Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 6

Around That Time, Sword of Lightning I

「Hahh? Raust is not coming back?」

With Raust absent, the leader of the Sword f Lightning, Margulus, asked about Raust which just kicked out from the party yesterday.
He was about to go to a revenge match against the hydra.
… As a matter of fact, although Raust was banished, Margulus didn’t remember what happened last night.
Seeing Margulus, amazed, Sarveria opened her mouth.

「No, no. Look, didn’t we kicked him out from the party yesterday?」

「Ahhh, now that you mention it, he was banished, didn’t he? My memory is a bit vague from the alcohol…」

After reminded by Sarveria, Margulus finally remembered the last night event.
…… It’s too bad, but whatever; such is Margulus’ attitude.
Margulus’ attitude was too bland even though he just kicked out someone who, even temporarily, was his comrade.

「Well, that was because of your venting. It’s no surprise you don’t remember him.」

「But still, what an idiot, to just leave like that because we vent a little, after we do him a favor and put him into our first-class party too.」

「Yup, or you know, maybe it’s not only his skill as a healer that’s defective, but his brain too?」

「Ohh, that’s a nice one!」

… There was nobody who pointed out a fault in Margulus’ attitude.
No, there was nobody who pointed that out was because the female magician, Armia, was not currently here.
For them, Raust’s expulsion last night just amounted that much.

Especially for Margulus and Sarveria, Raust was just someone to be used, he was put into the party because Raust never complained about whatever they did.

——— After all, in the first place, Raust was put into Margulus’ party so he could squeeze money out of him.

Margulus and Sarveria, the two were in a famous first-class party now, but they were originally second-rate adventurers who were just stepping their foot at the upper-layer of the labyrinth.
And those two, earning so little money despite the risk to their life, started to trick rogue adventurers by putting them into his party.

Their income was by no means high, but those two had become addicted to the feeling they got when they deceived the stray ones.
There was no way that was legal, but their reasoning was, in the end, those people were just a lone stray.
Those two could just put the blame on them, being only a lone person.
And Raust too, was originally a target to Margulus’ scam.

That was why, in the end, while Raust betrayed their expectation and actually more useful than they thought and he ended up decided to put Raust into his party, Raust was only a target for Margulus and Sarveria to squeeze money from.

From Raust daily effort, Margulus and Sarveria’s attitude also slowly change.
Shortly after Raust entered the party, when the party started to grow, Margulus and Sarveria believed that it was all their own doing.

「Well, this is a good opportunity, let’s look for a new healer too. Someone who is an excellent healer, unlike that guy.」

「Yeah. I know, that’s why I already asked Armia to scout for a new talented healer.」

「I see, so that’s why Armia is not here, then. Anyway, once we replace that guy with a proper healer, we should have enough room to face that hydra. I’m also in top condition today.」

That was why Margulus and Sarveria didn’t worry about their party even after Raust left.
They didn’t even doubt themselves and believed that they were a first-class party.

「Alright! This time for sure, we will kill that hydra!」

… And that was why, Margulus who started to walk away could say so without feeling any sense of crisis.

◆ ◆ ◇

A few minutes later, Margulus and Sarveria arrived at the guild. They were chatting as they were waiting for Armia to bring the new healer in the guild’s waiting room.

「Hey Sarveria, somehow, Almast today looks kinda bad didn’t she?」

「Ahh, the receptionist woman? This is just a rumor I heard, but it seems she offended the adventurers that brought back material from lower-layer.」

「I see, that’s a disaster alright. Though it’s probably Almast got insulted, she talked back, and the adventurers became angry instead, something like that. If so, then we, Sword of Lightning, must do our best to be in the spotlight to raise the stocks of our exclusive guild staff.」

「Yeah. For now, we need to kill that hydra. Well, without that burden, we should have some leeway!」

While they were having that chat.
Footsteps of several people were approaching and the door to the room Margulus and Sarveria were waiting was knocked.

「Are they here, finally?」

Margulus went to open the door with a small murmur.

「Sorry to keep you waiting.」

「Pleased to meet you.」

Behind the door was a fully equipped Armia and a woman wearing a white robe.
The woman in the white robe hid her mouth behind a cloth, but only looking at the exposed part told Margulus that she was a nice-looking woman, making him smile unconsciously.

「…… Huh?」

But, he was at lost for words when he scanned the woman from up to down.

