Activity Update

A little bit of update to my current status, Im busy, I need to go to many places in preparation of Chinnese new year, I'll be free nearing the actual day of celebration, for patron you can expect new chapters at 3rd or 4th, while the readers in this site will get it at 6th. … Continue reading Activity Update



Started Goddess's Suffering translation, expect a new chapter soon Going to start Resummoned Hero once I finish with that Expect a little quality decrease because it's been awhile since I do this


I've been trying to finish marathoning Majikoi and its fandisc┬ásince 3 days ago, but it's still not finished yet now, I plan to finish 1 chapter today, but I don't think I can (or will might be a better word), so in return I make this notice instead of not saying anything I should finish … Continue reading Notice