Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 20

Goddess-sama, Become Stale Since then, the cheat harem another world reincarnation appreciation meeting became a routine. At first, as it would not use any physical means, I thought it would be peaceful, but it was different story if it continued every day. It was a torture to watch works that I was not interested in … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 20


Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 19

Goddess-sama, Mistaking The Cause For The End Now, after enjoying my bath and eating Amaletta's home cooking, finally, the time to open the door to another world had come. However, I couldn't believe that the first thing the BD drive on my notebook PC played would be something about another world reincarnation filled with nothing … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 19

Re-Summoned Hero Episode 94

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Surveilling knight. Tournament opening. Group A fight start. Being the first match might also contribute but the arena is full of excitement. The S-rank adventurer Carlos at the beginning only looking at the situation without moving. Voice of dissatisfaction comes one after another from the audience because … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 94