「Are you alright with that equipment?」

It was because the woman was equipped with rearguard equipment, definitely not something that could handle close quarter combat.

「You will take huge damage if you hit by hydra tail like that. If you at least use monster’s leather armor, then…」

「… What? I won’t be coming that close you know?」

「… Hmm?」

But the next moment, Margulus lost his words again when hearing the woman’s answers.
That was because Margulus was convinced that the new healer would naturally stand in front of him.

「Leader! A normal healer will not stand in front of the vanguard!」


After Armia pointed that out, Margulus remembered that healer didn’t stand in front of the vanguard.
Margulus, who has been working with Raust for a couple of years, had misunderstood that a healer was someone who stood as a vanguard.
But of course, he couldn’t ask for such a thing from a normal healer.

「R-Right, Sorry. Last night, our healer took away our property and went away…… It seems my confusion hasn’t gone yet.」

「Well, that’s …」

So, Margulus put the blame on Raust to get him out from this situation.
Thinking normally, even in confusion, there was no way someone asked a healer to be a vanguard, however, the female healer sympathized with the part where the healer ran away with their property and didn’t pursue the topic further.
Margulus felt relieved once he knew that he successfully misled her.

…… However, the relief immediately changed into worry if they would be alright as the vanguard would be downed to one person.
After all, with only one vanguard, the difficulty in holding down the enemy would be higher.

「… No, it’s fine. Raust was only running around, barely attacking, that guy is useless. Well, the rare time he attacks, they’re strong, but it’s so rare…」

But soon, Margulus considered he was worried for nothing.
Margulus put on a smile and then offered his hand toward the female healer.

「Well then, nice to have you.」

「Yes. It’s an honor to be able to enter the famous Sword of Lightning.」

With his self-esteem tickled by the woman’s words, Margulus smiled.

「Then, let’s get going. It’s fine if we do the self-introduction on the way right?」


And so, Margulus’ party, triumphantly left the adventurer guild.

… But at that time, they were unaware that they were making a big mistake.
After all, one healer was not enough to fill the hole Raust made when he left.
However, without knowing that, Margulus and his party went to defeat the hydra…….

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42 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 6

      1. I want them all to survive by running with their tails between their legs. That way, rather than them dying “heroically”, they’ll instead humiliate themselves and, as they keep going on this kind of losing steak, they’ll prove to everyone that they’re actually just some second-rate party that’s been leeching off of the healer they kicked out. That will, in turn, also fix MC’s reputation…

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        1. yup dying against the hydra is not good they need to survive and realize Raust worth in the part i want to see them on their knees begging to come back to their party

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      2. Of course she is “innocent”, She is their next victim in waiting. There is no way this group has reformed and changed their ways, considering they are still thinking like criminals.

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    1. BTW, MC’s name is Raust, huh? Is this the first time we hear it, or is it just me, noticing it for the first time?


      1. Just you noticing it for first time. Is first mentioned as his POV in prologue, but first time says name is in chapter one when introducing himself to Narsena.


        1. I’m aware these 3 chapters need to be released close to each other, I pushed myself a bit because I probably won’t be able to translate tomorrow and the next day, so I finish everything today, original plan was to release all three the day after tomorrow though


      1. While it’s nice you get chapters out quickly, your health and life are more important. If need a break just leave a note saying taking x time off and will resume on such and such date. Besides, if work yourself to death trying to get chapters out and your health suffers that’ll decrease quality and increase time needed. Very grateful for translations but take care of yourself first. And ignore any complaints. If they think it’s so easy to get a chapter out within a few days they should try doing it themselves so can appreciate all the time and hard work that goes into it. Granted it’s usually because doing to many projects at once but I’ve seen translators who take a month or two to get a short chapter out.


        1. I’m reader first, translator second, so I know which part of the novel would feel really unsatisfying if released too far apart, these 3 chapters are such example, even if I take my time, I will still release 3 consecutive chapters, the difference is I will probably only do so 3 days later
          thanks for your encouragement and concern though


  1. Nice to see that they deluded themselves into thinking they are the source of the parties strength. They kept the MC to abuse and squeeze because he was useful, but never factored him or his contibutions into their rise.

    Also nice to see that there is no tactics there. I mean as soon as F-Boy there realized they also lost their second vanguard so HE will be the only one taking attacks he should have immediately tried to recruit a tanker as well.

