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Re-Summoned Hero Episode 79

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Started with the discussion about the dragonkins.
Followed by the discussion of the gnomes.
Ended with the discussion about beastmen?

「Grevin…… There is no way right?」
Dina holds her breath.
「There is.」
Souta nods.

「I would expect there is no one other than Elder that had no naming sense that would use a nickname which was a discarded proposal.」
「I know right, there should be various other names…… But still, I’m somewhat glad. That Elder-san survived.」
He must consider using his name, Gregor Marvin, as is, would reveal his identity as the hero of the gnomes. But still, remembering a name that’s not even used regularly in his party even though it was a known nickname albeit discarded is really just like him. As seen from how the two only call him Elder, his nickname was rarely used. This means the only who knows the real identity of the creator of that story was members of Souta’s party or someone close to them like Dina.

「That’s all the information, right?」
「That’s right… Or at least for now.」
After saying that, Souta looks down to see the information he has written.
「Now, what moves should we pick…… should we look for the dragonkins, or looking for gnomes settlements, or…」
「Going to the beastmen tribe first, right?」
Souta nods, agreeing to the continuation of his words that Dina uttered.

「We don’t know the whereabouts of dragonkin’s village, while the gnomes are spread out, on top of that we don’t know if we go to the right village to be able to get any information, so it’s more efficient to go to other places first.」
「Then, what if there is a gnomes village nearby on our course to the beastmen settlement?」
「It’s possible. But the problem is that even if we go to the beastmen settlement, we might not get any information at all.」
Souta scratches his head as he thinks the best way to go to look for information.

「Since the lifespan of the Beastmen are only a little bit longer than human, there would be nobody who knows the event of that time, even if they told their descendant, a thousand years is indeed too long……」
While the book made by the Elder was handed down to the beastman tribe, now that the same kind of story that was circulated among the human had become mainstream, it was doubtful whether the person who received the book passed it down.
「What to do? We have several options to choose from.」
Souta almost decides where he wants to go, but he asks Dina as he wants to give a meaning other than looking for information on their journey.

「…… Personally, I want to go to the beastmen country at least once. It’s embarrassing of me, but I never leave the Elven country before this. Coming to this town is an exciting experience for me, there are a lot of things I’ve never seen, a lot of non-elves around… It’s really fun.」
Dina answers so in excitement while blushing a little.
「It was a correct decision to ask you. Previously, I was summoned, this time, I want to live freely, doing what I want to do. Hence why it’s fine even if we take a detour…… Right, let’s head to the beastmen country. Even if there is no information about the Elder, looking around at various thing would be interesting by itself.」
As there is little choice to begin with, Souta chooses this, simply because the idea sounds interesting. Unlike earlier, Souta’s expression who just changes gear becomes brighter.

「Yes, it must be fun. Travelling is nice, I had a lot of fun enjoying various landscape on our way from Elven country to this town, to the extent that I was moved by the feeling. This time, we will even go to the country we don’t know, my feeling of curiosity is piqued!」
Looking at Dina who makes a fist and talks passionately, Souta restrain himself from saying 『I have been there a thousand years ago.』

「Today is already late, so are we leaving tomorrow?」
「Yes, though despite the hassle I did to buy this house, I seem to spend so little time staying here… Ohh well… We will be departing tomorrow after we go shopping, requesting house management, and reporting that I will be away from the city for a while. Since I’m going to leave the city again, I want to greet my acquaintances first.」
Souta remembers how he was reporting to his acquaintance one by one, this time, he’s thinking of going on a trip quickly.
「Because this is an unrestrained journey, let’s take it easy when we leave.」
Because of her firm way to talk, she is often misunderstood. She often slips out of the castle because she doesn’t like the strict rule of royalty, that feeling turns into the feeling of oppression and in turn strengthen her longing for freedom. That’s why that thought seeped out naturally from the strong curiosity of the journey.

The two keep continuing their conversation, from the mystery of the journey, to the journey itself, they keep going until late into the night.
The purpose has changed, but the heavy feeling encroaching their mind seems to be getting lighter. Afterward, Souta brings Dina who fell asleep earlier to the bed and then goes to sleep in the other room.

The next morning.

Because they were talking until late at night, they also wake up later. Dina’s last memory before going to the bed was the sofa of the living room, so she feels confused immediately after waking up, but she regains her calmness soon and heads downstairs.

In the living room, Souta is preparing breakfast. Though all he does is taking out foods from the dimensional storage and warm the soup, still that’s good enough for breakfast.
「Oh, you awake Dina? Good morning.」
「Sorry, I seem to have overslept…….」
「No, don’t worry. Yesterday we were talking until late after all and I guess the fatigue from the trip isn’t yet to recover either, I just got up myself. I have filled the tub in the bathroom, you should wash your face.」
After a brief greeting, Souta hand over a towel and points to the bathroom.

「Thank you very much, I’m going.」
As she’s embarrassed, she goes to the bathroom in a quick pace after receiving the towel from Souta.

After they finished eating, just like what they planned last night, they ride the carriage to the city for a shopping trip. As the beastmen country is farther than elven country, in order to make the journey a little bit more comfortable, they lay down a couple sheet of futon in the carriage to absorb shock, they also buy more food and buying things one after another for a reason that it will be needed on their trip without paying attention to the cost. Dina who was refraining at the beginning seems to also lose her restraint somewhere looking at Souta who keeps buying more and more and end up adding more and more things to buy based on what she wants.

