Banished Healer Chapter 23

Raust's Rage ---Raust--- 「Thank you for coming to help!」 Hearing Narsena's gratitude, I, who just fell in to interrupt the fight, felt relieved I noticed the crisis that befell Narsena because there was a commotion around the guild's receptionist counter. The guild staff who rarely act was arguing with many adventurers, and the noise could … Continue reading Banished Healer Chapter 23


Banished Healer Chapter 19

World-Class Adventurer ---Narsena--- The moment she said that Onii-san had the strength comparable to world-class adventurer, I could see the great joy on Ralma-san's face. It was the face of a master who was happy their disciple got so much power. That expression also clued me that Ralma-san truly believed Onii-san had world-class adventurer level … Continue reading Banished Healer Chapter 19