Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 9

The Healer, Laila’s Circumstances


「Hahhh~ Why did I enter a party like that, I wonder!」

After withdrawing from the hydra and finally returned to a safe place, I spat out all of my anger with a distorted face.
This place wasn’t the joint residence of the Sword of Lightning, but just a simple inn.
That was why, my emotional outburst should be heard by someone in the next door, a moment later, a sound of something falling came from the room next door.


Hearing that sound, I reflexively covered my mouth.
Apparently, I was too emotional and forgot this was an inn with a thin wall.
Once I noticed I became too emotional, I calmed myself down a bit.

「Ahh geez. I can’t calm down at all, this anger…」

But, my attempt was futile.
After all, just remembering the attitude of Margulus and Sarveria of Sword of Lightning made me want to scream wildly.

After that, even after they returned to the guild, Margulus and Sarveria didn’t say any word of apologies.
On the contrary, they started to insult Armia who tried to risk her life to save Margulus.
As far as I could see in the battle, Armia had considerable talent, however, she was still a child.
Even so, despite her age, she was quite active.

… However, until the end, Margulus and Sarveria kept putting the blame on Armia and even called her useless.

In spite of her condition where she was still affected by the hydra’s poison and clearly still looking ill.
I couldn’t stand it, I got angry at Margulus and Sarveria and then ran away, bringing Armia along with me.
… All they said was it was all Armia’s responsibility, they didn’t want to admit their fault at all.

Finally, with a condescending attitude, he said he would pardon Armia to end the conversation about her, and then he asked for me to cast 《Heal》 that would wipe out the fatigue they had today.

Certainly, 《Heal》 had the effect of recovering fatigue on top of increasing regenerative ability.

「But, there is no way I can remove all of their fatigue in one night!」

… But, what Margulus and Sarveria asked is not a simple 《Heal》 arent they? They were asking for 《Heal》 that has that kind of efficiency…
When I remembered about the nonsensical request they made, I screamed again.

「Hyaaa!…… Ouchh!」


…… But from the room next door, I wonder if she’s surprised by my voice and fell down, I heard the girl’s scream and a thud noise that calmed me down.
Apparently, she screamed again.
… I really did a bad thing to the girl next door.
She sounded like she was rolling around on the floor, maybe she hit her toes on the closet…
And while I listen to the noise, I sighed deeply.

「Hahhhh~… Why did I enter a party like that…」

Actually, I was an adventurer who just came to this Labyrinth city of Martat.
I used to be a member of a first-class party that was active in the capital, but I was about to be assaulted by the leader of that party and so I fled.
That was why, when I talked to the receptionist called Almast and was told there was a first-class party looking for a member, I was delighted.
I thought this was a miracle that rarely happened.

But what did I know after opening the lid…

Margulus and Sarveria, not only lacking in ability but also in personality.
Armia might become a first-class adventurer, but Margulus and Sarveria clearly lacking in character.
Moreover, when I complained, Almast told me that in this city, once you formally entered a party, you were not able to leave unless in rare circumstances, even after I protested with all my might.
It seemed Almast was the same kind of people like Margulus and Sarveria.

「Hahh~ I really can’t leave huh, this place is strange…」

Remembering that time, I was about to let out my anger again.
Really, compared to the adventurers in the capital, the adventurers here were all had a bad personality, even the receptionists were rotten.
If it would be like this all the time, I really tempted to just run away from this town.

「Seriously, how should I proceed…」

…… But now I was more worried about whether I could really leave this party.

「…Uu~ Uuuuu~…」

That reason for that was the presence of the girl who slept beside me, Armia.
After I determined that I couldn’t leave her to Margulus and Sarveria, I brought her to the inn I was staying at to treat her.

I just couldn’t leave this girl alone.

「… I wonder what dream she currently has?」

Seeing Armia groaning from the temperature that was too hot, I was having that thought as I wiped the sweats on her forehead.
Apparently, there was no danger to her life, however, she was feverish from the fatigue and because she was weakened.
I might need to wipe her body from the sweats now so she doesn’t get a cold.
Thinking so, I went to get a new wet cloth.

「I’m sorry…」


However, I stopped my movement once I heard a word of apology escaped her mouth.
Armia’s face, who just apologized, looked full of regret.
— I have done something I couldn’t take back…… Raust-san, such a terrible thing…
Looking at her current face, I remembered what she said just before she lost her consciousness.
Armia repented of her action toward this person called Raust, until she lost her consciousness, she kept repeating the words of apology.

「Raust, that’s the name of the healer that took away the party property and ran away…」

I was told so by Margulus, but I don’t have any bad impression of Raust now.
Now that I know what kind of character Margulus is, I don’t believe any word from that man.
So I don’t think he’s a bad person, but for another reason, I can’t take him out of my mind.

In addition of Armia who repeatedly apologize, there are Margulus and Sarveria who demanded such an outrageous healing ability like it was a natural thing.
I can’t help but think that the reason for that is Raust.

「… Seriously, who is he?」

The words leaked from my mouth went to no one’s ears.

「Eh, what is Raust-sa……」

I thought so, but it actually entered the ears of the person next door, which stunned the girl.


