Re-Summoned Hero Episode 38

After Souta finishes changing his clothes, he goes out to prepare for his trip.
He also brings Ed, along with the carriage, because there are a lot of things to buy.

The stores are already open, and the town is already full of activity.
To begin with, Souta buys fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods from food stalls.
Next, he goes to the clothing shop to buys processed fur for Ed.
In addition, Souta also purchases some lanterns for nighttime lighting.
Unlike before, Souta considering the possibility of coming into contact with others as it will be a long journey, so they also purchase tools for camouflage traveling.
Some of the luggage from shopping is loaded in the carriage, instead of dimensional storage.

After completing a series of shopping and delivering the key to Fuura, Souta goes to Carena’s shop on foot.
In the shop, Carena and Elmia are tending to the shop together.
Noticing the sound of the door opened, the gaze of the two gather at Souta.
「Souta, finally you came. I finished the letter of introduction, see? 」
Carena hands over two letters of introduction to Souta.
「The brown envelope is for the checkpoint. The red one is for my master, please pass it as soon as possible. Her name is Narasu.」
「I understand, thank you.」

「Then, this girl have something to say, please listen.」
By Carena’s word, Elmia starts talking timidly.
「Umm, I have a little request…… This letter, I would like you to hand it to my mother.」
「I don’t mind that, but I don’t know whether I can meet her or not.」
Answers Souta while receiving the letter.

「Yes, that’s fine. From what grandmother said, she should be practicing under Narasu-sama too, please do if you meet her.」
「Okay, Carena has taken care of me in various ways. This much is no problem.」
「Are you going soon?」
Souta nods while puts away the letter.
「Yeah, I thought that I should leave before noon. Having a meal while traveling is quite nice.」
「Be careful when you go. Not only entering the country, there are many places that are hard to get through like the forest or pass that, a big valley.」
「Souta-san, may good fortune accompany your step.」
Elmia says the safe journey prayer specific to elves, complete with the pose.

「Thank you, I will be going soon. I will come here again when I return, so I’ll let you know about the letter at that time.」

Shopping, letter of introduction, house management. Souta who finishes all his errands goes straight to the west gate.
However, on the way, he sees 『Sleeping Bird Pavilion』 and decides to make a side trip to the inn.

He arrives at the inn, however, different from usual, when he enters, the one who greets him is not Miri, but Milfana.
「Ara, welcome home Souta-san…. or not. Welcome.」
Souta doesn’t mind Milfana’s mistake and just looks around.
「Is Miri not here today? That’s odd.」
He feels strange because whenever he comes, it’s always Miri who greets him.
「I asked her to shop before noon, that girl is surprisingly strong.」
「Is that so? Today I came to say farewell, but……」

Milfana tilts her head to think, and then hits her palm with her fist.
「Ah, I see. It’s because you are moving, congratulations.」
「Thank you, but this is different… I decided to leave the city for a while. I’m thinking of saying farewell because I’ve been taken care of so much by the people of this inn.」
Milfana is surprised from Souta’s explanation.
「W-When will you go?」
「All my preparation is done, so I’m on the way now.」
「So fast … ….」

「I was taken care of in various ways, please tell this to the other two too. I actually want to ask for Gordon’s dish for this trip, but I don’t have much time, it’s almost busy time too for him.」
「That’s right… isn’t it?」
Milfana raises her face after thinking a little.
「Can you tell me where you’ll go if you don’t mind?」
「It’s country of elves. I think I won’t be able to return for a while … please stay healthy all of you, well then.」
「It’s far… please be careful.」
Souta holds his hand out for a handshake with Milfana, and they part after the handshake.

Once he leaves the inn, he goes straight to the west gate without any more side trips this time.

When he arrives at the gate, Dan and Elina are there to see Souta off.
He stops the carriage next to them.

「Souta-sama, I’ll be lonely, but please come back and see me again when you come home. This, please eat this on your journey.」
Elina gives him a small pouch. It’s warm, and there is a sweet scent wafting out from it.
「Sweets, right?」
「Yes, it is cookies. Because I was helped by maids when making this, it should be tasty, probably… ….」
Souta opens the package and eats a piece.

「Unn, it’s good. Thank you, I’ll have it on the way.」
He closes it and puts it in his bag, while caressing Elina’s head with his other hand.
「Ehehe, I’m glad that you like it.」
She squints and blushes.

「Souta-dono, Elvas-sama has work to do, so he can’t see you off, but he asked me to tell you that he wishes you to return safely.」
「Ah, thank you to you too, Dan.」
Souta and Dan exchange a handshake.

「Wait………! Souta-san……….!!!」
From the distance, Miri comes running and shouting.
The three people who are surprised by the voice stand still waiting for Miri to approach.

