Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 1

Raust the Healer


「We are looking for parties!」

The day after I was kicked by Margulus from the party, I visited the adventurer’s guild to post a party recruitment poster.
Yesterday, when I left the joint residence, I was given equipment at least as a parting gift.

…… And that resulted in a situation where I could say that I was penniless now.

The inn we used as a joint residence was more expensive than I imagined.
I usually go out to hunt to get some meat after finishing the quest, and after that, I cook it myself with the vegetables I got for cheap with pain.
But yesterday, after being late from the quest, I was kicked out from the party, I was unable to cook for myself and in the end, needed to pay for the ridiculously expensive dinner.

And that’s why I now have almost no money …
The regret caused by me giving up on my equipment comes to mind.
That equipment was something I bought after saving money for several years.
If I sell it, I could spend a few days thinking about my expulsion slowly.
Well, it’s too late to think about those right now.
In any case, I now need money to stay in the inn without any problem.
The adventurers operating within this guild have multiple hunting grounds. Among them, there is a labyrinth that’s considered for intermediate and advanced adventurers.
Other than that, there is meadow where weak monsters for beginner appeared, and then for advanced adventurers, there is the high-leveled monsters subjugation that rarely appears outside the labyrinth as their hunting grounds.
The monsters that appeared outside the labyrinth appear in places far away from human habitation because it needs a place with high amounts of magic power, however, the possibility of those monsters comes attacking human habitation still exist, so swift subjugation is required.
And the hydra that the Sword of Lightning failed to kill yesterday is the monster from outside the labyrinth.
Well, I don’t have the confidence to defeat such a super-high difficulty monster like that alone, while the monsters in the meadow, being as weak as they are, you can guess the price of the material that could be harvested.
That was why I decided to gather some company and then dived into the labyrinth…

「As I thought, nobody comes…」

… however, there was not a single person trying to respond to my solicitation.
Normally, there should be at least one party stop by when looking for a party this way.
To increase the chance to live a little, or to increases the chance of gaining fame, it’s also common for a party to look for a substitute for a dead party member.
In that case, however, it’s natural to not put someone who is known to be weak into the party.

… and that I’m a defect healer is something that’s widely known.

That’s why there’s no one who bothers to stop for a useless person like me.

「… Haaa~」

Seeing the current situation, I let out a sigh.
I honestly already expected this situation, but nevertheless, it doesn’t mean I don’t feel anything.
Besides, even if I don’t get mental damage from it, I can’t escape from the cruel reality where I don’t have any money.
Certainly, I can go to the lower layer of the labyrinth, alone.
But in that case I will be risking my life, the risk is too high to just make money to give myself a leeway to think.
Having said that, I don’t want to think about how many magic beasts I need to hunt in the upper layer.

「I don’t even have the money to rent a carriage to go to the other hunting ground… Haaa~~」

After thinking so far, I let out a deeper sigh.
I should give up already and just hunt in the upper layer……

Then, the moment I felt resigned,
Suddenly, someone approached me who was hanging my head.

「Onii-san! Could you put me in your party?」


— The voice of a seriously cute girl entered my ears from a close distance.

I was dumbfounded by the voice that I raised my head.

「Onii-san~! Are you listening!?」


And the next moment, I was at lost for words from the appearance of a cute girl who had been staring at me before my eyes…

◆ ◆ ◇

The girl who was standing before me had a different kind of beauty than ordinary people.
Glossy sapphire short-cut with big blue eyes that seemed to suck you in.
The girl had a kind of beauty where she could be mistaken for the princess from a story.

「What? Why do you want to enter a party of a defect healer who can only use 《heal》 like me……」

…… Unfortunately, I currently didn’t have the calm to observe the beauty of the girl.
While still dumbfounded, I asked the question that came from my heart.

「Hehhh~ So Onii-san is that kind of healer, huh?」


But the next moment, by the words uttered by the girl, I noticed I made a slip of the tongue.
The way this girl said that; maybe she doesn’t know me?

「Well, that’s why. If you join another person’s party…」

However, I didn’t intend to lie about myself.
Even if I do that, it will come to light after a while.
That was why I tried to tell the girl so with a wry smile.

