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Activity Report

So, you might ask “where is the new chapter,” “when is the update,” and for people who I talked to in my discord last week who might ask “why no chapter this week”

Here is my activity report because I feel bad for saying nothing for so long (and also because I’ve some free time)

So I joined as a freelance in a black company with 3 months contract (due 15th july), I know perfectly they’re a black company, just I never expect it’s so black I can’t even take sick leave

I’ve been sick for the last 2 weeks, instead of letting me rest for a day or two for full recovery, the PiC of my division actually comes to my house and drag me off to the office, where I need to do my job as best as I can from the infirmary bed, this happens everytime I don’t say anything, or say I can’t wake up from my bed

No holiday btw, normal workers have weekend off, but the freelancers all need to comes in all day for 3 months, just with a lesser shift time sometimes


With this kind of schedule, I successfully finished c9 of goddess’s suffering, but unfortunately, because my PiC get my schedule wrong, where I should have finished chapters 79 of resummoned hero last friday, instead, I was in the very hot office without electricity or internet for 10 hours because the office supposed to open at evening, but I was told to comes in the morning, I can go home, but it’s a waste of transportation money, so I end up sleeping in the guard office

I’ve time yesterday, but I guess I’m too fatigued, so I sleep for 18 hours straight, instead of my original plan of 13 hours sleeping with 5 hours translating and catching up to some novel (I do have 50 line of very liberal translation translated at a 1.x line per day rate, just 100 line left, after that I need to fix those liberal translations to a more proper one)


Well, I’m very sorry for the lack of update, just know that these months of lack of update is not caused by laziness (the weekly ones might be caused by laziness though, and I admit my speed drop compared to last year mainly because of laziness), but because my mess up on reading the line between my contract


Btw, I can’t leave the company, the cost of terminating the contract is equal to 2.5 months of my salary, so I’ve no choice but to finish it, the pay is super great though, that’s why I join even though I know it’s black company


Just for a little side note, the leftover money from this job will be used to take a proper japanese course for my reading enjoyment, but will also affect my translation job


Translation progress

this post contains minor spoilers for next chapter of Goddess’s Suffering

to avoid spoiler: I stop the translation of Goddess’s Suffering until I figure out where I translate it wrong and how I should translate it, next release will be resummoned hero

Hello guys, it’s been a while since I said “soon”, I can just stay silent but I decide to tell you the cause of the delay


The flooring in my home swollen, so I asked by my grandma to slowly open them (it takes about 3 days), however this alone is not enough for this long of a delay

There is 1 specific sentence that I don’t really get the meaning nor the context (which mean I can’t translate, nor rewriting the part), I end up just translate it as my best using my own interpretation, it’s fine at first, but it becomes strange later

basically it goes like this

Letta ask for compensation and (probably) asking for a place to sleep

Tanaka refuse

Letta ask again

Tanaka comes up with an idea, and then let her freeload

but then Letta refuse saying she doesn’t want to live in the same place as him


So yeah, I’m pretty sure I got the very first part wrong, but then I don’t know how I should translate the thing


So with that, I will put it aside until I figure it out (I’m asking someone now, but still don’t get answers), and start the translation for Re-Summoned Hero


I’m sorry with my speed, I will try my best improving both the translation quality and the speed


Started Goddess’s Suffering translation, expect a new chapter soon

Going to start Resummoned Hero once I finish with that

Expect a little quality decrease because it’s been awhile since I do this


I’ve been trying to finish marathoning Majikoi and its fandisc┬ásince 3 days ago, but it’s still not finished yet now, I plan to finish 1 chapter today, but I don’t think I can (or will might be a better word), so in return I make this notice instead of not saying anything

I should finish reading entire things tomorrow, so expect 2 new chapters (might be 3 as chapter 9 looks like a good place instead of leaving it at chapter 8) at once in 48 hours

Continuation Announcement

It’s been so long, I’m sorry for not giving any info or news until now, for now, I will tell you what I did over the past weeks.

First of all, right after chapter 56 done, I’m called to my uncle house, this kills my motivation so I stop translating for a while, then I kept saying “I will do it tomorrow, I swear I will” for 2 weeks straight.

In those 2 weeks, it’s not like I didn’t do anything, I re-read most novel to rekindle my motivation, it works, that’s why I’m going to start again, but not now, I almost finish my long march, just 1 title left and I’m done, nothing else to read so I need to make one on my own.


So yeah, chance is, I will start in 2-3 days, again I’m sorry for not giving any information beforehand, and hope you will still accompany me stroll around from now on.