Re-Summoned Hero Episode 45

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Move through the grassland using carriage.
Guards point their spears at Souta.
The guardroom door swings open.

In the moment that Souta tries to pass the letters he takes out from his magic bag to the man, the guard room’s door swings open.

「Wa-Wait a minute Narasu-sama! We’re in the middle of protocol now.」
The woman called Narasu comes into the room hurriedly without paying attention to the people trying to stop her, she keeps going to Arezel after shooting a single glance at Souta.
She has silvery white hair and a different atmosphere from other elves.

Called by her master, Arezel stand up from her seat, surprised.
「Master! Ummm, I’m sorry. Even though I was being told not to go alone…」
Narasu raises her hand, seeing that, Arezel curls up her body.

「You complete idiot! Do you know how worried I was because you didn’t return!?」
After saying that, she hugs Arezel.
「M-Master… I’m-I’m sorry, uu, Uwaannnn.」
「This idiot! But I’m glad you’re safe…」
The two shed tears while hugging each other.

The guards watch the scene of the two elves hugging each other with warm gazes.
Even after making a fuss and then crying, no one seems to protest.
Also, from the way the guards call her, Souta assumes that Narasu has quite a status.

After ten minutes or so, the two finally stop crying and calm down.

「Sorry, I got a bad feeling about her. I can’t hold my tear duct from bursting when I see her safety.」
「When I see my master’s face, I feel relieved, that’s why …」
They lower their heads to the surroundings.

「Both of you should raise your heads, it’s okay, that’s natural after what happened.」
The man who had a short tempered attitude with Souta says that in a surprisingly gentle tone, he also put on a gentle expression on his face.
「Anyway, I’m glad I can meet Narasu.」

Surprised that Souta calls her without an honorific, the man and Arezel look at Souta with startled expressions.
「M-Master, this person here is Souta-san, he’s the one who helped me.」
Narasu also moves her gaze to Souta who called her name without an honorific.
The look in her eyes, however, is not of anger that she was called without an honorific, but gratitude for what Souta did to help Arezel.

「Souta-dono, you should already know, I’m Narasu, Arezel’s master. Thank you for rescuing Arezel. Also, I apologize for my rudeness of not giving you my gratitude earlier.」
Just like before, Narasu also lowers her head toward Souta, surprising him.
Unlike the apologies to everyone else, this time the apologize is for Souta, someone from the human race. It’s rare for elves who feel repugnance toward other races to apologize to someone from another other race without reluctance.

The guardsman is surprised and tries to stop Narasu.
「N-Narasu-sama, you don’t have to lower your head to such a man! Especially when he’s of the human race.」
「What’s wrong with that? Regardless of which race, it’s only natural to lower your head to the benefactor who help your precious person.」
After rebuking the man, she turns to Souta and lowers her head again.

「I’m surprised. So there are people like you …. Please raise your head, it’ll trouble me if you keep your head lowered like that.」
After Souta says so, she finally raises her head.
「I wish there’s something I can offer as gratitude, but…….」
「Unn, I don’t know if I can ask you…… But, it would be great if you could get me an entry permit.」

Narasu hits her chest twice.
「It’s fine if that’s the case, I will do something somehow. You, it’s fine, right? Just give him the entry permit already.」
Narasu’s declaration has the man shaken and panicked.
「No, no, that is… If Narasu-sama says so, then it’s okay, but I can’t let such a dubious person in the country.」

「Come to think of it, I was told to hand over this red envelope to Narasu.」
Narasu receives the envelope and begin to read the letter inside.
「Fumu, so, it’s from Carena huh, Souta-dono knows Carena …… Fumufumu, Stone Fever … What! So that’s the story.」
After reading some pages of the letter while muttering to herself occasionally, she grabs Souta’s shoulders and bring their faces closer.
Souta tries to get away by twisting his body, but fails to do so as Narasu has him locked in place.
「I understand the circumstances from Carena’s letter. By all means, please come to my workshop (I have information about Dina-sama).」
She says the last part in a voice small enough that only Souta can hear it. As it reaches Souta’s ears, his expression slowly changes.

After releasing Souta, she gives an instruction to the guard.
「That’s all, finish the immigration procedure for Souta-dono right away.」
「Y-yes Ma’am!」
Unlike before, as the man being ordered with stern expression, he hurriedly leaves the room to do his task.

「Souta-dono, with this, your entry to the country shouldn’t have any problems.」
「Thanks for that, but what’s that about Di-…」
「Ssssshhh! We will talk about it in the workshop.」
Narasu blocks Souta’s mouth, stopping him from saying any further with her finger.

「… I understand. For the time being, I guess next procedure is not here right?」
「That’s right… That man should be back before long now.」
Like she says, a guardsman comes into the room in a hurry.

「Hahh hahh hahh, I kept you waiting, we will start the immigration procedure, so please come to the administration office.」
When they leave the room following the man, the guards watch Souta’s group from afar, or to be precise, they watch Narasu.

「Wow, that’s Narasu-sama in person.」
「I never expected her to come to a place like this.」
「Aahhh, Narasu-sama, how wonderful.」

And other comments like that are audible to Souta’s group despite their efforts to hide their voices.
「You guys! Return to your posts!!」
The guardsman who’s guiding Souta’s group scolds them, and so the other guards all return to their posts hurriedly.
「Narasu-sama, I apologize for my colleagues’ rudeness.」
「It’s fine, it’s just like when I see a rare animal. Rather than that, let’s hurry to the administration office.」

Upon entering the administration office, Souta and the other two are guided to different rooms.

The staff is a slender elf who looks nervous.
「You are the one who is permitted to enter the country with instructions from Narasu-sama right. Do you have an ID card of some sort? 」
The tone is polite, but his eyes only show contempt at Souta.
「Yes, here’s my ID card.」
Souta pulls out his adventurer’s guild card from his bag and puts it on the desk.

「So, an adventurer huh…… Highest rank is D, I’m concerned as to why Narasu-sama would let a person like this enter the country, but it’s an order, so I guess it can’t be helped.」
He passes the card through a magic tool and then checks the official registration form.
Then, as usual, he puts a crystal in front of Souta. Souta puts his hand on the crystal in silence.
「Yes, there’s no criminal record. You can go, just go away from here quickly.」
Souta comes out from a different door that he used to enter, and outside there is Ed that already passed the examination waiting for him, along with two other people.

「You came at last, shall we go?」
「Let’s go!」
Narasu’s remark is followed by Arezel’s.

Thus, Souta steps into the country of elves.

t/n: there you go, he get in in less than an hour

not that it matter that much, but there is no release on friday is because i don’t have any time to do translation that day, i can release it at saturday, but nah, i will just enjoy a bit of vacation

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