After shopping, at noon, they go to the dining room at the inn to have a meal and to inform them about their journey.
Miri responds with 「Again?」, while Milfana only saying 「Please be careful.」 In the case of Gordon, he offers 「Give me the money, and I will cook for you.」 which the two accept his offers gratefully.

When they get to Carena’s store on their way, they see Roury and Elmia tending store together. It’s in a form of Elmia remonstrate Roury for playing hooky when she’s tending the store.
「Ah, Souta-san and Dina-sama!! Both of you are mean to me! Leaving me alone like that.」
Roury who meet eyes with the two complained her dissatisfaction to them.
「But it seemed that it worked, didn’t it?」
Pointed out by Souta, Roury loses her momentum.
「That…… Err…… Thank you very much.」
Elmia who is next to Roury whose attitude turns around and gives her thanks also lower her head just like Roury.

「Raise your head both of you, all we did was guide Roury to this place and then leave her alone here, we don’t deserve the gratitude.」
As they can feel that Souta just hiding his embarrassment, Roury and Elmia both laugh and then raise their heads.
「Rather than that, we come here to say hello before we’re going on a trip today.」
「Yes, Souta-san and I decided to go to the beastmen country.」

「That… so… Un… Just be careful. Just don’t forget to show your face here when you come back okay?」
Although Roury and Elmia showing a slightly lonely expression when they hear that, Roury decide to see them off with a cheerful attitude.
「I pray for the safety of your journey. Also, please come and play with my mother again.」
Elmia, picking her mother’s intention, also send them off with a bit of a joke.

t/n: It’s been a long time I’m getting rusty, for some reason I keep wondering whether I should translate thing as A or B, whether the context fits A more or B more, or whether I should have used A word or B word, it keeps spinning like that in a downward spiral, well it’s finished anyway

a couple of note:

  • removed line:  お互いの姿を確認すると、蒼太は挨拶を。ディーナは謝罪の言葉を口にした。 right after 「Oh, you awake Dina? Good morning.」and「Sorry, I seem to have overslept…….」, it pretty much means Souta gives greeting, while Dina apologize, seems redundant so I removed it and then move it to later narration
  • changed line:  蒼太は取り出したタオルを渡し、浴室を指差した。 it just means Souta gives towel to Dina, I add a simple bit from the removed line
  • actually not sure if I translate this line (Souta remembers how he was reporting to his acquaintance one by one, this time, he’s thinking of going on a trip quickly.) right
  • Souta’s speech is in dark blue, while Dina’s speech in dark green for half the chapter, the first half of the chapter is pretty hard to differentiate who is who, I tried to edit it, but it’s simply not working out unless I go loose and rewrite the entire thing, which is not ideal

It’s been too long so my grammar might be messed up here and there, I’m sorry about that, any fix or suggestion is welcome


p.s: again, I’m not really checking novelupdate or other’s translator site nor do I plan to check, so I don’t know if this chapter already translated or not, well nobody says anything to me, so I guess, it’s still fine right?

also, next update is goddess’s suffering, it will be in 2-3 days

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Re-Summoned Hero Episode 78

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Competing to gather material.
Good books are aligned.
So which one wins? And then they fight anyway.

After they return to the mansion from the library, they start to discuss the information they got in the mansion’s living room.
A large paper is prepared on the table as they decided to write the important information while they talk about it.
「Then, I’ll start listing the point I found first.」
「Okay, I’ll take care of the writing then.」
Souta takes the pen and prepares to write.

「The information I got was mainly about the dragonkins. Since they lost their hero a thousand years ago, their whereabouts no longer can be seen in history.」
Souta who had collected the information about the dragonkin also nods, agreeing with Dina.
「Seems so. That’s also the information I got before. None of the books I read have some information about their whereabouts.」
Dina also nods back.
「Yes, since I couldn’t get another information, I was convinced that nothing is wrong with that, but from the book I borrowed from the librarian this afternoon, I read a story from slightly different perspective.」

「Those two… Seems like they’re better than I thought.」
Souta, once again, impressed by the two who was able to prepare the books despite their ambiguous description.
「First of all, it seems the dragonkin drops a gem at the time of their death. It’s written that the gem’s size is proportional with the owner’s age.」
「Hmm…… Then that guy’s gem should be quite large. He was over 500 years old at that point after all.」
「Right. With dragonkin’s battle maniac nature, they should be rarely able to live their full lifespan. 500 years old should be pretty rare.」
His figure which is an experienced fighter among the heroes appears in both of their mind.

「Continuing. It’s a gem, but for the gem that is hundreds of years old, it seems to be exist as a national treasure for the race. It has enormous amount of magic power and part of the memories are sealed inside it. It seems there were many who know about this trying to target it in the past.」
Upon seeing the changes in Souta’s expression when he hears the part about memories, Dina nods.
「I thought about the same thing. Just like how I got my brother’s memories via Pair Connect, it’s possible dragonkin also got the information about the outcome of the battle via that gem. And the reason they went into hiding, I believe it’s to protect that gem.」
Souta tilts his head while writing Dina’s opinion.

「Hmmm…. I also thought so… But how did that gem reach the dragonkin? Moreover, if it’s only part of the memories, it’s possible that the “part” is not about our last fight. I feel like we lack just a little bit of information.」
「It might the other person I saw in my brother’s memories. That person might be the one who handed over the jewel and information to the dragonkin.」
Souta feels that there is a possibility for that to be true when he compares it with the information he has.

