I Already Said I Don’t Want to Be Reincarnated, Didn’t I!? ~the Suffering of the Goddess of Reincarnation~

Author: タザキ ツバサ (Tazaki Tsubasa)

One day, on his way back from the company he worked at, Tanaka helped a cat that was going to be hit by a truck…….

The Goddess of Reincarnation appeared and told him:

“You have died. I’m here to give you the chance to reincarnate.”

“No, I’m not dead.”

“Eh? That’s true? Why!?”

He and the cats were safe.

This is the story of Tanaka, an ordinary salaryman who crushes the reincarnation flag with full forces and the Goddess of Reincarnation who’s struggling to reincarnate him in the different world in any way possible. It’s a story filled with heartwarming comedy…… at least that’s the plan. Sometimes it’s also perverted.

The raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n5536ed/


Prologue ~ Topple the Reincarnation Flag

Chapter 1 ~ Goddess-sama, Place a Trap

Chapter 2 ~ Goddess-sama, Make an Ambush

Chapter 3 ~ Goddess-sama, Explaining

Chapter 4 ~ Goddess-sama, Fill In the Outer Moat

Chapter 5 ~ Goddess-sama, Decide To Do an Early-Morning Attack

Chapter 6 ~ Goddess-sama, In an Emergency State

Chapter 7 ~ Goddess-sama, Feeding

Chapter 8 ~ Goddess-sama, Coming Out

Chapter 9 ~ Goddess-sama, Job Change

Chapter 10 ~ Goddess-sama, Doing Housework

Chapter 11 ~ Goddess-sama, Trying to Rise

Chapter 12 ~ Goddess-sama, Talking About Ability

Chapter 13 ~ Goddess-sama, Finally Get an Understanding

Chapter 14 ~ Goddess-sama, Spoiling

Chapter 15 ~ Goddess-sama, Frightened by the Guest

Chapter 16 ~ Goddess-sama, Bewildered

Chapter 17 ~ Goddess-sama, Raising the Flag

Chapter 18 ~ Goddess-sama, Try Changing the Approach

Chapter 19 ~ Goddess-sama, Mistaking The Cause For The End

Chapter 20 ~ Goddess-sama, Become Stale

Chapter 21 ~ Goddess-sama, Showing Off Swimsuit

Chapter 22 ~ Goddess-sama, Washed Away

Chapter 23 ~ Goddess-sama, Getting Someone Else Breaking The Reincarnation Flag

Chapter 24 ~ Goddess-sama, Winning a Prize

Chapter 25 ~ Goddess-sama, Advent To The Virtual Reality

Chapter 26 ~ Goddess-sama, Become the Guide of Virtual Reality

Chapter 27 ~ Goddess-sama, Dance in the Virtual Reality

Chapter 28 ~ Goddess-sama, Become a Legend in Virtual Reality

Chapter 29 ~ Goddess-sama, Be a Little Gentle

Chapter 30 ~ Goddess-sama, Flag Increased

Chapter 31 ~ Goddess-sama, Get a Helper

Chapter 32 ~ Goddess-sama, Being Watched

Chapter 33 ~ Goddess-sama, Be Kind To The Air

Chapter 34 ~ Goddess-sama, Taking Care of Air

Chapter 35 ~ Goddess-sama, Showing Daily Lives

Chapter 36 ~ Goddess-sama, Secret Talk

Chapter 37 ~ Goddess-sama, Negotiate

Chapter 38 ~ Goddess-sama, Trying to Cheer Up

Chapter 39 ~ Goddess-sama, Praised

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