    “Their income was by no means high, but those two had become addicted to the feeling they got when they deceived the stray ones.
    There was no way that was legal, but their reasoning was, in the end, those people were just a lone stray.”

    2 things here :
    1) this says 2 people, but there are 3 in the party, so is it 3 scammers, or is the other (the mage?) not actually a scam artist.
    2) They are criminals, know they are criminals and do not care, and the guild never did anything to get rid of these criminals who likely cost it profits from their victims leaving of dying.


    1. I think the Mage joined the group later. It did say in, I think the prolog, that she is going along with the 2 scammers crap and just accepting it because apparently she wants to hook up with the male scammer.

      As for their crimes I think it hits just close enough to a grey area that the guild couldn’t really do anything about them or didn’t care. In the begining they probably targeted adventures who the guild would of considered problematic to begin with. So that would of made it harder for those adventurers to complain to the guild anyways.

      After they got Raust they started succeeding and so the guild probably just turned a blind eye to most of it after that. I think they just started exclusively abusing Raust and then just hired people with actual skill who were attracted by their first rate title and the male guy wanted to have sex with. Add in Raust’s low self esteem meaning he would never report all the shit happening to him and how terrible the receptionist treats him the guild probably was never getting a full report of the shit Raust had done to him.

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    1. Some games do have hybrid roles in various levels of balance. Where someone could be a healer and a tank.
      Paladins in D&D are often Vanguards with minor healing.


      1. While Hybrids do exist usually the only time you have a case where the Tank can also keep aggro, himself alive, and deal catastrophic damage is when the game is completely unbalanced. Lets face it Raust is an overpowered character that convinced himself that he was under-powered.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    I figured the leader would get a female healer for a replacement but never occurred to me main cause of firing Raust was due to being a short tempered, belligerent drunk at the time. Considering them 2nd rate is an insult to 2nd rate adventurers and should be considered 5th rate at most if after all this time and various party members they had and yet thought that the difference between a front liner unconventional healer like Raust and an average healer was only that average healers had more variety in healing magic. Strange how neither the new healer or anybody else introduced themselves. Poor girl, likely has a smaller mana pool than Raust and need more time to cast too. Hope she has some antidote potions for poisons considering Raust mentioned in chapter one that normal healers can’t handle hydra venom even with time and the party probably too used to Raust handling everything to pay for their own potions. While Margulus and Sarveria will likely get their just desserts after all the adventurers they scammed and abused, especially Raust, due to the dire foreshadowing, I hope Armia and the new healer get out ok and wake up to what scum the other two are. At least Armast got into trouble somewhat for her venomous attitude although it sounds to extent of getting some bad rep rather than actual punishment much less a slap on the wrist.


    1. I’m rather certain Armia is also a fraud like the other two, just more knowledgeable and less stupid. She can suffer together with the other two…


  3. Lol how stupid are they? They just remove their Tank + Healer. I hope they will all die during the Hyrda hunt. Or even better they survive with missing limbs!
    That Margulus don’t even know what role a tank does. He says Raust is useless because he is barely attacking.
    Tanks need to get the aggro and positioning, so the backline does not get caught by the enemy.
    If they have been scamming Raust for a long time why doesn’t anyone point that out? Weird, even in the guild someone will notice it.


    1. I think its probably never been pointed out because people don’t want to go against the first rank team. The guild is more likely to throw the complainer away than destroy their relationship with a team that reliably brings back lower layer materials.


  4. Don’t really see the point. I figure most actual readers come from novel updates to get linked here. And I don’t think novel updates will link to aggregate sites without some troll messing with it.


    1. novelupdate use bot to get the link from translator site, and aggregator site use bot to get content from the link that novelupdate bot got, regardless, I just don’t like when the comment section there are more active than here, granted looking at the comment section, it doesn’t look I need to worry


  5. this makes no sense at all, why would she sympathize with them, just because the healer left with the things that where of the healer?

    [「R-Right, Sorry. Last night, our healer took away his property and went away…… It seems my confusion hasn’t gone yet.」

    however, the female healer sympathized with the part where the healer ran away with his property ]


  6. Hmm, as I was reading, I kinda thought that the sorcerer girl actually knew how good MC was and is just continuing to be in Sword of Twatwaffle to get them to crash and burn. But I’m torn if i want sorcerer girl in MC’s new party…


  7. “That was because Margulus was convinced that the new healer would naturally stand in front of him.” lol what the f
    how can you be so stupid and still manage breathing


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