Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 5

Narsena’s Night


「Hahhh, so tired……」

Despite being a girl, to be so sloppy like this… Such thought was running on the corner of my mind, but unable to resist the fatigue accumulated in my body, I flopped down to the bed while saying my complaint.
After we finished selling the lower-layer material, I had dinner with Onii-san, so it was quite late now.
Thanks to Onii-san being known in the store, it was possible to finish cashing the material in a short amount of time compared to other places, however, it still took quite some times.
Because of that, even though when I came back from the labyrinth, I was not as tired, I was completely exhausted now.

「Ehehe, Onii-san’s smile……」

Despite being tired, I was smiling full of satisfaction, however.
Certainly, there were many things happened today, still, Onii-san looked to be happy.


——— If I’m not mistaken, I think Onii-san is pleased that I entered his party.

Thinking so, I moved my leg up and down on the bed in excitement.
My mouth slackened. Even when I was tired, I was still being absentminded on the bed.

That was how happy I was that Onii-san was pleased by having me.

Especially when before that, I thought that I was unnecessary for Onii-san.

At first, I came with the intention to protect Onii-san.
Yes, I thought I was stronger than Onii-san

「Onii-san, you’re really-really strong……」

…… But, I was mistaken.
Since Onii-san active in the labyrinth, his growth was incomparable to mine.

His strength was incomparable to when I met him before…

◆ ◆ ◇

Actually, today wasn’t our first meeting.
Perhaps, Onii-san didn’t remember me because of my current appearance, but I was once saved by him.
The scene at that time was still stuck in my head.

In tatters, despite not having any ability that would make him called strong, Onii-san still fighting to protect me desperately.

Elementary healing magic, heal, was by no means an easy to use magic.
After all, that magic was something that only increased someone’s healing ability and was not meant for battle.
To the end, 《Heal》 was just something that was applied immediately at the end of a battle to minor injuries to give comfort to the wounded.

However, Onii-san was fighting the monsters desperately even though he could only use that magic. When I saw his appearance, I decided a certain thing.

Onii-san, despite being an adventurer, lamented that he had no companion.
If so, I would become stronger, strong enough to join Onii-san party.
And then I would protect Onii-san, and received many compliments in return.

That was why, I worked hard desperately after being saved by Onii-san that day.
After rigorous training to polished my skills further, I forced my parent to recognized me.
In addition, I used my family connection to check the rumor of the defect healer in the guild.

… While I was training, I couldn’t help but wondered if Onii-san was safe or not.

Hence why, when I heard that Onii-san entered a second-rate party famous for their act of fraud, I hurried myself to go to Onii-san’s place.
Even after the party became a first-class party, I trained harder to be able to become adventurer as soon as possible for the sake of Onii-san who was treated awfully.

Because of that, I was delighted that Onii-san was kicked out of that scamming party on the day I finally able to become an adventurer
I could only think that this timing was fate, I decided in my mind I would comfort Onii-san who had been exiled from his party.

… That was why I was stunned to see Onii-san was getting too strong.

Onii-san was unbelievably strong since I first met.
No, that was not the only thing that was improved.

Detecting enemies; removing traps; broad knowledge, knowing monster’s weakness for example; and, although all he could use was 《Heal》, my arm that was injured healed in an instant.

All that was first-rate.
… And when I saw Onii-san’s figure, I was depressed.

Because I had intended to protect Onii-san for so long, I realized my conceit when I knew how strong Onii-san was.

With Onii-san’s ability, he probably can enter any party.
Yes, he might even be invited to join that hero party.
In that case, Maybe, I’m not needed by Onii-san after all.
Thinking so, I was struck by the illusion that my vision darkened.

… But, I knew it was something worth celebrating over.

Because I know how hard Onii-san was working.
So, even if he says I’m not needed anymore, I must be happy that Onii-san’s effort comes to fruition. Or so I told myself.
——— Hence, my fury toward that receptionist’s attitude.
I knew people like that woman.
She was the kind of person who liked looking down on others, scorned others and felt no guilt over it.

There was no need to forgive that kind of persons who denied Onii-san’s hard work like that.

Even so, I was ashamed for my selfish act leaving the guild because of my emotion like that.

But Onii-san smiled and even said thank you without blaming me.

——— That was when Onii-san started to look happy.


Remembering that time, my face slackened again as I laughed.
I thought I could hear a voice from the next room, but I didn’t care about that now.

「But, why…?」

However, at that time a certain question was born in my heart.
It was about the scammer party that Onii-san joined.