「Though, if we decide that the information about the dragonkin to be true, then it might be the reason in the course of a thousand years, the dragonkin never lead a war against the human, even though they have a reason to do so.」
Sota raises his head as he finishes writing Dina’s opinion.
「That’s possible. So we need to look for the whereabouts of the dragonkin. The problem is……」
「The whereabout… Right. Maybe we can find it if we know who gave the gem to the dragonkin.」

Souta shakes his head.
「I’m in favor to look for that person, but whether the person, or his descendant know about it…… It might not be that easy. In the first place, dragonkins have a strong ties between their own race. They would be trying their best to not leak any information about their whereabouts, as it involves the safety of their friends and family.」
「Is that so…… So I guess, it will really difficult.」
Dina drops her shoulders and looks down.

「Don’t look so down, at least wait until you hear what I gather. It’s about the gnomes.」
Dina showing a large reaction hearing Souta’s remark, she immediately raises her head.
「You guessed right. Your theory is most likely right.」
Souta grins toward Dina.
「First of all, since the Elder dies a thousand years ago, their race seems to came apart, scattered and live in small settlements across the continent. It’s said their behaviour is because their small bodies and inferior physical power compared to other races.」
「In those days, every gnomes come together under Elder-san and formed a state right? So that means once he dies, the nation he made fall apart?」

After thinking for a bit, Souta answers Dina’s question.
「… It’s possible, but it feels strange that the Elder didn’t give further instructions before he went to the journey. Well, it’s possible with his death, his family also came into disagreement.」
Dina also replies to Souta after thinking a little.
「Hmm… It’s possible for that to happen… But will they really keep fighting even to the point they ignored Elder’s instruction?」
「Yeah, I already thought so. But, as I don’t know the actual information, we can only make assumption for now. Still, it’s strange if they just fall apart just because of in-fighting. So I assume, just like you and me, the Elder had also survived.」
Dina nods enthusiastically.

「If it’s him, then it’s no wonder he knows about the dragonkin gem, and I can see why he brought that gem to the dragonkin. Moreover, it’s easier to believe if Elder was the one who scatter his race.」
「If so, the dot is connected… But that’s only assuming if the Elder was alive. I hope there are some evidence supporting this out there.」
「Ahh that’s only if our information stop at this point. I searched for other things and found a bit information from the history of beastman.」
Dina talks with a finger at her mouth.

「Just like the dragonkin, the beastman are also a battle maniac race. However, even though their relationship with human are bad, they seems to never wage a war against human race.」
「That means, they have some reason just like the dragonkin?」
「Most probably. And so I tried to look for it from various books, and…… apparently there seems to be a story from the beastman countries that’s different from the story passed in the other countries. Although the story is now become a mainstream fact, in beastman’s story, it’s said that the different world hero repatriated earlier and dragonkin hero, elves hero, and beastman hero were killed by other person. And the name of the author of that story is Grevin.」
Dina gasped when she hears that name.

The name of the Elder is Gregor Marvin. He’s usually called as Greg or Marve. Souta’s party, however, made a nickname for him and end up calling him Grema. At that time, the other name proposed by the party and rejected by the Elder himself was Grevin.

t/n: I said soon, but look at how long it takes…… for me to start translating

I’m sorry it’s late, the story is picked up from here and so once I start this chapter, I really need to continue regardless of my motivation

also, this chapter is dialogue heavy, so I color coded it so you can discern who’s talking, the color code will change if I ever need to use it again, and only used if I deem it necessary, please tell me if you want me to change the color in case it’s hard to read

This is also a self-edited chapter, this is a test release on whether I should continue using present tense narration or change it to past tense narration (in case you don’t notice, I’m better at past tense narration), so please tell me your opinion, should I change, or should I not, based on the quality of this chapter, compared to Goddess’s Suffering and side story chapters

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Re-summoned Hero Episode 77

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Lunch, troubled choosing their orders.
Ask both cakes.

Returning to the library, greeting them from the receptionist desk are piles of books, the result of the two librarians competing with each other to find information.
「Err, this is…….」
With Dina’s voice as a sign, the two librarians finally notice Souta and Dina.

「Ah~, I have been waiting!」
The female librarian rushes out of the counter before approaching the two.
「Welco- Ah!」
Not wanting to lose, the male librarian also leaves the counter, but he knocks over a pile of books, making them fall to the floor. And so he gathers them and then puts them back on the counter.

「Ah- Is it fine to leave him alone like that?」
Answering Souta’s question is a nod and the refreshing smile of the female librarian.
「It is fine, that is what he got from handling the books roughly.」
Despite her expression, it’s clear that her smile doesn’t reach her eyes.
「Errr, here is the book you are looking for, and also this…… and I believe this will also help you.」
She takes some books and hands them to Souta. The books that were loaded in large quantities at the counter were ones that were checked to find these materials.
「Thank you, this helps us a lot. I seem to have increased your workload too, my bad.」
「No, finding books that the consumer wants is also a job for a librarian, so there is no problem!」
She answers with confidence while puffing out her chest, implying it’s a matter of course.

「I-I believe you should also do your work other than that.」
Just when the male librarian comes over after being delayed from tidying the books, he makes a complaint to Rena.
「Or so you say, but I believe Gai-kun needs to treat the books more carefully.」
Rena looks away while warning Gai in return.
「No, it was just a coincidence while I was in a hurry, normally such a thing is…… More importantly, in your case, Rena, don’t you stop doing whatever work you need to do to look for the book. Certainly, helping the consumers find the books they want is important, but your actual work is also as important. Once you’re done, you need to do your original work.」

For every one of Rena’s words, Gai returns five or six words. Knowing that her remark invited this, Rena hangs her head.
「In the first place Rena…….」
Dina, who feels that she can’t keep still and watching them, interrupts their conversation.
「U-Ummm I apologize for interrupting your conversation, but we want to check the material, so may we go?」
Gai remembers that he himself was also looking for material after listening to Rena’s explanation.
「M-My deepest apologies. I was setting a bad example as a librarian for using a loud voice in a library.」
When Gai apologizes, Rena also lowers her head, looking dejected.

