Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 12

Raust’s Past I


Skill, it was said to be an ability that people had innately.
For example, if you had a skill related to physical ability, you would be able to do some move which was impossible to imitate by the people who had no skills; or if you had magic strengthening skill, you could manipulate paranormal phenomena called magic.
And with those skills dictated how one’s fight, a classification of occupation were made.

And so, Skill was said to be an embodiment of human talent.

… But that was not entirely correct.

After all, skills only strengthened human ability.
A person with only 1 talent, even if the skill doubled it, it would only become 2.

In other words, no matter how many skills you had, you wouldn’t able to win against someone who originally had 3 talents.

Without skills, you wouldn’t be able to use magic, or your physical strength wouldn’t be strong enough, such was the common sense currently.
But, that was just presumption.
After all, people could still use magic even without skills, and you could strengthen your physical strength by daily training.

「Skills are just indicators.」

Magic power and ki, those were two concepts that were taught by the world-class adventurer who I studied from by chance.
Those were the things that gave me the potential to become strong as long as I struggled hard enough despite my handicap of being a healer that could only cast 《Heal》.

That person taught me the concept of magic power and ki and how to use them which enabled me to do things which normal people would need to rely on skills to do the same.

I had studied under that person for several months.
That alone wouldn’t let me use the two powers perfectly.
Even still, I worked hard to get those powers and improving it by combining the insufficient parts.

Finally, I was able to get to the lower-layer which was the mark of first-class adventurers.

It was necessary to have a bloody training before I could get the power to go this far.
Certainly, I was more skillful than other people and was able to quickly learned how to handle magic power and ki.
However, not only I had a hard time learning it, I needed to improve it before I could use it.

Still, I didn’t give up and kept pursuing that ability.

I was ridiculed by other adventurers who never approved myself no matter how hard I tried, even so, I still kept going, all because of the one girl I met in the past…

◆ ◆ ◇

Skills had the effect that strengthened talent, but it was not the talent itself.
I properly understood that now.

…… However, there was no way I fully understood that when I became an adventurer.

Healer’s skills, which were unusual compared to other skills.
While it might be true that it was not all-powerful skills, adventurers and knights were all in a chronic shortage of healers.

——— That was why, even as labyrinth orphan, I was admitted into a Healer Training Institute when it was found that I had a healing magic skill.

That was an unbelievable fortune.
Labyrinth orphans, they were orphans that were either abandoned by the adventurers because of their one night’s mistake or because the parent adventurers died in the labyrinth, mainly the latter.
How much of that would be able to attend a formal educational institute?
Knowing that, I appreciated the good fortune of having a healing magic skill and without hesitation, I accepted the offer to enter the Healer Training Institute.
…… And then, in less than a month, it became clear I was only able to cast 《Heal》, after that, I was banished from the Healer Training Institute.
At first, I didn’t understand what happened.
After all, I believed that skill was the same as talent, that was why I couldn’t believe that I was an incompetent healer that could only use 《Heal》.
Even though I brought there because I had talent, when I knew that was not the case, that fact overwhelmed me.

…… However, I had no time to be overwhelmed by that.

There was a way to enter knighthood if I had an excellent result in the Healer Training Institute.
But now that I was banished, I had to choose in order to survive, and my only choice was to become an adventurer.

…… However, even as an adventurer, I was still treated as incompetent.

It might be different if I could use not only 《Heal》 but also one other higher level healing magic, after all, nobody would put a healer who could only use 《Heal》 which was useless in the middle of battle into their party.

Hence why, the adventurers were angry at my incompetence, and even resort to violence sometimes.

…… But, I wasn’t pessimist about that situation.

That was because I encouraged myself that I would become a famous adventurer in the future.
Thinking about it now, it might be just me trying to escape from reality because I fell to misfortune after a miracle-like fortune.
But, even if I was just escaping reality, that still gave me enough motivation to work hard every day.
Then I tried to practice close combat as an aside and learned about monsters in the guild’s library to support other adventurers.
In order to at least be accepted by other adventurers.

…… But they never accepted my efforts.
No, they even ridiculed me.
It was a waste of effort they said, nobody recognized my effort.

…… My mind was near broken at that time.
My heart was reaching its limit.
——— However, that situation changed once I was invited to a temporary party.

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10 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 12

  1. Wait, are the adventurers saying that studying the things you face, and are trying to kill you, so you can know their weaknesses and habits is a waste of effort? or just in his case?

    Also, if you have a chronic shortage of class/skill, you do not discard someone for being limited in it. You find how he can still contribute to help alleviate that shortage, like having a lower tier long term care options. Or was the institute only interested in battle healers, and not even looking at everywhere else they are needed?


    1. I believe it’s that people misunderstand *his* version of heal. For example, normal Healers spell list is like this

      Heal= Heals 5-12 HP
      High Heal= Heals 30-50 HP
      Major Heal= Heals 70-100 HP
      All healers learn those spells and have the same effect so everyone just equates “Heal= Heals 5-12 HP”

      However heal only has the spell list:
      Heal= Heals 200-500 HP, cures all status abnormalities, completely reduces all fatigue and stress.

      It’s the same spell name but the effect is so stupidly different that you might as well consider it outside of the realm of imagination. However since “everyone knows” heal only heals 5-12 points of damage they don’t actually realize that while, yes he is a “broken” healer it’s in the opposite direction of what everyone thinks. Basically they all read the spell name.. without understanding that spells *can* vary depending on the capabilities of the user. And in most cases you wouldn’t be trying to use a “basic heal” in order to heal critical wounds so you wouldn’t realize “oh this person’s ‘heal’ is on the same level as someone chain casting ‘major heals’ 5 times in a row”

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