「No, I’m sorry for saying something rude, however, I seriously want to make a party with Onii-san.」

「Eh?…… Whatttt?」

What she said to interrupt me made me lost for words.
The girl in front of me, dressed in martial artist costume, might not be only beautiful, but also has considerable strength.
She might even take an active role in the lower layer of the labyrinth.
Such kind of girl would become my companion, I couldn’t believe it.

「My name is Narsena. As you can see, I’m a martial artist! Nice to meet you, Onii-san.」

However, without worrying about my reaction, she extended her hand to me.

「A-Ahh, I’m Raust, a healer. I’m only a defect healer, but, my best regards.」

After I replied to Narsena’s greeting with my own hurried one, I took hold of Narsena’s hand to shake her hand.
Feeling the smoothness of Narsena’s hand, I finally understood that this was a reality. My heart was overflowed with joy.

「… finally, we met.」

In that excitement, although I was aware that Narsena’s, whose face blushed a little, mouth was moving, what she said didn’t register in my mind…

As you can see, I italicized character thought this time using the tenses in the raw as the guide, however, seeing the next couple of chapters, the tenses choice in the raw is kinda strange some that should be thought using past tense (indicating narration) while some that clearly should be narration use present tense, it’s kinda a mess.

My original thought was to use the tenses choice as close as the original as I can, but looking at it again, I probably will need to do modification to it just like Goddess’s Suffering so you don’t need to read something like “I was dumbfounded by the voice that I raised my head.” as character thought (who actually thought out loud saying they raised their head, this kind of sentences should be in narration, but the raw use present tense, as you can see, I already change this one)

It’s kinda hard to differentiate between thought and narration thought, well it’s not hard, but most of it will be thought and hence italicized

So now the question is: If I do some modification, should I still italicized the thought? Should I just leave it so you can process it in your brain yourself? Or should I don’t change it at all and follow the raw and italicized? Or I follow the raw but doesn’t italicize?

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22 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 1

  1. This story has great potential. Looking forward to more. Regarding translation quality, everything looks good. Since you take the classic way of differentiating speech and thoughts, it’s clearly read as well, so no problems there. Overall quite good translation quality.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “What?”
    Any one of these would also work, when trying to give voice to confusion. But why do Japanese people only use
    “eeeeeeehhhhHHHHH H H H H H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!!?!”


    1. i think i catch it earlier too, just waiting if someone point that out to see if i should change it, the mc also using nanise quite often, which need to stop being “after all”

      will change those later while i translate the next chapter, thanks for feedback


    1. Btw. Why is it saying that he got equipment from his previous party as a parting gift when the leader demanded it as compensation while leaving him with the money he earned? Bet dollars to doughnuts the party is going to be in trouble without him even with another healer. Granted another healer can cast a higher heal but likely has a cooldown period in between and a much smaller mana pool meaning less spells can be cast without using a mana recovery potion or resting. Raust is able to cast heal continuously to point where can be in vanguard meaning no cooldown and a very high mana pool. Also, from what he said an average healer wouldn’t have been able to remove the poison from the hydra while he could with enough time. Although considering his previous party’s one sided abuse with no foundation more likely the leader found a cute female healer wanted to add to his harem so blaming Raust for his own failure was to get Raust’s equipment to give to her and not pay anything for kicking him out.
      Anyone think Narsena was probably saved by Raust a while ago as final comment indicates this is their first meeting but that she knows about him enough to be charmed at least to point of having a huge crush.


  3. thank you for the chap i already love this novel it seems to have a really good plot (i hope so><) thank you so much for translating it also i vote to italicizing thoughts ヽ( ε∀ε )ノ


  4. Hmmm, “Finally, we meet” hmm, so who is this martial artist girl? Is she a noble that he save or something, is she from the future? Is she actually a goddess that fell in love with MC while watching him from the goddess realm?

    I like, I like!


    1. Edit: since i have accidentally send the Post

      But i think all of the kicked Out of party Manga/WN has a similary begin


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