「It sometimes happens even for a librarian. Fortunately, there are no other guests coming other than us, so as long as we don’t mind, there is no problem. I’m also indebted to you for looking for the material, I won’t complain about this.」
「That is right! Ouch.」
As Rena raises her head with a glad-looking expression, Gai pokes her head lightly.
「Don’t get carried away, what you did is still a bad thing regardless.」
「Geez, it hurts Gai-kun. Raising your hand toward a woman, how terrible.」

Even though they can see how close the two are from such exchange, Souta and Dina would still prefer to continue their research.
「Ahh, you can continue your banter. We’re going to read the books she has provided. Well then, thank you.」
Souta tries to move on from that place quickly, but another voice stops him from doing so, again.
「Oh, please wait.」
After slightly looking up from annoyance, Souta turns around.
「What is it? I’d like you to let us continue our research, but…」

「I’m sorry, this is the last one, I also prepared some material for your investigation, please use it.」
On Gai’s hand are several books, that’s received by Dina.
「Thank you very much. Now then, let’s go?」
Dina holds the books with one hand, while she uses the other hand to push Souta’s back as she moves to the table.

「Now then, Souta-san, they already spend great effort preparing these books so, let’s read it .」
After setting up the books they received from the librarian, they start reading them.

The sound of pages flipping over echoes around. However, unlike before, Souta’s hand stop halfway. It’s the same for Dina, she stops her hand and then read the page over and over again. After taking note of point of interest they find, they move to the next book after they finish one. By the time the repetition of those had finished for all the books, the time has already indicated that the sun has almost set.

「Fuhh~ Looking at the progress we’re making right now, it feels like the time we spent this morning were wasted.」
Turning his shoulders around, he speaks to Dina.
「Right, as I thought, a pro is amazing.」
Dina, who had finished reading a while ago, piled up the books they’d finished reading by size.

「So, did you get any information from those?」
「Of course, Souta-san too?」
Answering Dina, Souta nods.
「Yes, I found some points of concern, though I can’t really talk about it and analyze it here, right? Let’s go back to the mansion before talking about those.」
Considering that they will talk about the story from a thousand years ago, to avoid being overheard by others, Souta decides to go back to the mansion to discuss the investigation.
「You’re right, then the books…… Where should we take these? I guess for now we should take these to the receptionists?」

Dina takes all the books they borrowed, stands up, and heads to the receptionist table. Souta, a bit behind her, catches up with her and takes half the books Dina takes, then they head to the receptionist together.

While they head toward the reception, how about the two librarians? It seems they heard Souta and Dina and are watching h them come over.
「「H-How was it?」」
They ask the question at the same time.

「A-Ah, that was really helpful. I was able to extract the information I want.」
As the two asking while lean out of the receptionist table, Souta draws back a little before answering the question.
「So which book did you find useful?」
Rena leans further and asks that.

「Hm, I only read the books prepared by Rena. You read the books prepared by Gai right, Dina? As such we can’t really tell which one is more helpful, I guess?」
Hearing Souta’s answer, Rena looks dissatisfied.
「Ehh~ Then we cannot tell who wins.」
Pouting, she asks for approval from Gai.
「It is as Rena says…… Can not you decide one of them somehow?」
It seems they made this a contest, and it seems he wants to make sure the game doesn’t end unsettled.

「As I thought, you two are on good terms.」
Dina honestly says her impression about them.
「Who is on good terms!」
「Yes, who is on good terms with this man!」
「You really are close after all…」
Souta has the same impression as Dina.

「T-There is no such thing. Gai is, his mouth is bad, inflexible, he is really an unpleasant person.」
「What did you say! You are immature, a selfish person who doesn’t take her job seriously.」
With the two starting to fight, to not get caught up in it, Souta and Dina put the books softly on the counter, and then leave the library.

t/n: very sorry, I can’t get my motivation up for some reason, even this chapter which already finished quite a while ago is just posted now

on a side note, I might just do self-edited chapter for re-summoned hero just like goddess’s suffering, reason being I translate willy nilly now, and I can’t expect others to do the same as me, and waiting for the edit might also kill my motivation again so yeah

expect lower quality translation next chapter, sorry for this

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Re-Summoned Hero Episode 76

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Continuation of the investigation at the library.
Speak with the female librarian.
The female librarian’s name is Rena.

They leave the library, and after walking for a bit, they find a cafe and decide to go in.
Although it is not a big store and lacks gaudy decoration, the atmosphere of the store is calm. The two like it at first sight.
They also decide to sit in the open terrace. On a sunny day like today, they hope to eat their meal while enjoying the gentle breeze and admiring the scenery outside.

After being guided to their seats, Dina groans while looking at the menu.
「I’ve decided on this hamburg lunch…… What are you desperately worrying about, Dina?」
「I’m not sure which of these two cakes I want to order……」
Dina is troubled with dessert.
「Both would be fine right?」
「No, it’s an attractive proposal … but I feel like I’m eating too much.」
She feels shaken for a moment by Souta’s suggestion, but she shakes off the temptation and continues to worry about her decision.
「By the way, have you decide on the main course for lunch?」
「Yes, I’ve decided on that one. I want this one.」
What she points at is a pasta-style noodle dish.

