Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 4

At the Reception Desk


The battle ended not long after Narsena defeated the lich.
The ogres around, especially the strengthened variant, were by no means weak.
But now, without the one who acted as a commander that also assisted them with powerful magic, there was no reason that we would have a hard fight against the like of ogres.

After defeating the ogres, Narsena and I hunted various monsters in the lower-layer.
During that time, there were various traps, monsters that mimic the wall of the labyrinth attacking and so forth, however, an irregular like the first didn’t show up, we didn’t get any damage other than some slight injuries on Narsena, and so we ended the hunt safely.

After a few hours, we left the labyrinth with slight fatigue.

「Actually, if the monsters have a certain level of intelligence, sneering or laughing can serve as a way to taunt them.」

「I see, so that’s why Onii-san sneering at them when you’re on defense.」

「To be honest, I’m laughing not because of I’m a battle maniac or something…… You know, I can’t attack when I’m on defense, so I’m troubled if I’m ignored…」

After we went out of the labyrinth, I was chatting with Narsena as we walked to the guild.
It was a calm time, I couldn’t ignore the novelty of this.
Until now, a moment like this didn’t exist in my previous party.
No, maybe I should say that I couldn’t participate in the chat after we were back from the labyrinth?
That was why I was not accustomed to a calm chatter like this.

However, this moment was by no means unpleasant.

That was why, I was smiling naturally…

「But Onii-san, even with only this much, we can earn quite a fortune! That’s why the trouble we went through is worth it!」


… But, Narsena’s remarks erased the smile on my face and replaced it with question marks.

Narsena’s words, I couldn’t believe it.
The reward I got from Margulus was a quarter of the other party members.
Calculating back, the bounty we got should never be that high.

「No, it shouldn’t be that high right?」

「Eehh~ with this we should get enough to buy a large house though?」


Hearing Narsena’s answers made me lost for words.

A few minutes later, when I finally understood that not only I paid less, the share was not even what I should get made me crumbled down.

「Is that so? … I thought it was strange because they have quite a wealthy appearance …」

「O-Onii-san!? Ple-Please cheer up …」

I couldn’t hide the shock when I knew that I was deceived by Margulus’ party.
Certainly, I was a defect healer.
I understood that I was not at the level that Margulus and the others wanted.
That was why, I endured being paid for a quarter of the other members’ reward, I didn’t expect that my pay was less than even that.

「Y-yes, thank you. For now, let’s go to the guild anyway.」


…… However, being depressed forever wouldn’t be any help.
It’s shocking to know I’m deceived by Margulus.
But, the past is the past
That’s why, it’s better to have higher hopes in how much money I can get from now on.
I decided to think so and continued walking to the adventurer guild.



… However, when we arrived at the adventurer guild and I saw that person, my feeling was further dropped.

◆ ◆ ◇

Seeing who was at the end of my sight, my face distorted. It was a good looking receptionist who manned the receptionist.
…… But, I was not good with her.
That was why, I put all the materials, mainly the magic stones, in front of her in a hurry so we could leave this place as soon as possible.

「Oh my, when I thought you were banished from the Sword of Lightning, I see you have found a new place to do your parasitism act again.」

…… However, ignoring my intention, the receptionist came to talk to me.
I could feel mockery in each of her words to me.

「This is magic stone from lower-layer, this too? You’re only really talented at finding parasitism partner, I see. Well, that’s what you can expect from a defect healer!」

Parasitism, that was an act where an incapable person joining a party with powerful members and receive exceptional rewards despite their contribution.
…… Of course, I wasn’t parasitizing Narsena this time.
However, I had no intention to tell the receptionist about that.
After all, I understood that nobody would believe my words.
That was what my existence amount to.
Everyone ridiculed me and never acknowledged me even when I was working to my bones.
… So while I felt bad that I was vilified in front of Narsena, I still killed my emotion and, as usual, tried to get this done as soon as possible.

「Heee~ if you’re saying that far, then we will stop turning our bounty here!」

— But, suddenly, a voice which clearly mixed with anger resounded.

「I see, if you can’t trust Onii-san, then just forget it! We will sell these in other places! Right! We will do that instead!」

The source of that voice was Narsena who was bridled with fury.
Being thrust by the words that even contained killing intent, the receptionist was at lost for words as she was stunned.

「P-Please wait! It would be trouble if you sell those at other places! Also, you see, all I wanted to do is helping a lady who is being deceived by this parasitic man……」

With a paled face, the receptionist started to use words to keep Narsena.
The adventurer guild was benefited from reselling the materials obtained from adventurers.
That was why, this amount of lower-layer material was what the adventurer guild wanted no matter what.

「I’m not going to sell anything to a place which makes a fool of another member of my party!」


After Narsena cut off the receptionist’s words short, she walked right to the exit while the receptionist still stunned.
Also, I was only looking at Narsena’s back as she left the guild, only after she was out of sight I finally realized and started to chase after her.

◆ ◆ ◇

「I-I’m sorry, Onii-san! I decided about the sale of the materials without permission…」

After leaving the guild, Narsena apologized to me.
Until recently, Narsena’s face, which should have been red with anger, was now looked blue with remorse.

「I don’t care about that at all.」

However, I didn’t think I felt any anger towards Narsena.
Certainly, selling the material outside of the adventurer guild would take a lot of extra steps that would be really troublesome.

But now I was grateful to Narsena that the other matters were barely mattered.

「But …」

「Thank you very much, Narsena.」

And so, in order to convey that feeling, I cut her, who was still trying to say something, off and said my thanks.

「Ehh! No, that’s…」

To my thanks, Narsena shyly averted her lightly blushed face away.
And then she smiled while looking at me at the eyes the next moment.

「Hey, we are parties! You can always rely on me Onii-san!」

I answered Narsena’s smile with a smile of my own.
It’s strange, I thought I was always in the party before, but somehow, this is as if I’m in a party for the first time.
But, that was definitely not a bad feeling at all.

「Yeah. Narsena, please take care of me from here on too.」

「Yes! Me too!」
And so, from this day onward, I would start to acknowledge myself in a positive light.
No, that way of saying it was a bit incorrect, I think?

——— What I acquired this day, rather than self-confidence, it was an existence that recognized me correctly.

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