Translation progress

this post contains minor spoilers for next chapter of Goddess’s Suffering

to avoid spoiler: I stop the translation of Goddess’s Suffering until I figure out where I translate it wrong and how I should translate it, next release will be resummoned hero

Hello guys, it’s been a while since I said “soon”, I can just stay silent but I decide to tell you the cause of the delay


The flooring in my home swollen, so I asked by my grandma to slowly open them (it takes about 3 days), however this alone is not enough for this long of a delay

There is 1 specific sentence that I don’t really get the meaning nor the context (which mean I can’t translate, nor rewriting the part), I end up just translate it as my best using my own interpretation, it’s fine at first, but it becomes strange later

basically it goes like this

Letta ask for compensation and (probably) asking for a place to sleep

Tanaka refuse

Letta ask again

Tanaka comes up with an idea, and then let her freeload

but then Letta refuse saying she doesn’t want to live in the same place as him


So yeah, I’m pretty sure I got the very first part wrong, but then I don’t know how I should translate the thing


So with that, I will put it aside until I figure it out (I’m asking someone now, but still don’t get answers), and start the translation for Re-Summoned Hero


I’m sorry with my speed, I will try my best improving both the translation quality and the speed

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