「I see… Excuse me, I’d like to place an order.」
Souta raises his hand and calls the waitress. Dina, who’s still troubled with choosing her dessert, begins to hurry when she notices.
「Yes, may I ask your order?」
「Err, I am…」
「I will have this hamburg lunch and this dish, one each. Also, I want this cake and this one, also one each.」
Souta orders fluently. Dina is still troubled, but he orders anyway, while Dina watches Souta with discontent.
「I will repeat your order: one hamburg lunch, one tomato flavored pasta, one white berry cake, and one white cheesecake. Is that all?」
「Ah, I’ll leave it to you then.」
Closing the order list, the waitress returns to the back.

「Geez, why did Souta-san arbitrarily order like that. I’m seriously troubled, you know!」
Dina puffs her cheeks and gives words of reproach to Souta.
「My bad my bad, but if you’re as troubled like that, doesn’t that mean you actually want to eat both?」
「That is! That’s… right.」
Wanting to reproach Souta, delighting in being able to eat both, and fearing eating too much, those three feeling mixed inside of her.
「Don’t worry, if you eat half of both, won’t it become only one cake’s worth? That means you can eat both cakes without eating too much.」

「A. Yes. That’s right isn’t it…… fufufu.」
At first, she’s surprised that she doesn’t realize that sooner and lets out a smile after understanding that she can eat both without hesitation.
「It’s good now that you realize. I should’ve explained it first, my bad.」
Souta apologizes to Dina for doing things out of order.
「No, me too, for getting angry without noticing that, I’m sorry.」
Dina also lowers her head. With both of them lowering their head, realizing how funny what they’re doing is right now, they burst out laughing.

With the dangerous atmosphere calmed, the two start to chat. Not long after that, the main dishes they ordered come at almost the same time.
They put together their hands and start eating after the Japanese style prayer. The guests that see that all look at them with a strange expression.
「Yeah, it’s delicious. I was slightly making light of the hamburg in this cafe, but it’s juicy, the meat is overflowing with juice, and more than anything, this sauce is good.」
Souta steadily eats the hamburg, the meat going into his mouth one bite after the other without stopping.

On the other hand, Dina is eating the pasta with a happy expression. The way she uses her fork so that the sauce won’t splash onto her clothes, coupled with Dina’s original aura, serves to show off her beauty. As proof, all the men’s eyes are glued to Dina.
Some also have their ears pulled by the women they were eating with.

「Souta-san, this one is also very good. Here, please eat.」
Dina takes her food with the fork and holds it out in front of Souta. When he puts it into his mouth, his expression changes into a smile.
「Yeah, it’s delicious. This hamburg is also delicious…… Here.」
This time, Souta brings a slice of meat toward Dina. The male guests who are watching them are now sending gazes full of jealousy at them.

「Tasty! I wonder, maybe I should eat that the next time I come …」
Dina, who usually talk in a polite tone, sometimes loosen up when she eats something delicious or gets excited.
「…… Dina feels more friendly with that way of speaking.」
「I’m sorry for my unpleasant wording.」
Dina is startled from hearing Souta’s remark and then corrects her sitting posture.

「Well, whatever, it’ll change before long.」
Looking at Dina whose way of speech is already back to normal, Souta decides to leave it without any further comments.

The waitress who measures the timing of when the food on Souta’s table has already cleared, checks on them and then brings out the cake they ordered.
「Excuse me, here are the cakes you ordered for dessert.」
When Dina’s long-awaited cakes arrive, Souta divides both vertically in half and then splits the halves between the two plates.
「This should be fine. Dina’s get the fruits that are on top.」
「Thank you!」
The cake is cut into pieces that are almost the same size, and Dina who gets both of the fruits lets out a smile even brighter than before.

「N~~, tasty!」
Even if her vocabulary to express how tasty it is is scarce, her fascinating face tells its taste beyond words. Feeling satisfied while watching her face, Souta has his piece of the cake.
「Hmm~ certainly, it has a nice taste.」
It is fluffy; the slightly moist dough leaves a comfortable texture in the mouth. The cream that’s not too sweet, the fruity flavor that spreads in the mouth, and the fragrance brings about an elegant flavor for the cake.
They’re immersed in the taste for a while, but they feel loneliness as the dish gradually becomes empty, and finally, they completely finish the cake.

After finishing the cake, they sit around while having a cup of tea. After a while, Souta asks her to go.
「…… Now then, shall we go back and continue our investigation?」
「I agree……」
The footsteps of the two who go back to the library after taking care of the payment are filled with reluctance.

t/n: it’s been a while, the check just completed 2-3 days ago, 77 is edited, now just need to be checked, in the meantime I will translate chapter 78 and chapter 9 of goddess’s suffering, also as for that novel, it seems like it’s going on romance route

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Re-Summoned Hero Episode 75

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Delicious inn’s food.
Greeting from Gordon.
Investigation at the library.

To keep the books’ pages from yellowing, the library uses opaque curtains to block out sunlight, and the inside is illuminated by light magic tools.
Similarly, the room temperature and humidity are also managed by magic tools. Dina shivers from the room temperature that makes her feel somewhat chilly. Noticing this, Souta puts a blanket on her knees.
「Thank you.」
Dina smiles gently and thanks Souta in a hushed voice.
Souta answers with a short word that can’t be considered a reply.

