Re-Summoned Hero Episode 65

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Souta’s admirable attitude.
Nobles’ thoughtless words.
Souta snaps.

「… That’s fine I guess. For the time you spent coming here, and unsealing Dina-sama’s seal which we, the Elves can’t do, I want to give you a reward.」
After nodding to the minister’s suggestion, the king tells Souta so.
「The contents of the reward…….」

「Wait a moment, I’ll tell you this beforehand, I don’t need something like an honorary title. It will just get in the way if I receive such a thing.」
The minister who believes the suggestion he said to the king shouldn’t be heard by anyone else, stares at Souta wide-eyed, surprised that the proposal was already anticipated and outright prevented.
By the way, the king turns stiff with his mouth still open.

「Now that’s out of the way, what is the content of the reward?」
Souta who asks that after turning down the proposal even before it’s uttered dumbfounds the king and the minister.
「…… I will return your question with a question, is there anything you want?」
「Nothing in particular comes to mind…… Oh right, I’ll take Dina along. It’s enough if no one ever objects to this.」
Souta puts his hands on Dina’s shoulders while telling his request.

「Fumu, this time it’s our side that might have a problem, though I in particular don’t mind…」
The king sends a subtle glance to the minister and the nobles, but everyone shows a complicated expression.
「What does everyone think?」
「Umu, I think it’s fine, at any rate this is an unprecedented situation.」
The minister gives a positive answer, though he can’t say it strongly.

「But, she is originally royalty of this country, shouldn’t she get involved in the government?」
「It’s an awakening after hundreds of years, we should announce it extensively.」
「What are you talking about, if you consider the reason she was sealed in the first place, we should banish her instead.」
「No, that reason itself might be wrong, we should look for the actual reason first.」
「Even if we discuss such a vague topic now, it won’t change anything.」
The nobles each voices their opinion, however their opinions are not coherent at all.

「Either way, I will still leave this country with Dina. Whether you don’t allow it and I become a criminal, or you permit it and decide to give me a reward, either you build relationship with me or not. Even if in the end it doesn’t become a friendly relationship, I at least won’t be hostile.」
The nobles who kept talking until now are silenced after hearing Souta’s words.

「If you say that much, there is no other response other than agreement. With a suggestion like that, we can’t complain either, as our side will be the one that will bear the disadvantage. As for Dina-dono, we don’t have any reason to deal with her too.」
Answered the king, the minister also nods, agreeing with him.

「Rather, it will be quite a merit if we can get a little friendlier with just that.」
The nobles are upset that the king said that while shrugging without hiding his real intentions. Souta, however, is smiling from the king’s answer.
「You are quite interesting, you don’t seem kingly at all. People must have a favourable impression of you.」
Souta and the king exchange their gazes, and they both smile.

「Unless there is any complaint, This country will take no unneeded interference policies with regards to Dina-dono’s actions in the future. I will also prohibit remarks or actions deemed to be hostile against her and her companion!」
From that declaration, the hall is noisy from people’s whispers, but nobody raises their voice to object.

「If so, can we go?」
「Ahh, you can…… however before that, I want to give you a little souvenir, how about you wait in the room from before? It will be delivered there later.」
After thinking for a while, the king said that with a hidden meaning in his expression.
「I don’t have anything I want, but if you go this far, I’ll take it. Of course if it’s something troublesome, I’ll give it back.」
「Ahh, I know. Then, let’s end the audience. Someone, guide Souta and his companions to the waiting room.」

Although it’s still noisy, the king forcibly ends the audience.
One of the knights nearby walks toward Souta and the others to take the duty to guide them to the room.

On the way back, neither the knight nor the other members say anything, they go to the room in silence.
「Well then, I will excuse myself.」
「Ahh, thank you.」
After exchanging some brief words, the knight goes back to his post.

After they enter the room, Arezel lets out a big sigh.
「Haaa~, to think that Souta-san would get angry.」
And then she lies on the sofa.

「It was my bad, I unconsciously did so because I was annoyed.」
Looking at Souta who gives an excuse with a face that clearly shows he’s not reflecting on it, Narasu and Arezel only sigh.
「It was good that Souta-dono didn’t raise his hand against the nobles, otherwise it would have been troublesome.」
「Master is right, we might have been charged with treason.」
The two are frowning.

「Well, it’s fine. In case that king deem it not good…… I would still have overcome it somehow.」
Hearing Souta who says that calmly, the two sigh again.
「But, because of this, Dina is not bound to this country, so in the end it’s a good result.」
「You’re right, it’s definitely a good result.」
Showing a bright smile, Dina agrees with Souta.

「Ohhhh, they prepared new sweets. Moreover, it’s a different kind from before!」
Roury goes straight to the table for the sweets just like before. Arezel, who feels down, regains her vigor once Roury feeds her the sweets.
「Master-Master, come here and eat, it’s veryyy delicious!」
Looking at the perfectly same scenery as before the audience, Narasu joins the two with an expression that says “It can’t be helped”.

Souta and Dina also sit on the sofa, indulging themselves with the prepared sweets.
While they start to get excited talking about the audience and the journey so far, a knocking sound can be heard from the door.

「Excuse me, I come by the instruction of the king to bring you your souvenir.」
As it’s just like what the king said, Narasu goes to open the door.
「Here you go.」

A man in butler clothes comes into the room with something covered in cloth in his hand. And then he shows what’s beneath cloth to Souta and the others.

t/n: next chapter translation is yet to be started, i can guarantee i can finish before next week, but i don’t know whether the edit and the release will happen this week or not

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Would had been here earlier, but I ended up finally watching UQ Holder’s anime.

    Hmm… I wonder what that butler showed? Maybe the head of the last harem MC who defied the kingdom? Just kidding, though it would be nice to see something like that. It’s probably a sword or something from Dina’s family.


      1. 3 big differences- souta is unrelated to any country/kingdom in the world.
        The MC of hachinan was born as a small noble in his home-country and as such his education was different.
        Souta destroyed enemies from the front the moment they appear, hachinan makes sure to pay them back later.
        Souta threatens to go to war with the elves.
        Hachinan makes subtle signs he might move over to the side their nemesis (Much worse since they lose battle potential AND their enemies gain it which might tip the balance).


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