Re-Summoned Hero Episode 32

After Souta reads the books for several hours, he feels his body getting stiff.
He puts down the book and stretches. Cracking sounds can be heard from his body.

Finished reading all the books he took, he returns the pile of books to the shelves.
After that, Souta looks at other shelves. He doesn’t have a particular purpose, it just serves as a change of pace if there is an interesting book.
The books are organized into different categories that each have their own shelves. There are shelves for magic books, history books, fairy tales, academic papers, and others. Various titles are classified and arranged in their particular shelves.
Souta picks up books with titles that interest him, flipping through them for a while before returning them to their places. Then he goes to the next shelf when he loses interest.

He reaches the children’s book corner like that.
Beginning with picture books, stories for children, fairy tales, books for study and the like are lined up.

Souta picks one of them and starts flipping through it just like with the other books.
However, unlike other books, he doesn’t return the book back to the shelves, instead, he starts rereading it slowly from the beginning.
The sluggish expression in his faces is nowhere to be seen, it’s showing a grim expression instead.

「This is the end of the battle a thousand years ago, what the…」

The title of the book is 『The Legend of the Seven Heroes』. It is a story about the battle of Souta and the other heroes against the Demon King a thousand years ago.
When he finished reading that book, Souta looked for similar books and read it, but in general, every book has the same content.

In the story, Souta is bathed in the blood of the Demon King and loses his mind because of dark magic.
Then with his own hands, he kills the Dragonkin, Elven, and Beastkin’s heroes one after the other, and finally returns to the earth with the princess’ repatriation magic.
The princess also lost her life by using repatriation magic.

There is still a gap in Souta’s memories from the chance given by everyone to deal the killing blow to the killing blow itself.
However, it’s like looking something through a fog, although hazy, Souta still remembers a bit of detail on the memories.
Everyone in the battle fought to the end of their ability and was exhausted.

It’s easier to fall into darkness if the body is exhausted. Moreover, the blood of the Demon King was used as a medium, so its effect is enormous. Normally.
Souta had multiple light-attribute equipments as precautionary measures against the dark magic of the demon kingdom and had given multiple magic spells to increase magic resistance.
Furthermore, as a Hero, Souta received 『Light God’s Protection』.

Even though it was dark magic that used the blood of the Demon King as a medium, it was hard to imagine that Souta fell into the darkness with the magic cast by the dying Demon King.

Besides, Souta thinks that the idea that the Demon King’s blood was used as a medium is wrong.
Although he used unique skills and cut the Demon King over and over, he has no memory of blood coming out, and his sword did not get bloody.
Because of that, it’s hard to believe that blood of the amount that could bathe his body came out when he dealt the killing blow.

Furthermore, the biggest issue, if everyone died and repatriated, who made this story? Though if it’s only a fairy tale, then it can’t be helped.
That is the biggest question, Souta thinks that he can find out the truth of the story if he can find someone from that era who is still alive.
Maybe one of the heroes is still actually alive, or maybe someone else.

「The closest from here is Elves Territory ……」
As a millennium has passed, it may not be possible to obtain any information.
Still, the possibility of getting some piece of truth is not zero. Souta thinks that as he goes back to the reception after returning the book.

「Oh, are you going … did anything happen? Your face looks scary.」
On the way home, there is only the female librarian, the male librarian seems to be organizing bookshelves.
「No, it’s nothing. Thank you for your assistance before, can I withdraw the deposit? 」
「Yes, thank you very much. We will look forward to your visit in the future.」
After Souta receives the gold coin, he opens the door and leaves.

As the day getting late and the traffic is decreasing, Souta’s legs bring him straight towards the next destination.
When he arrives at the target shop, he opens the door.
The entrance bell rings, and the clerk reacts.
「Yes, yes, welcome… Oya, it’s Souta-san. Do you want to use our equipment again? 」
Usually, Elmia is the one who tends to the store, but it’s Carena today.
「No, I come to talk to you today.」
Carena looks surprised, but her expression soon changes to a smile.

「Haha, if you are happy to talk with such an old woman. It’s fine then, let’s hear it. I will close the store so wait a moment.」
Carena flips the sign on the door to closed, locks the door and closes the curtains.
「Now then, let’s go to the back room. I will make some tea. Though because Elmia is not here, the taste may not be good.」
From there, Souta is guided to a reception room separated from the working room he went to before.

「Sit down and wait for a bit, I will make some tea.」
Carena goes out of the room, and Souta who’s left alone in the room is surveying his surroundings.
On the ceiling there is a lighting magic tool, there are two sofas facing each other, and there is a low table in between.
A vase is placed on the table in the corner of the room, it is decorated with flowers, and the cleaning is also thorough.

While looking around the room, Carena comes back.
「Sorry to keep you waiting, here is the tea and while simple, also sweets.」
Dark colored tea and delicious cookies are lined up on the table.
Sipping a bit of that tea, Souta spits it back.

「Cough! Cough! What is this?!」
Souta returns the cup to the table and wipes his mouth with a handkerchief he takes out.
「Oya? Is it bad? Strange, the way I brewed it is no different from the way Elmia does.」
Carena drinks the black tea with a cool face.
Souta eats the cookies to remove the bad taste. It tastes good, probably the best cookies Souta ever ate.
「The heck with this gap…」
「Ah, those cookies were baked by Elmia. If I have to say, that girl will surely become a good bride.」
She crosses her arms and nods.

Souta takes water out of his bag and drinks it.
「So, I have something I want to know, is it fine?」
「Hmm? Ahh it’s fine… So, what is it? Is it something about alchemy? Or is it about Elmia? 」
Souta shakes his head.

「It’s not that, or rather, isn’t it that you just want to talk about Elmia…… What I want to hear is about the country you come from, the country of the elves.」
Carena stops drinking the tea and returns the cup to the saucer.
「… What on Halderia do you want to know about that country? 」
Her expression becomes sterner.

「I don’t want to know anything too difficult. I want to hear if something big has happened since the battle a thousand years ago, and I want to know your current impression of the country.」

t/n: this one is so easy to translate compared to last chapter, i don’t think anything need to be explained in t/n sooo

just another teaser, next chapter is Carena’s side of story, though, it’s only about elves instead of the story overall

ps: with this chapter, this month view will reach 200k view (it’s just 600 views left)

pps: once i get some time, i will roughly translate some chapter of 2 other novels, will post it in discord just to get some opinion on which one i should pick first

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  1. I’m in love with this series! I can’t wait for more to be translated. I can also see your struggle with proof reading and hope the translating team is doing well.


    1. pony is still MIA, though considering the problem is not as bad as my original translation, we will leave it at that until pony’s back, or someone else took pony’s place, for now though, isn’t it fine like this?


      1. I don’t see the mistakes that lol is talking about. Instead of overlooking them, I don’t care for TL or spelling stuff as long as I read what happens next chapter.

        No off3nse to that dude.


    1. Either the Souta went mad because of some kind of curse or he was betrayed, up till now both possibilities have been hinted but there’s no conclusive evidence.


    1. not really, that will serve as side project that won’t get release schedule, not until i got the foundation on the story which will help the translation tremendously


      1. Ty for answer is great yo know that Will not have schedule delay and thank you for the work, this is a good history thank you for picking this one to translate this web novel


  2. Thx for the chapter o/
    Finaly got up to date with this novel~~ (i had separeted it to read since a while but always procastinated on it)
    I hope i will help to get those 200k views
    And again thx for everything i find your trabslations amazing and easy to read


  3. Thanks as always, I thought he would find out he went crazy and become sad, but with his god protection and abilities the story told is hard to believe. I want to know who wrote it in history.


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