Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 18

Goddess-sama, Try Changing the Approach It had been a couple of days since Listy's warning. We were still living our life like what it was before. I worked diligently for the household expense, Amaletta freeloading while taking care of the house. This while I still didn't give up on refusing to reincarnate. Recently, Amaletta seemed … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 18


Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 16

t/n: change realm of soul to realm of reincarnation, and then causality world into realm of causality Goddess-sama, Bewildered After the sudden appearance of the handsome clown youth called Listy, because Amaletta in her child wife mode suddenly said: 「After all the trouble you had to come here, how about having dinner here?」 Currently, the … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 16

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 15

Goddess-sama, Frightened by the Guest 『Hey~hey~~♪ This is Tanaka-san residence right~♪ The residence of Tanaka-san, the corporate slave with meager wage right~♪ The residence of Tanaka-san, the pedo who do an unspeakable thing to a young girl right~♪ And you're playing dumb with me, I will fucking destroy the door, bastard♪』 Hearing the storm of … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 15