Re-Summoned Hero Episode 157

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Contract signingAiri blushingThe forest looks abnormal When they stepped their foot into the forest, their whole body was covered with magic essence making them feel uncomfortable.「This…… seems like the magic essence here is thicker than in the elven forest.」「Right. The magic essence being this thick is a … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 157

Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 44

Discussion ---Raust--- 「Decoy for the monsters…!」 What those words meant was the fact that they let the adventurers escape.In other words, Ronaldo-san used the escaped adventurers to keep the monsters away from the labyrinth city.That was a possibility I never imagined.In a normal situation, I would've denied it without a second thought.However, as I was … Continue reading Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 44

Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 43

Monsters' Bait ---Raust--- Seeing the change in complexion on the face of the warrior and the healer of War God's Greatsword, I knew they finally realized their mistake.Ronaldo-san shouldn't have been considered the same as any other adventurer.Ronaldo-san continued with the same calm attitude without addressing the two's shift in behavior. 「By the way, I … Continue reading Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 43