 1 Intermission 6

Volume 1 – Intermission

Guild’s Receptionist, Almast


Together with Raust, we went into a room that hardly anyone entered in the adventurer guild.
Being brought to a room like that, Raust was visibly wary.
If I didn’t force him with my position as a guild’s receptionist, no doubt Raust would try to escape from me.

But so far, it was according to plan, so I laughed a little in my mind.

「Raust-san, I would like to apologize.」

「Eh? No,」

The next moment, I bowed deeply and apologized to Raust.

At that moment, interestingly, Raust started to be flustered.
His reaction was what I expected from him.
As I thought, Raust was slow against ill-will that was directed at him.

Despite showing a reaction that could be called excessive when it came to ill-will against his comrade, he was flustered by me who bowed at him while spouting nonsense.
Perhaps, after he is abused for so many years, his sense is distorted.

After making that conclusion, I smiled with my face still facing the ground, thinking that I might be able to use him this way.

「This may not be enough to atone to what I have done, but……」


And then, while pretending to be guilty with my expression, I started to strip off my clothes.
Seeing my appearance, Raust became more flustered…

I was about to laugh unconsciously when I saw his reaction.

My aim was to take advantage of Raust’s feat to offset my crime.
Raust subjugated the hydra I was hiding.
It was just a coincidence.
Raust just happened to be near the hydra and he happened to be able to defeat it.

However, what if Raust defeated the hydra because I secretly asked him in anticipation of his ability?

Even then, I would still be getting fired from being a receptionist and given some penalties.
But, it might be possible that my crime would be pardoned enough that I would avoid becoming a slave.

Of course, in reality, I never asked him to do so.
However, that could be made up from here on.

All I needed was for Raust to testify that I asked him.
To that end, I decided to attack using seduction.

When I took off my uniform and in my innerwear, Raust looked away with discomposure.
From his reaction, I believed the seduction method was working.

Raust had been abused until now.
He probably never been tempted by the opposite sex like this.
The martial artist looks fond of Raust, but beauty aside, my body is more mature.
There is no way Raust could escape from my temptation.
Thinking so, a provocative smile formed on my mouth.
If this is the case, just one more push and Raust will try to push me down.

This way, even if Raust doesn’t become my accomplice, I can use this to threaten him.
Currently, Raust who is in a position to be called a hero should hate to have an unwanted scandal and would nod to my request.
After thinking so, I smiled.

Having escaped the worst situation somehow, I felt relieved.

「It might be rude to say this in this situation, but…」

However, contrary to my thought, I couldn’t hear any discomposure from Raust’s voice.

「I’m sorry, I’m not going to put my hand on you.

……Physiologically, it’s impossible if it’s you.」


And then, even while having a hard time saying it, Raust still told me that straightforwardly.
For a moment, the meaning of those words didn’t register in my mind.
However, after a short time, when I realized it was words of refusal from him, blood drained from my face.
It can’t stay like this, with that feeling as the impetus, I opened my mouth.

「W-Wait! You can do anything as you like to me, so…」

If I didn’t make him my accomplice here, I would be ruined.
That was why, I tried to show as much skin and be as sensual as I could to get some attention.


……However, I stopped my hand before I finished taking off more of my clothes.
Late as it was, I realized now my seduction tactic had no meaning.

The gaze Raust sent at me was filled with unconcealed disgust.

Seeing Raust bewilderment so far, I thought he was embarrassed.
But that was only a misunderstanding.

………The reason for his confused expression against me who exposed my skin and turned his head away was because of disgust.

From the beginning, my seduction tactic never worked.
The moment I realized that, I was losing my strength.

Raust certainly didn’t show his anger toward those who had previously oppressed him.
But, that didn’t mean he forgave those people.
Just, as long as those people didn’t get involved with him, then it was fine for him, he was just cutting them off his mind.
I understood that now.

Raust turned his cold away toward me and then opened his mouth.

「Also, I now won’t turn my eyes toward any other woman.」


I couldn’t hide my agitation when I heard his words.

Raust didn’t say any name specifically.
……However, even without him saying, I already knew who was on his mind when he said that.


I previously thought I had more womanly charm than her.
I could only be dumbfounded from the defeat that came out of nowhere.

「Well then.」

After shortly saying his farewell toward the still-dazed me, Raust left the room.
…I didn’t have the energy to follow his back anymore.

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35 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Intermission 6

  1. really why did he followed her to a room, a receptionist doesn’t have the right to force anyone to follow her, doesn’t he learned anything? what if she faked him trying to rape her? really this mc…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. the one who decide if receptionist has the authority to force an adventurer is the author, and seeing the case with Laila, yes, she has the authority to force him to come with her

      Liked by 4 people

      1. that’s stupid, if he plants himself there, what can she make to force him to follow her? call the rest of the guild? no sir, she doesn’t have the authority nor the power to do that, author is just making crap to force a plot that is not interesting, nor pausible.


