Re-Summoned Hero Episode 165

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Souta's skillful carpentry workWhat should we do next?Let's take a walk around the city! The group strolled through the city while doing some window shopping. If they found something they fancied, they bought them and stored them in their magic bag. Although they didn't buy anything remarkable, … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 165

Re-Summoned Hero Episode 164

Summary of the last chapter in three lines That's a pet, isn't it?The happening in the forestAtla's familiar registration Souta, Dina, Atla, and Ed decided to return to the mansion. After returning to the mansion, they removed the carriage from Ed.「Ed, hold on a bit. I'm going to do something I've been procrastinating on. Dina, Atla, … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 164

Re-Summoned Hero Episode 161

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Explaining what happenedIs Atla related to minihuman?Do you know Gregor Marvin? 「So, I want you to guide me to the minihuman settlement where their central figure is likely to be… is that possible?」Souta asked Atla again.『Hmm, if it's possible, then it is, but……. under one condition.』Atla said … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 161