Some time has passed since Souta and Dina started their investigation, however, there are no other visitors who come to the library beside them.
There are only the sounds of turned pages resounding between the two. Thanks to that, nothing disturbs their concentration, and they finish reading the books one after another.
When the already-read pile exceeds five books, Souta stretches his body.
「Hu–nnnnn, so tired. Dina, it’s almost lunch time, should we take a break?」
Hearing that, Dina raises her head.
「I agree. It’s interesting to know various things that have changed, but as expected, my shoulders after reading continuously are……」
To loosen her stiff shoulders and increase her blood circulation, Dina turns and stretches her shoulders around.

Souta ends the stretching he can do in a sitting position, retrieves the blanket from Dina, and puts it in his dimensional storage.
Souta stands up. After stretching his lower body lightly, he goes to the shelves with the stack of already read books that were on the table.

Upon reaching the target shelves, he checks the book numbers and returns them to their proper places.
「Did you find anything?」
Souta asks Dina while putting the books back on their shelves.
「Umm, I found many things, but whether it will lead us the truth is a little…」
Dina tilts her head as she answers Souta and passes him the books.
「Mine are also questionable. For now, we shouldn’t look for new information, instead focusing on the difference between the known truth and our memories.」

When the two, stood side by side, return the books to the shelves while groaning, the female librarian comes over.
「What kind of book are our dear guests looking for?」
In the last visit, Souta got information from the book she picked out. It reminds him that his work progressed smoothly because her selection of books was on point.
「Hmm, it’s difficult to explain…… There are some books about the story of the battle of heroes with the demon king a thousand years ago, right?」
Souta decides to explain while showing her the cover of the book.
「With this story as a basis, we want to find different ones, or something like that…… I don’t know how to explain it well either.」

Souta scratches his head while frowning. The librarian is trying to comprehend Souta’s explanation by breaking it to part.
「… I do not know if I can find the exact material you wished for, but I will try to look for it in a bit.」
Souta stops his hand that’s scratching his head and looks at her with a surprised expression.
「Is it okay?」
She nods.
「Perhaps, the feeling of congruity comes from reading many books. In the first place, there are some strange parts in that legend.」

「… If … If the hero from that story didn’t kill his fellow heroes. Can you add this as precondition and find it?」
Feeling some kind of sympathy from the female librarian, Dina, who only listened quietly until now, adds that information.
「I see, that is an interesting one. That story had become widespread, and I have heard it since childhood, so I never had any doubts. But… In that case …」
She enters thinking mode while mumbling with her hand on her mouth.

「Hey, you, hey, are you okay?」
Souta shakes her shoulder lightly while calling her out to recover her sense.
「Hah. I-I am sorry. I lost myself when I am thinking…… I will look for the book now. In the meantime, our dear guests should go and have lunch.」
「I’ll leave it to you. I feel it’s a bit in a stalemate. I want something to break through it.」
「Sorry to trouble you, but thank you.」
Souta and Dina lower their heads towards the librarian.

「I-It is fine. This is something that I like, so please do not mind it.」
Lowering her head a little, she hides her blushing face with her hair.
「Thank you. As we might disturb you, I’ll ask you later.」
「Don’t mind if you can’t find it, please, just think of it as a bad luck that you can’t find it.」
Leaving her behind, the two head to the entrance of the library.

This time, they’re stopped by the male librarian.
「Excuse me, has our staff inconvenienced you?」
Souta and Dina exchange glances.
「No, rather, she offered her assistance with our research.」
The male librarian covers his face with one hand.
「Haa~, even though I already told Rena not do more than her duties…」

「As for us, that’s an incredibly helpful offer. Does it inconvenience her?」
With a slightly uneasy expression, Dina asks the male librarian.
「No, if it is about the introduction to a book, it is fine because it is included in our duty, but as for helping with research, I’m worried that the burden might be too great as she also needs to do it alongside her original job.」
From his words, it’s known that he doesn’t hate Rena.
「If so, was it a mistake to help out?」

「No, your worry is unnecessary. Fortunately, while I don’t know if it will stay like this or not, there are only two of you as visitors today. As there shouldn’t be that much of a difference in the afternoon, I’ll also cover for her.」
He answers so, while shaking his head toward Souta.
「My bad, this time, your burden will increase.」
「Fufufu, it’s fine, I’ve always been at her mercy. Besides…… it’s important research isn’t it? Our dear guests’ faces when reading seem to be quite serious.」
「Were you watching? …… It’s not something that needs to be hidden, but, it’s not an exaggeration that what we do will influence the future.」
Dina nods agreeing with Souta.

「Then all the more, don’t hesitate to make use of our skills. We’re glad that someone finds our books to be useful.」
He answers with a proud smile. Although the two approach their work differently, it seems that at heart, their love for books is the same.

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Re-Summoned Hero Episode 74

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Meals at the inn.
Shy Miri.
Miri’s sorrow.

Satisfied with the meal, the two spend some time relaxing while enjoying after meal tea.
「Hmmm, the main dish, the dessert, and even this black tea are all very satisfying.」
She enjoys the scent of the black tea, the sweetness of the accompanying cookies, as well as the slight bitterness of the tea.
「I’m not that good with tea, so I was worried when I was served tea with different leaves.」
Souta talks about when he mentioned his dislike of black tea when he stayed at the inn before; since then, the tea served to him all are similar to Japanese tea.

After the customers settle down, and the seats gradually empty, Gordon comes out to meet Souta and Dina.
「It’s unusual for you, who’s always secluding yourself in the kitchen, to come out.」
He approaches the table without changing his expression, despite what Souta says.
「You are the chef here, right? Today’s meals were very delicious. Thank you very much.」
While staying seated, Dina bows courteously and thanks Gordon.