        1. Hold your horses, gentleman. I am sure that he accompanied that bitch is just to mske her feel more miserable as she is the last person who the MC had problem with. In my opinion. If he try to refuse her or not choose to accompany her it will not solved anything. I think as a reader i feel satisfied to see all of the people who commend the MC before got their karma. Serves you right bitches

          Liked by 1 person

        2. He is an adventurer. No need to force him to do anything physically. He could be sanctioned economically or having his rank degraded, etc.
          Some people may not care, it could be the end of the life of an adventurer (and just become a hunter without quest) if they oppose the rules of the guild.

          But clearly, it was a dangerous move. I also though he would be framed for attempted rape too (but it wouldn’t have serve Almast purpose of saving her … She probably would have been busted when the matter of the Hydra would have popped up too).

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I agree with OP on this. Does anyone really think Almast could get him in trouble because he wouldn’t follow her to a private room? How? What explanation is she going to give for wanting him to go somewhere private? What business would she have that they couldn’t discuss at the desk, that is there specifically for her to deal with adventurers?

            And he knows she’s a liar (telling people they couldn’t leave a party), and someone that mistreated him while sucking up to his old teammates. He knows she hates him, or did…

            Plus he’s the hero that just defeated a mutated Hydra. Even if he does some petty rule breaking at the guild, like disrespecting a receptionist he has a poor relationship with, what are they honestly going to do to him at this time? Kick him out of the guild? What a joke! He’s a freaking hero.


      1. Because she didn’t knew the rule, she could have left, refuse to go into the missions, leave the city, talk directly to the guild master, or go and make a complaint in another guild branch. author is just forcing nonsense, just because you are author doesn’t mean that what you write doesn’t need to be coherent.


        1. Imagine a setting of “Limited Information”. The rules and regulations are not truly set in stone, and you have various ‘unspoken’ rules that people BS up.

          Your taken advantage and told “Keep your head down, and you’ll live”. Kind of like today. Can you blame the guy for not trying to leave when all his life he was told “You are a failure!”?

          Liked by 1 person

    2. To show her one thing; “You disgust me.” Then it won’t stop there. Then rumor spreads around that Almast tried to rape Raust. She’ll suffer more than anything else than hiding a hydra from the guild.

      Is that enough to say to those who used him like a tool that was never cared for? To me, that is.


    3. Expand your mind when mutual consent is not rape. but if she tried to force him then it would be rape on her part. not vice versa.
      I hope the receptionist is enslaved.
      N A R S E N A B E S T W A I F U!!!


  2. Thanks for the chapter!!

    Called it!! But even so, I can’t believe how stupid she is, just like how a certain MC said, “no one would ever love someone who has a venomous heart, even if they are a peerless beauty”(or at least something close to that), and boy do I agree with him

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You might not like it since it’s Chinese not Japanese, but anyway, the Novel’s name is “Tales of Demons and Gods”, it also has a Manhua with 210+ chapters excluding the chapters that are split in two


    1. She might be able to, but I think she is still thinking about him like when he was being taken advantage of and that she is his superior, leading to not listening to him and taking words of discomfort and disgust as being weak and submissive. She is also EXTREMELY desperate and likely not thinking straight as a result

      I mean she thinks he is being seduced when he looks away from her in disgust because anything else means her life is over.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep… but becoming a receptionist is the trick. Certain guilds employ people that can handle management and can put up a fight.

      Poorer moral guilds employ “Dirty Tactic” people. Seems like the guild does just that… on occasion.


  3. How desperate does she have to be to think this will work. If someone does not like you, and does not want to be around you to the point that you need to force them to be alone with you then seduction will prove very hard unless the target likes to hate-f*%#.

    Heck the there would even be a chance (if it was someone more vengeful then the MC) that he lets her think it worked simply so he can ensure she can not be sold as a virgin, lowering her future prospects after sentencing.


    1. Easy idea, but what’s more damaging, being sold as a slut or being exposed that you nearly destroyed a city and attempted to rape the hero of the city that you’ve been exhorting funds from?

      The latter option makes you a bigger target of ridicule and shame. No one would want you, with them knowing full well that your a liar, thief, and felon.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. There’s a lot of people here who seem to think that Raust planned out his actions, after guessing Almast’s intentions….
    I don’t think that’s the case. She forced him to go to another room and he complied because he thought he had no choice. Once he worked out that he didn’t need to be there, he told her his honest feelings and left. Nothing premeditated about that… but that in a way, makes it all the more damaging. He didn’t lower himself to her level.


  5. Good for you Raust! Turn away from the THOT! Plus, wow, is he going to be loyal to one woman?! Honestly surprising in this genre lol, but refreshing.
    Although he’s still a bit too much of a doormat when it’s only him that’s being mistreated. He should’ve pointed out that even without Narsena around, he wouldn’t touch that horrible receptionist that mistreated him for years with a ten foot pole. But he’s too nice for that and apparently incapable of holding grudges no matter what, unless it involves Narsena.


  6. Awesome! Bonus points for Raust! He’s not like those loser MCs who get flustered at even the smallest amoint of sex appeal, he’s got one woman and doesn’t care for more. The fact he hates this shitty receptionist also helps.


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