Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 10

Peaceful Time


「We got plenty of material this time too, Onii-san!」

「Yeah, I’m sure they will be happy with this much.」


On that day, I was walking towards the city while chatting with Narsena.
A few days had passed since I was banished from the party, I stopped using the guild as my main base for my activity and decided to sell off the material directly to the stores.
Usually, self-owned businesses didn’t buy materials from adventurers directly.
Certainly, those who bought directly without adventurer guild acting as an intermediary could buy at a lower price, or the adventurers could sell high, but the stores extremely hate to buy materials directly from adventurers.

That was because the civilians didn’t trust the adventurers at all.

That was why, when they buy directly from the adventurers, they made the adventurers approved various procedure to make sure there was nothing damaged.
Otherwise, a mere civilian wouldn’t be able to cope if something went wrong.

「Oh my, you come here again today? Thank you.」

「No, Marry-san, please don’t worry.」

「That’s right! It should be us saying that instead for letting us skipping the procedure!」

For the few days we have been selling directly to the store, by the courtesy from the store side, we had been skipping the necessary procedures.
Moreover, it was not only Marry-san’s inn here, but also other stores like the butchers or magic stones stores.
It was nothing more than a proof of absolute trust from the stores’ side to us.
I often came to the city to sell meat before, so I understood how exceptional it was.
In the past, it was almost a daily occurrence that wild adventurers tried to use violence against the civilians that were unable to defend themselves.
Well, even without talent, I was able to fight them off easily.
In any case, it was unusual for the stores to trust adventurers this much.

「You’re bringing me so much again! Also, there is even the magic stone that I said I want!」

「No, I’m grateful for your continuous support too. So this is as a form of my grat-」

That was why, as a form of gratitude, I always tried to give what they wanted for free.

「Then, here is the payment, also a little bonus for what you’re getting for me too.」

「Ehh, this much!? No, this is too much! The magic stone is just the usual gift of gratitude, there is no need for-」

「Don’t be too reserved~ it’s fine~ it’s fine~」

…… However, in most case, doing this would end up with us getting extra money.
It was obvious that the extra was as much as the market price of the magic stone.

「Wow! Thank you very much!」

Before long, Narsena seemed to get used to getting extra, but I seemed to never able to get used to it.

「But, if it’s always like this, then-」

「In that case then, come to my house and play with our Sheila. That girl, she is always waiting for you to come.」


However, I tried to persist this time.

「Onii-chan, you can’t play with me…」

「Eh- ahh, no, that’s not it! Yes, let’s play Sheila-chan.」


…… But when the sunken voice of Sheila-chan who appeared beside me unnoticed entered my ears, I couldn’t say anything other than that.

「Nicely done, Sheila.」

「So you’re using Sheila-chan to muddle the talk again, Marry-san.」

「It’s just me being a busybody, so it’s fine. Also, I’m happy to know that Sheila can play with her Onii-chan…… And it would be easier too for you if you want to hear about that thing.」


At that time, I thought I heard Marry-san and Narsena talked about something, but I decided to just play with Sheila in resignation.

「Then, then, let’s play house like usual!」

「Ahh, then, I will be the husband, Sheila-chan will become the wife right?」


Hearing my words, A little blushed, Sheila laughed.
Looking at her expression, I felt a curious feeling.
Until now, I’ve been oppressed in the adventurer guild, while the people in the city were keeping their distance with the adventurers.
After living this kind of life for a few days, I suddenly felt a strong feeling from my heart.
While embracing that feeling, I smiled at Narsena who talked with Marry-san about something.

「Everything is thanks to Narsena.」

The words I muttered were my gratitude for Narsena…

◆ ◆ ◇


「Then, then, let’s play house like usual!」

「Ahh, then, I will be the husband, Sheila-chan will become the wife right?」


Onii-san was really close to Sheila-chan.


Seeing that scene, I was showing a slightly troubled face.
Even though no matter how you see it, Sheila-chan didn’t seem interested in that way toward Onii-san.

「Why do you make such face… Why are you feeling rivalry to a small kid like that…」

Seeing me making that expression, Marry-san raised her voice in amazement.
From Marry-san’s point of view, it seemed she thought that Sheila-chan only had a feeling of yearning toward Onii-san.
In fact, I also thought that possibility was higher.

「… It’s because I started to like Onii-san when I was around Sheila-chan’s age.」

… However, I couldn’t not worry about it because of my own experience.
Onii-san was a cool gentleman which was unbelievable for an adventurer of this city.
The chance of Sheila-chan to fall for him was not low.

「T-that, more importantly, today too, about that…」

But, I decided to put aside my worry and asked another matter to Marry-san.
Certainly, I was worried about Sheila-chan, but now I have something I needed to hear.
Because of that, Marry-san asked Onii-san to play with Sheila-chan so he couldn’t hear the conversation we would have from now on.

「I know. I’ve been stocking up many good rumors for today!」

Marry-san started talking while smiling as she saw my face turned red.
As a matter of fact, every time, after Onii-san was some distances away, Marry-san would tell me many things.
What did I listen that we needed to do that to Onii-san?

「By the way, it seems the daughter of the butcher shop who seemed to be in love with Raust saw both of you walking back together one night and think that you’re his lover.」

It was information about Onii-san and other people who seemed to aim for Onii-san, in other words, my love rival.
Marry-san seemed to be a regular in the Free Gossip Meeting(?) and was the best informant on these kinds of thing in this city.

「Huh… M-Me and Onii-san? A lover? …… E-Ehehe.」

「You’re really earnest aren’t you, Naru-chan? By the way, how is it? Is Raust aware of your feeling?」

「Huh! I-I don’t think so, but… but he’s still kind to me every day…」

I relaxed my mouth unconsciously when I heard the information from Marry-san. Seeing me like that, Marry-san was showing her reaction with her oversensitivity to love-related matter peculiar for middle-aged women.
Time went by so fast when I was talking to Marry-san and Onii-san was playing with Sheila-chan.

Another day of peaceful time passed in the city…

Just another peaceful day, going to translate the next chapter right away, however, I will release it later together with the next 3 chapters (so 4 consecutive chapters, spaced out by 2 hours like the sword of lightning chapters)

Probably tomorrow if I can hog the only table I can comfortably work on this in my aunt’s home for the entire day (which is my really young cousin’s studying table)

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        1. Narsena-Chan is probably going to be the only waifu. (haven’t read ahead, but yeah. 2 or 3 is a manageable number. It’s rare to get one like Arifuta, where you can juggle 8 unique individuals that aren’t carbon copies of one another, or made 100% out of cardboard.


  1. So the adventurers are not just a rough bunch, but borderline criminals… Is there no law enforcement to keep them in check and keep them from threatening the civilians?

    Am I right that he has actually earned the respect of the civilians awhile ago, by not being a jerk, unlike the rest that they hate.

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    1. The adventurers here have a different quality than the capital, possibly encouraged by the local guild. After all if the citizens do not trust adventurers but the guild then the guild has a monopol on monster materials.

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    1. He already startet the demolishing. After all the guild has lost one A-class team. And his team is no longer selling through the guild and establishing their own connections in the city.

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    1. obviously ( ̄^ ̄) in a guild full of ruffians and annoying people he’s a VERY rare gentleman though he’s kinda pessimistic now imagine what would happen if he trusted himself more AND(this is important) stay a gentleman .*in middle of imagining it*..(・―・)(*≧∀≦*) (*-ω-)*faints*

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