「A-Ah, no, it’s fine. As this is my job, it’s good as long as you’re satisfied.」
Facing Dina’s frankness, Gordon replies despite being flustered
「It’s great that I can eat this for the first time after a while. I can have peace of mind with your skills. Today’s food was also very delicious.」
「Ou, I added my own flare to the meat-softening technique that Souta taught me, and it went unexpectedly well. Thanks.」
Gordon doesn’t take the credit for himself. He believes from the bottom of his heart that it was due to Souta’s advice instead of his hands, and because he wanted to tell it to Souta straight from his mouth, he especially came out of the kitchen to meet him.

「Well then, I will go back.」
Because that’s all he wanted to do, Gordon, whose face has remained the same from beginning to end, leaves.

「Is Chef-san angry or something?」
Looking back, Dina mutters anxiously.
「No…… That’s a delighted expression. That he came out here personally is proof. His tail was also swaying slightly.」
「That is, I didn’t notice……. But, if so, then that’s good.」
After Souta says that, Dina shows a relieved expression.

「Now then, our stomachs are filled, and we’ve rested well enough…… Let’s go home.」
As they took their time, it’s already become late. All the shops, other than eating places, have closed already.
「Right, and the investigation will finally start tomorrow! What kind of information will we find, I wonder……」
「When I went to the library before, I looked into the basics of each country’s description and current condition. After that, I found a book about the battle with the Demon King a thousand years ago, so I read that.」
「Because the purpose is different this time, you may find something if you look from a different perspective. Besides, I will be with you this time.」
Dina makes a fist and gets fired up.

「I have high expectation on you. After all, you’re the only one who can see eye to eye with me right now. It’d be great if we could find something, but…… Oh right, Miri, I’m going to pay.」
Souta calls their server, Miri, and pays for the food.
「Yes…… It’s the exact change. Thank you very much.」
While working, she has been watching the two. Various thoughts fill her head, but she answers Souta with a smile without letting her thoughts show on her face.

「I said it to Gordon earlier, but it was delicious. Thank you, I’ll come again.」
「It was really tasty.」
They thank Miri with a smile and leave the store.

When they get outside, it’s already dark. They walk while relying on the light from the magic tools installed at regular intervals along the road like street lights and on light from the stores that are still open. They pass some drunkards occasionally, but it’s an otherwise quiet night, with fresh air and stars shining radiantly in the night sky.
Ed gets up when they come home and welcomes them.



The next morning, the two depart from the house just in time for the opening of the library. They have breakfast at a street stall. As they walk slowly, by the time they reach the library, a quarter of the library’s opening hours have passed.

In the library, they are welcomed by the same male and female librarians who welcomed Souta last time.
「Welcome…… The personage there has already made use of this facility. Thank you for visiting again.」
The one who says that is the male librarian. After saying that to Souta, he moves his eyes toward Dina.
「As for you, this is your first time using this library, am I right?」
「Yes, this will be my first time using this library. I have been to other ones, but, if it’s not a hassle, could you give me a quick introduction?」
Understanding that Dina wants information, he nods and begins his explanation.
「Dina, I’m going ahead.」

As Souta has already heard the explanation, he pays two gold coins to the female librarian and walks over to the shelves, looking at the memo that the female librarian passed to him. The investigation this time is to reconfirm the information about the four tribes, aside from the Elven tribe, which he has already investigated. The ones that particularly concern Souta are the ones that didn’t show up in Dina’s memories when using Pair Connect: the Beastmen tribe, the Gnome tribe, and Dwarven tribe.

The two heroes from Dragonkin and Elven tribes are guaranteed to be dead. Dina said that there might be another person there. Souta thought that, if so, then it’s possible that the other person is one of the other three heroes. Based on that, the possibility of it being the Beastmen tribe’s hero is low, because he was fighting together with them in the same place. Souta takes out the books about the other two races to look for information about them.

After taking out the relevant books, he heads to the reading table. Dina comes chasing him shortly after.
「Those two are quite interesting. They’re incongruous, but somehow match each other well……. a nice combination.」
Dina whispers in the quiet library. Souta is reminded of the time he first met those two, and, hearing Dina’s opinion, he agrees.
「Ah, they’re still the same like before.」

Dina sits across from Souta and picks up a book prepared by him.
「First, I think I’ll investigate the gnomes and dwarves, especially the gnomes, because when I checked before, it seemed that they don’t have any territory anymore, and they live scattered in small settlements. Dina, read the story first, and then help me.」
「Understood…… So this is the story about the battle of the heroes and the Demon King a thousand years ago.」
After confirming that, Dina starts to read with a serious expression, and Souta looks through the prepared materials next to him.

The stories written in the book differ in many ways compared to Dina’s Pair Connect memories. As she continues reading, her expression grows dubious.
「This is……」
Unconsciously, without saying it to anyone in particular, Dina’s voice leaks.
「Then, doesn’t it mean Souta-san is the bad guy in this story! It’s wrong, Souta-san is not such a person!!」
Dina’s agitation bursts forth, and she speaks with a loud voice as she stands up.

「Dina… This is a library you know. Keep your voice down.」
Souta understands Dina’s anger, but he decides to calm her down by purposefully asking her to keep her voice down.
「Ahhh … I’m sorry.」
Because there is no one else around besides Souta, they don’t bother anyone, but Dina sits back while feeling discouraged.
「I understand the feeling, because I already read it before. I want to know the person who spread this information and called it the truth. I want to review other information, and, by combining the information we have on hand, we might be able to get closer to the truth.」

「I understand.」
Understanding the original purpose from Souta’s words, Dina goes back to reading the story with a serious expression as if shaking off her sad feeling.

t/n: last chapter this week, the plot starts to move again, after the author takes a detour to prioritize getting the waifu for Souta

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Re-Summoned Hero Episode 73

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Let’s go to the guild.
Two of the rumors.
Plan for tomorrow: going to library.