「Hahh, hahh, wait, hahh, please, hahh, hahh.」
Miri tries to talk right away, but her breathing prevents her from talking properly.
「I’ll be waiting, so for now, calm your breathing first.」
Miri breathes deeply several times to calm her breathing just as Souta told her.

「I heard from mom that Souta-san will go to a faraway place soon, so I came in a hurry.」
「I was going to tell you, but you were shopping, so I just asked Milfana to convey it to you.」
「Mou, I was surprised you know? To suddenly going to the country of elves … Huh? Elina-chan also came to see you off, are the two of you acquaintances?」
They seem to know each other; they’re both waving their hands.

「I received the request from the lord, we met at that time.」
Souta responds instead of Elina so that she doesn’t blurt out about the medicine.
「I see. I got into the room when Ojiichan explaining the request.」
Elina understands Souta’s intention and matches her story.

「Ehh, is that so? I got acquainted with Souta-san when he stayed at my place.」
This time, it’s Miri who explains when they become an acquaintance.

「So did Miri come to see me off? Sorry to bother you.」
「It’s fine, I was asked by my father to pass this to you. Souta-san, this is a dish that my father made in a hurry. He thought you would be pleased because you like Father’s cooking.」
Miri passes a lunchbox to Souta. It’s still warm.

「Oh, I’m glad. Thank you, I’ll eat it as my lunch.」
Just like he did to Elina, Souta strokes Miri’s head.
「Fufufu, you are welcome.」
Souta laments that he only considers her a child while he pats her, but he decides to ignore it since she looks happy.

「Both—no—all of you, thank you. Then I’m going now.」
He puts on the coach seat the gifts he received from the two and says goodbye.

「Yes, please take care.」
「Please come to the dining room again when you’re back.」
The two called out while Dan gives a salute.

Souta holds the reins and speaks to Ed.
「Ed, this will be a long trip, but I’m counting on you.」
As Ed answers with a neigh, the two leave the city.

t/n: and so, Souta’s battle is still ongoing, can he beat all the evil monsters on his way? let’s pray our hero will always save the world from danger

there you go, it’s axed guys, the end, nothing more,

just kidding, but this seriously has a vibe of axed manga, this’s most likely also the end of volume 1,

also, think about it, souta left his harem to make another harem, human harem get, now he need to make an elves harem

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34 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 38

  1. Human harem get? While Elina is human, wasn’t Mira a cat girl like her mom (cat beastkin or whatever is proper term)? In any case, going to the country of elves to release that sealed elf girl that he knew in his first time (main waifu detected?) among other stuff.

    Side note: for those trees that became endangered (that give medicinal uses and such), are they just very slow-growing, or is no one working to re-propagate them all over? Or has it not been too long since they were endangered? One more thing, the tree leaves are the important part, so how is picking the leaves clean kill the tree? Unless they chopped the damn things down cause they were too lazy to climb/get a ladder?

    Answer (looked it up while writing it cause I got curious, what follows is a summarized generalization): trees in real life will generally (other factors can contribute to the severity of impact) start to be truly negatively impacted if more than 50% of their leaves are gone (and 100% is obviously over); the tree then uses food reserves to refoliate (regrow) the leaves that are lost (leaves are the main method trees get energy after all) and can generally survive even the worst unnatural defoliation assuming it was healthy (not unscathed, but recoverable); but the same thing happening a few times in a row will certainly kill it. Other things happen and contribute, but the point is that stripping a tree of too many leaves is bad and can kill it. I can only assume these trees are more sensitive to losing leaves (fantasy world after all), people chopped them down and then took leaves (I doubt they are that stupid… I think), they kept rapidly harvesting them whenever they could without giving rest to tree (this has holes as the reason they were over-harvested is due to a massive epidemic and unless it went on for several seasons, this is unlikely to have cause irreversible harm), or some other thing I can’t think of.


    1. Elina is human, Miri is a cat-girl, Milfa is an elf, Carena is also an elf, Airi (I think was her name, the guild receptionist) is a human, and the landlord wasnt human, but I can’t remember her race…

      Either way, two humans, two elves, a cat girl and an other in this first town.


            1. Fuura? no mention of her race, it’s either human, or dwarf (because she is short), or maybe young elf, or while almost impossible, gnome


  2. Holy. Mother. Of. God.
    This crazy bastard actually got a 4th letter of introduction.
    And even a letter to deliver.

    But the pacing is rather alarming, I thought he would spend at least 5 chapters for shopping and eating. Hate it when they rush important parts.

    Oh well, now he can flirt with his horse in peace.


  3. Finally he can go now srsly how many chapters is he gonna say goodbye … now onto the elven country to get a hare- I mean to get the heroine!!
    Thanks for the chap ~


  4. Ha? Save the world? Isn’t those kids job? Ya know the one Souta left behind… Tho Souta should be entitled to a some vacation since he already killed his maou…..


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