「…… Why did that party kick out someone as amazing as Onii-san?」

I never got the answer to that question, and soon, I forgot about that scamming party…>

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34 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 5

  1. I’m doing some magic in this chapter, so if by any chance you can only read until this “His strength was incomparable to when I met him before…” part, please let me know and I will edit those out and stop starting next chapter

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  2. Thank you for your work!
    Perharps, you should edit this part::”I never got the answer to that question, and soon, I was forgotten about that scamming party…>”


    1. Yea, you should change it to “I never got the answer to that question, and soon, I forgot about that scamming party…”


  3. Wait, so the former party were known for being frauds?
    And, all of a sudden, they became a first-rate party after adding a “defective” healer to their ranks?
    And no one connected the dots?

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    1. They finally got it into their heads that they are actually competent when its their healer that is carrying them on their quests.

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  4. Thanks for the Chapter!
    Narsena is adobrable! I like the [Ehehehe!] expression of hers.
    Lol at MC, Tank + OP Heal called him defective? Maybe the scammer party knew his talent and just got enough money to remove him or they are just plain stupid being overly conecited.
    I hope there will be POV of them hunting without the MC and see how bad they are.

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  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    So girl with a crush… she worked for her goal at least, no using girly nonsense.
    I know some people, me included, got tired of wishy washy, oblivious personality types, but this MC is a genuine hard worker, good human being & although he has serious self esteem issues, he does seem healable.
    So far, we have 2 ok characters (too early to judge, will depend on the Author).


  6. Thanks for the chapter!
    Thought the two might have had a connection considering how big a crush she has on him although was hoping she was a childhood friend from wayback when that he didn’t recognize due to how much she grew up and matured. Good that Narsena recognizes his worth but weird how nobody else saw it considering how diversified his skills are. Probably mostly due to nobody else seeing him in action and being part of a second rate party of frauds who only said bad things about him. Although surprised receptionist allowed to put down adventurers like that without getting in trouble. Be nice if there’s a scene where she’s in big trouble and having to explain to the guildmaster why a rising party isn’t selling their materials at the guild. Hope meet redhead on the cover soon.


    1. Though it does say something about the sorry stats of the guild is he joined up with known fraudsters and no one warned him to be cautious, Since it is now clear that they were scamming him out of earnings (told him to accept 1/4, but were obviously paying him less) and not one noticed or cared. My guess is no one would take him due to his only using the most basic healing and assumed he was useless, they saw someone desperate they could abuse to make more money. I also suspect that at least some of the guild staff were actively enabling or profiting from their frauds, otherwise they should have been booted from the guild.

      How much are people willing to bet they booted him figuring it was time to get a competent healer, and in their annoyance forgot about the rest of what he did for them.


      1. Less in annoyance and more in not having anyone to compare him to. Maybe they think every third rate healer is like him, hence why they had no qualm with throwing him out and going to look for someone “better”?
        Thin scenario would make things far more interesting…


      2. Might be right in some guild members in cahoots with trash party. As for not warning him might be a policy not to interfere with non-violent interactions between adventurers to avoid favoritism complaints and/or allow adventurers to learn things the hard way and/or learn to look after themselves. That or laziness and a “doesn’t affect me so who cares” attitude. You are probably right in low assessment due to only knowing he can use basic heal rather than his full capabilities. Although since this wasn’t the first time they blamed him for their own failures not to mention cheating him of his earnings I’d say Raust getting booted is less the last straw in a series of (unsubstantiated) screw-ups and more leader wanting to open the position up for a female healer that caught his eye with the other two agreeing as a means to curry favor. This is just a guess which may or may not be revealed in any chapters showing what’s happening to previous party but seems likely as even a limited ability cleric is better than none, especially as a replacement is more likely to know and demand their due rather than accept unwarranted abuse and be extremely underpaid.


  7. wow the spoilers are strong in the comments lol, but it seems an interesting read with short chapters so it definitely goes in my let build up a few chapter list, and at least this one isn’t talking about food every chapter lol, reading that makes me swear the writer lives somewhere they don’t have much food …


    1. whoops, I was asleep when it happened
      good thing is I’m fine checking every comment for spoiler because I’ve read everything, the damage already done though so I’m sorry

      also good news for you, there is barely any food mentioned in this novel (at least in vol 1 and part of vol 2 I already read)

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      1. that’s good, I wouldn’t mind them talking food so much but it always hits to break the story at the worst times, one of the reasons the book “the princess bride” has an abridged versions was the original had like 3 chapters on just a royal dinner, which was thankfully cut out in the abridged version and the movie which hit in the original right between the good parts breaking the flow


      2. Any chance of setting it up so if someone writes a spoiler it’ll be boxed so people can skip over or read it as they want? I know in the translation for the LN “The World of Otome games is Tough on a mob” it was setup so [spoiler[ The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs. [/spoiler] would hide the sentence with a spoiler box. That way if people want spoilers they can read them, and if don’t can identify box as spoiler and pass over it.


        1. unfortunately, this is site on free plan, so i can’t use plugin, or makes my own theme, so what i can do is limited


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