Upon entering the inn, Miri greets them with a cheerful voice. However, despite her tone, her expression is stiff.
「Miri, I’ll introduce her. She’s Dinarius, my old comrade’s little sister. Because of some circumstances, I’m going to travel with her now. Today, we came here to have some food.」
「Dinarius. Please call me Dina. Miri-san, nice to meet you.」
Although she’s shocked that Souta brought along a woman she doesn’t know, her surprise disappears before Dina’s smile.

「Errr, I’m the daughter of this inn’s owner, Miriana. You can call me Miri. Nice to meet you too.」
「Yes, I already heard the story from Souta-san, but you’re really cute.」
「Eh! C-Cute? Me? That…… For that to come from a person as beautiful as this. Moreover Souta-san also said so, hawa~」
Miri covers her face, which has turned bright red, though, because of her fidgeting, her action shows her embarrassment.

「Ufufu~, as I thought, you’re really cute.」
With that remark, Miri’s fidgeting increases.
「Let’s stop playing around already. We can’t continue like this.」
「It would be great if you do so. Hey, Miri-chan, I’ll handle the rest, so you help your father out .」
Unable to just watch any longer, Milfana pushes Miri into the dining room.

Because Miri still wants to talk with Souta and Dina, she has a dissatisfied expression when she’s pushed, but, when she starts to serve another guest, there is only the smile of the daughter of the inn on her face.

「I’m sorry Souta-san, and also, Dina-san, right? Do you want to eat today?」
「Ah, are there any vacant seats?」
「There are. However, it might be a bit noisy because there are other customers……」
Milfana is apologetic as she sends a fleeting glance at the dining room.

「You don’t mind, right?」
「Yes. I’m looking forward to the delicious food!」
Dina replies immediately.
「In that case, there are vacant seats at the back. Please, this way.」

When they set their foot on the dining room, the hustle and bustle inside instantly quiet down. This inn is affiliated with the guild, so many of the customers are adventures, and many of them know Souta. Their eyes gather on Souta, who has appeared in this city after a long time away, and especially on the silver-haired elf behind him.
Souta and Dina know they’re being watched, but they go to the table without worrying about it.

「Now then, what shall I eat I wonder.」
After taking a look at the menu which is prepared on each table, Dina is troubled, unable to choose.
「How about the chef’s recommendation. If it’s that, the chef will surely bring out something that he has confidence in, you can look forward to the taste.」
An expression of anticipation appears on Souta’s face.
「I’ll do that too!」
Looking at Souta’s expression, Dina decides to order the same.

When Miri comes near them, they call out to her and order two orders of the chef’s recommendation. Even though her face reddens when she speaks to the two, she still performs her waitressing duties.

After a while, as they converse, Miri brings their meals.
「Yes, here is today’s chef’s recommendation, 『Flying Dragon Steak』!」
There is a large serving of flying dragon steak on each plate. As the garnish, there’s a corn-like thing, as well as sauteed potatoes.

When cutting with a knife, the blade passes through the meat without resistance, and juices overflow from the meat. Then, they bring the meat to their mouths.
「「Superrr delishhh!」」
Dina’s choice of word is something unimaginable, considering her usual speech. Gordon’s food is just that wonderful, making words like that come out unconsciously. Speaking of flying dragon’s meat, it’s said that it tastes good, but its flesh is very hard to chew. However, when the meat enters their mouths, it’s as soft as marbled beef, so soft that, after chewing just a few times, the meat is gone. The sauce which was applied also compliments the meat’s qualities perfectly. It’s just a light sauce, but, because of that, it promotes the naturally strong flavor of the meat.

「N, excuse me. But, this is very tasty. Now I know why Souta-san recommended it.」
「I know, right! There’s a lot of street vendors in this city, but the food here is one, no, two or three levels higher than theirs.」
Dina wears an ecstatic expression, while Souta excitedly talks about the wonders of cooking.
Their voices grow louder over time, but they’re still drowned out by the hustle and bustle of the dining room.

However, their voices still reach Miri’s ears when she’s near them. And so she happily tells Gordon about what she heard. Hearing it, Gordon only shows the stern expression of a cook, but, looking at his restless movements when he cooks, Miri understands that he’s delighted.

「Fuu, that was delicious. I carelessly ordered dessert too, but it seems like it was the right choice.」
「Yeah, they’re all perfect, they’re far more delicious than the food I ate before.」
Even though Dina, who’d lived in the royal palace, is the child of a maid, she’s still a member of the royal family, so of course her meals were also made by the top chef in the Elven kingdom. However, Gordon’s food in comparison is still head-and-shoulders above theirs.

「Haha, that’s a great evaluation. Well, then again, I guess it can’t be helped as the meals there are more for work than enjoyment……」
As a hero, Souta was invited to the royal palace before, so he also attended dinner there, but there wasn’t much conversation. Instead of having a meal, Dina and her brother felt more like they were sitting on a bed of nails.
「The past is just the past. What’s more important now is having a meal together with Souta-san now, and that Gordon-san’s food is very delicious!」
Dina seems to have gotten over the past and is now enjoying the food here from the bottom of her heart.

Looking at her smile that comes from her heart, Souta also smiles naturally.
With their atmosphere that others can’t seem to enter no matter what, Miri looks at them with a slightly sad face.

t/n: riajuu explode

also, poor Miri

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