Re-Summoned Hero Episode 127

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Dina also drank the soupThe chronology of the fightAntgar said something good 「And that's that, I now absolutely need to make a new sword because Izayoi is broken. And so, Antgar, we need you to find good ores. I'm counting on you.」Souta smiled and put his hand … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 127

Re-Summoned Hero Episode 126

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Izayoi shatteredDina's frantic treatmentDelicious soup! 「Oh, you are also awake. For now, just take it easy and drink this.」The just awake Dina sat there, obediently nodded as she accepted the soup and took a sip.「…It's delicious. It's Sylvan-san's soup, isn't it?」Knowing who made the soup from its … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 126

Re-Summoned Hero Episode 125

Summary of the last chapter in three lines Making a chance for the attackAntgar was blown awayStopped by Sota 「Now, I absolutely need to make a katana, huh……」Murmured Souta while thinking about Izayoi that had turned into dust. After storing the Dragon Executioner into the dimensional storage, Souta moved toward Dina.「Dina, are you okay?」「Yeah, I'm … Continue reading Re-Summoned Hero Episode 125