Banished Healer Volume 1 Prologue

Volume 1 – Prologue



「You are banished! I don’t want to be in the same party as you anymore!」


…… Yes, I, Raust, suddenly told that by Margulus, the leader of the party Sword of Lightning I belonged to.
In any case, it was the first time I heard anything about banishment.
That was why I was unable to hide my bewilderment……

「Please wait! By any chance, something is wrong with my……」

「Huh, are you playing with me? You still don’t realize?」

…… However, Margulus’ reaction to my bewilderment was anger.
Without even trying to hide his frustration at me, he opened his mouth.

「The quest failed this time is because of you! You defective healer!」

「Yeah! Everything is your fault!」

Following Margulus’ anger, one of Margulus’ women, the thief, Sarveria chimed in with an angry voice.


And so, from the two’s remarks, I realized why the two suddenly said things about my banishment

……… Yes, this is just an extension to the usual outburst of their anger.

Certainly, we had failed this hydra subjugation quest.
Despite its high degree of difficulty, it was said to be possible to defeat a hydra if it’s by a first-class party, which Sword of Lightning is.
However, this failure is definitely not because I made a mistake as a healer.
Of course, it’s not like I did a great job, but I think I already played my role as a healer in this quest.

…… Honestly, I believe the failure of this quest is because Margulus and Sarveria having too much fun last night, which make their movement dull because of their lack of sleep.

Even though we will be having a quest the next day, they were having fun in the bed until late at night.
And as a result, the movement of the two was too bad.
Normally, Margulus and his heavy great swords packed a high attack power, while Sarveria would make a sport of her opponent with her fast-paced movement.
…… But this time, because of losing his strength, Margulus’ great sword was unable to pierce the Hydra defense, while Sarveria losing her usual agility resulted in her bathing in the hydra’s poison, that was the decisive moment that decided that we would withdraw.

「If you’re truly are better, then this quest would be easily cleared.」

However, even Armia, the female magician that should know what I was doing, being a rear guard like me, turned her accusing eyes toward me.
Armia didn’t have a physical relationship yet with Margulus, but she seemed interested in him, and so she didn’t have any intention to blame him.
… And, as a result, there was this atmosphere in the air that seemed to point all the responsibility of the failure of the Hydra subjugation to me.
That was obviously just an outburst of anger without reason.

「…… Sorry.」

Even then, I didn’t complain about the party members’ attitude.
Certainly, it’s true that there’s no way I don’t have any complaint at all.
After all, this’s not the only time I have been hit by their outburst of anger.
The rewards I earned is about a quarter of that other party members, and they sometimes getting violent too with a reason that I could heal it right away anyway being a healer.
But I understood that it couldn’t be helped.

……… Because I’m just a defective healer who can only use the elementary healing magic – heal.

Certainly, the attitude of Margulus and the others are problematic if it’s against a normal healer.
However, it’s less objectionable if it’s against a defective healer like me.

After all, no other party would put me as their member.

Certainly, I studied desperately with various other people and improved my skills.
Now, I can increase my resilience by casting 《Heal》 continuously, it’s not perfect, but I can become a backup vanguard this way, I can also detect traps though not as good as a thief with skill.

Despite all that, I clearly lacking as a healer.
When Sarveria was poisoned by the Hydra, I couldn’t purify it without taking a long time.
Of course, hydra poison is not something can be purified by a normal healer, given that, I would be at the same level as a normal healer.
But, it was by no mean first-class, only at an average level at best.
In other words, I was obviously the weak link in this first-class party, Sword of Lightning.

But still, Margulus put me in the party.
That was why, however I saw it, I was grateful to the Margulus and his party.

「… Understand, I will leave this party.」

I decided to leave the Sword of Lightning.

「Did you understand at last!? How much a burden you’re to me!?」

「That’s a relief! Right, leave your equipment too. I will leave it at that without taking your money.」

「It’s a nuisance fee until now.」

My equipment, which I bought with money I saved desperately with the little reward I got, with all the gratitude I had until now, I put them down on the ground silently.
Also, I left the place the party used as a joint residence as I left the Sword of Lightning.

New project, still experimenting with the tenses choice, will have a vote at the end of next chapter with an explanation of my reasoning, also some of you might remember I said I will release chapter 0-4 today, but because of this problem, I will postpone the other 3 chapters for tomorrow.

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29 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Prologue

  1. That is one of the reasons why joining a harem party as another male is a bad idea unless you’re all good friends from before, and seriously would have no reason to betray one another.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Japanese story (with all the baggage that carries), low self esteem & long term abuse, so Mr. Confident, US style, he will not be! I’m just hoping he’s a sweet guy & a good person. & that the women of his future harem are not all boobs, no brains…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s simple. He is suffering from trauma without knowing. He is a healer who can only use the most basic spell so no one wants him and he is constantly put down and insulted by everyone, so he has no self-confidence. He needs time to heal in order to see his own worth and fight back against such unreasonableness.


        1. Hes literally retarded, its not his fault, its the author wanting to have the cake and eating it too
          So he made him absurdly overpowered, yet he doesnt think anything is special about him when hes stronger than the rest of his team combined


  2. Thanks for the translation! Though there are a few grammar mistakes with a missing „was“ its overall very good. The story also seems promising.


    1. thank you, also I don’t have any control over the ads unfortunately, if there is a report button somewhere around the ads, you can try reporting it straight to wordads


    1. Because they will just beat him up and take it otherwise?
      Almost all these “and your gear to” scenarios are little more then thugs robbing the person they are booting with no chance to defend themselves, and using their reputation and/or status to force them to comply or silence any complaints.


  3. Our MC is highly logical, at least now he can leave behind his burdens and false placed gratitude, he was even being underpaid and taking their abuse for so long.
    Thanks for the chapter!


    1. It is robbery plain and simple. It would be one thing if the equipment was bought with party funds, or the character has a legitimate debt that is not from costs incurred in doing their job, but demanding items he bought with his meager funds are extortion at the least.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I think I will pick read this one up. I wonder how his future party will appreciate him and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HOW SWORD OF DOUCHEWAFFLE WILL LAMENT OVER THEIR LOSS!!!!!


    1. Also, I hope that his equipment that he had to leave behind wasn’t awesome. If it was, then my loathing of Sword of Douchewaffle will be so much more! I hope that his precious equipment was actually full of debuffs which would make MC even more awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

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