The next moment, the girl who seemed stunned, seemed to get her foot tangled on something, the sounds of her falling hard to the floor could be heard.

「No, I didn’t really hear what she said, but what is there to surprise about…」

… This time, my words truly reached no one’s ears.

Couple of change

  • Armast to Almast, I just think it’s more girly name this way.
  • It’s much more clearer now that Margulus said that Raust take the party property instead of his own property before running away, the one in chapter 6 doesn’t have clear subject, fixed.

I also considering to change Armia’s name to Almia, but it’s fine either way, and I think the name already stuck in everyone’s head by now, so I will leave it

Also, I will take a couple of days to break, next chapter we will return to the usual Raust’s chapter, so I can take my time now

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41 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 9

    1. Lol ikr, you can leave whenever you want, who’s gonna stop you?

      Legit can skip town again. But poor mage girl.


    2. Agreed, I think it’s a flat lie the receptionist is telling so that the party she is supporting doesnt loose a competent Healer and then fall apart. I have a feeling that a few things are going to change here soon at the guild. Both management wise and who is considered the top party. It’s just a matter of curtain people being squished after they step a little to far out of line and people call them on their bullshit.

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  1. “However, I stopped my movement once I heard a word of apologize escaped her mouth.” => “However, I stopped my movement once I heard a word of apology escaped her mouth.”

    Wait, so sorcerer girl is young? and she is actually sorry? But what is she sorry for? That she said nasty things to MC? I guess my thoughts of her helping out MC was wrong…

    Can’t leave a party once it’s formed? LIKE WTF. This whole guild and town sounds like its filled with suckiness! it would be great if shitty receptionist was Sword of twatwaffle’s THOT and that is why she is so shitty. I can’t wait for her to get demoted because of her actions and losing all those lower level gems!!!!

    I hope that healer girl joins MC’s party. But would that actually benefit MC? Meh


    1. I should clarify, sorcerer girl helped out MC by getting him out of sword of twatwaffle. I still don’t understand that if she was sorry, why did she stay in that party? Is the shitty receptionist that lazy that she didn’t want to process the paperwork for party changes?

      Also if one can’t leave a party how did Sword of Twatwaffle swindle all of those party members? Did those members get killed while adventuring? If so then: EVERY SINGLE PERSON AT THE GUILD SHOULD JUST BURN FOR NOT GIVING ANY WARNING TO NEWBIES… GAWH


      1. it said unless in rare circumstance, this might refer to getting kicked out

        basically what entered can’t leave, but can be thrown away


        1. Can’t leave, but can be kicked out? But there’s still the question of HOW MANY newbies were kicked out of that party, or died. No one found that suspicious?

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          1. don’t think it’s said anywhere how many people are kicked out or died, also remember they always put the blame on the rogue adventurer, being a rogue, nobody really knows their ability, so they probably will believe Margulus and Sarveria more

            is it still suspicious after all this explanation? yes actually, but this is a shitty city anyway, you will understand when you read Raust’s past


            1. It is definitely still suspicious, unless they did not scam/abandon/ect everyone. One person now and then could be hidden, but if (nearly) everyone they party with leaves the guild or meets a bad end then that should draw huge red flags with anyone competent paying attention. Even if they were unknowns the failure and death rates should not be that much higher then other unknowns

              Plus if someone is an unknown you test that person first somewhere you can control before going anywhere truly dangerous. Since if they screw up it could cost you your life as well. Blaming someone on the unknown is basically admitting you are not a competent leader.

              Though from ch 5 I looks like they were known to be con men and never punished like they should have been, so a bad city sounds entirely reasonable. The guild has to be corrupt or incompetent beyond belief no ifs ands or buts. Which makes the “no leaving parties rule” claim somewhat believable, I want to assume that was the hooker …err… receptionist conning Laila, but I can see a corrupt guild for an incompetent city having such a rule to appease some connections jerks despite how idiotic it is as it would only serve to drive away talent, even getting them to leave the city, or get people and/or parties killed due to small differences and petty bickering.

              I also get the feeling that way to many of their adventurers are low class, and just as self centered as the con-party. Likely including alot of thugs who only excel at brute force (the adventurers are a rough bunch tropes taken up a level) and are only 1 or 2 steps removed from bandits.


      2. My thoughts are she is sorry for supporting the asshats as they scammed him of his money and hurled abuses at him before he left the party. She also might feel she might have hurt him with the words she said before he left. She is young after all so might have little to no experience with people outside of Thunderous Farts.

        As for the twatwaffle duo. The time frame they were scamming and swindling was before they got famous. So any number of people might have disappeared without much notice. After Raust join the asshats, they no longer needed to shaft random people because their cash cow was in party, easily manipulated and did all the work for them. The mage was added later and was the only one that supported and defended Raust over the last year-ish of adventuring.

        As a small side note, you should note that the receptionist that told Laila she couldn’t leave the party was the exclusive receptionist for thundertwats. So she has a vested interest in keeping her in their party. As a result, her ruling in this matter might be more then a little biased, if not an outright lie.


