Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 13

Raust’s True Strength


Not long after Raust landed his attack, the phoenix subjugation was over.

Even after Raust’s attack cut through its head, its vitality that border abnormality kept it alive.
However, it no longer had any energy to heal its wound and in the end, its head was crushed by Narsena, killing it.

That was how the labyrinth’s lower-layer’s phoenix, a super-high difficulty monster that given a little more time, would have mutated and shaken the entire labyrinth city, met its quick end.

It was a miraculous event.
The phoenix hadn’t finished mutating and it was full of wounds.
Even so, it was strengthened to the point of absurdity.

「……To end this so easily…」

……But, despite the quest ended safely, the feeling I felt was not relief, but shock.

「Hahh~ hahh~」

With a sidelong glance, I could see Raust breathing heavily.
Easily is not a correct word to say seeing Raust’s figure whose fatigue really apparent.
Despite thinking that, I still couldn’t wipe that feeling out of my heart.
That was because the phoenix was almost completely defeated by Narsena and Raust alone.

Perhaps, as a world-class adventurer, Raust who was praised for having exceptional ability if you exclude heroes, had now stepped into the same realm as people on the same level as Master.
I was under that impression as I recalled that slash Raust did to cut through phoenix’s head.

「……You’re kidding right?」

…However, I couldn’t accept that fact.

That slash stuck in my head.
It was proof of Raust’s outstanding ability.
And yet, despite witnessing that slash with my own eyes, I still couldn’t accept that.

—Raust has no potential. It’s already good if he can become a common adventurer after spending his entire life struggling.

The reason was this Ronaldo’s words, said when he, as our master, judge the new disciple ability.
Master, unlike the world-class magician, Raia-san, was more focused on training his successor.
Most knights in the country were said to have had Master trained them.
With that achievement, his ability to judge other people was certain.

…And, that Master had said that Raust had no talent.

Those words had a weight unimaginable by common people.
After all, Master had found talents in many no matter how talentless they appeared to be.
That Master had clearly stated that he had no talent.
So, when I heard about Raust defeating a mutated hydra, I became interested in this person called Raust.

However, I still thought that Raust only had a certain degree of ability.
Defeating the mutated hydra alongside Raust was Narsena.
She was someone that Ronaldo-san said to have a talent that could lead her into becoming a world-class adventurer.
Narsena had led the mutated hydra subjugation, while Raust was at least capable enough as her support.

That was why I lost my composure from seeing Raust’s ability that far exceed my imagination and I couldn’t take my eyes off him.
Despite the fact that we were currently stripping materials from the phoenix.
I tried to focus on stripping the material, but my sight was sucked toward Raust.

「Hahh~ hahh~~~ Fuhh~~」

When I glanced at Raust for I didn’t know how many times had it been already, he stood up even though he should’ve been out of breath.


I was really surprised seeing Raust stood up.
Only a few minutes had passed since the phoenix defeated.
Naturally, Raust’s fatigue, who was about to fall anytime, was apparent.
Thinking so, I reflexively rushed to Raust’s side to support him.

「Thanks for letting me rest for a while.」

…Contrary to my expectation, his gait was certain.

Heavy fatigue like he had not slept for a few days floated on Raust’s face.
But that was the only indication that Raust was fatigued.


Seeing that, I couldn’t hide my surprise.
He was really tired after taking various actions with all his strength in his fight against the phoenix.
With that alone, he was tired enough he collapsed after the phoenix was defeated.
And yet, he already recovered enough to move around.

「Errr, is it fine for you to move around? You can rest if you’re tired.」

I wasn’t the only one that wondered about that.
Laila asked Raust that while Armia looked at him anxiously.


That was when Raust realized that we were worried about him.

「No, you don’t have to worry. You see, I’ve been training to some extent.」

…However, Raust answered our worry with a laugh and somewhat off-topic answer.

Certainly, training would make fatigue recovery faster to some extent.
But that wasn’t enough to explain this, Raust’s fatigue recovery rate was abnormally fast.
Maybe thinking that Raust was just joking, but Laila and Armia were only smiled vaguely.
Seeing them, I also tried to think that Raust was just joking.


…It was then a certain thought came to my mind.

It was an outrageous thought.
To have fatigue recovered that quickly, he needed to have done a certain degree of training.

Normally, I wouldn’t have believed that idea.
After all, it meant that Raust had done unblievable amount of training.

But, knowing how abnormal Raust was, I couldn’t deny my imagination.

Master words came to my mind again, that Raust had no talent.
It was hard to believe considering how much strength Raust had.

How much effort did he need to reach this point?

「Maybe, it’s really his effort that…」

I muttered that as I watched Raust’s back who was walking in steady gait despite his fatigue.

That was the moment his existence inside my head changed from junior disciple from the same master to a warrior that stood side by side with Master……

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12 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 13

  1. It would be funny if they get into an instance where they meet the hero’s(if there is such a character) master and he immediately beams at the sight of Raust and says “Ah! What do we have here? Another talented young man, but what a shame you are already mature, I can’t raise you as I did with my other pupil(the hero)” leaving everyone dumbfounded and then they question him about why does he think Raust is talented and then he says “why? Because I see it in his eyes. He has the extraordinary talent of *shut the fuck off, and listen to what I’m teaching you*, honestly is really hard to find hard working students, just because thay have 2 or 3 slightly outstanding skills they think they can put half effort to what they are doing, I wish you luck in your adventures young man, maybe in a few years you will catch up with my dumb disciple and have a friendly spar, until then young man”. That would be neat.


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