    2. She was probably sorry for lying to him up till now, after all, they were basically STEALING a fuck ton of money from him and she probably tried to repent by getting him kicked out of the party while the twatwaffles were drunk, in order to save him. Maybe she feels like that’s not enough for her own part in their crime, so she’s still feeling guilty about it, even if she doesn’t realize it. Right now, she’s being delirious due to the fever, so her true feelings are coming out.

      As for the party thing, yeah, that has to be a lie. The receptionist is most likely just trying to force her to stay with them since she knows even a first rate party will take a serious blow once they lose their healer. Then there’s this new healer who used to belong to a first rate party from the capital. There’s no way she’d let her leave. That aside, why would you settle for only demoting her? Just fire her and be done with it. She’s clearly a liability to the guild anyway~

      There’d be no point in Laila joining MC’s party. MC is already a healer and clearly a more capable one than her. She’d be wasted in a party where there’s already a healer, unless there are at least 10 members, where one healer won’t be enough. The mage, however, would be a decent addition to MC’s party, since neither of the other two can use offensive magic.


      1. I dunno. He clearly needs someone who is a ‘qualified’ healer. His spell is mighty, sure, but he only knows ONE spell, the basic heal (which is supra-maxed out but still…). He’s skilled in doing so many other things that an additional healer would alleviate some stress on the rest of the party, including him.


      2. I think a healer could be a good support addition to the team. He can only use heal, although that is very powerful, but there may be a functionality for a healer that we haven’t seen yet that would cover his weaknesses. Also, this would free him up to be a vanguard and focus on the enemy, rather than his party. He’s currently a great aggro-attaining dodging character, but that requires focus.


  2. Allo!
    Thanks for the chapter!
    Just noticed some grammatical errors while reading.
    In the section:
    “After withdrawing from the hydra and finally returned to a safe place, I spat out all of her anger with a distorted face.” should be MY instead of HER, since it’s in first person.
    “assaulted by the leader of that party and so I fleed.” should be FLED instead of FLEED.
    Addditionally, in:
    “「No, I didn’t really hear why she said, but what is there to surprise about…」
    … This time, my words were truly reached no one’s ears.” should be
    “「No, I didn’t really hear why she said, but what is there to be surprised about…」
    … This time, my words truly reached no one’s ears.”
    There might be more, but these are what i just noticed for now.


  3. Thanks for the chapters.
    This confirm’s the comment on previous chapter I think, with that receptionist still being active, even after she caused a scene before (assuming it’s a few days after the end of ch 5).

    Some typos:
    /After withdrawing from the hydra and finally returned to a safe place, /I/ spat out all of her anger with a distorted face./
    Since it’s in third person’s perspective, it should be ‘Layla’, right?

    /I used to be a member of a first-class party that was active in the capital, but I was about to be assaulted by the leader of that party and so I /fleed/./

    /Margulus and Sarveria, not only lacking in ability but also // personality./
    ‘in’, it’s me being nitpicky in this one.

    Thanks again for translating.


  4. I forget to mention, but the girl next door is Narsena, Laila worried over nothing basically because Narsena didn’t care about what she was saying


    1. I thought it was her~
      Worried over nothing? So, what, is the noise coming from her room just her masturbating to the MC?
      Heh, and here I thought she really was reacting to Laila’s complaining. You know, this could’ve lead them to meet, then Narsena learns there’s someone suffering from Hydra venom in that room, so she goes to get MC and this incident becomes another step towards MC’s rise to fame. But, oh well, no dice, I guess…


  5. Narsena doing some thump noises next room? rolling around the bed while doing [Ehehehe!] then falling on the floor?
    Thats some weird guild rule there. I wonder what circumstances are accepted when you can leave a party, or maybe the guild were in cahoots with the 2 scums?


  6. Thanks for the chapter! Enjoy the break!
    Seems rotten birds of a feather flock together. Seems kind of odd not being able to leave party although wouldn’t put it past Almast saying that just to avoid paperwork dealing with member leaving a party. Considering it was based on Raust’s abilities that they got to be an A rank party, how the hell did they manage to get a Rank B before him considering their incompetence, poor tactics and group dynamics, and essentially treated other members like a slave/punching bag/scapegoat? Be nice if the two con artists died from their own incompetence allowing the new healer and mage to find better members or join up with Raust. Speaking of whom, considering Laila somehow knew neighbor was a girl and neighbor reacted to Raust’s name, anyone else think that clumsy neighbor was Narsena?


  7. What? You can’t leave a party? That doesn’t make any sense. Just don’t do anything at all and they would WANT to kick you out of their team. Which means just telling them “kick me out of your party” should be enough to leave.


  8. Wait, I have an idea. An unlikely one, but still an idea.
    So, just maybe…
    What if Armia had actually done that in order to get Raust kicked out? After all, otherwise he’d just be continued to be abused. She didn’t react, which makes her partially guilty, but by letting their steam blow up and then talking at the proper moment (hence why she didn’t join them in complaining), Raust would be banished for sure and be away from the party.
    tl;dr Armia is actually good(?) theory


  9. “Can’t leave a party once you join?” OI! That’s ripe for abuse, of all kinds! Laila already fled a party due to attempted assault, for pete’s sake!


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