Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 11

A Familiar Girl


After playing with Sheila-san in Marry-san’s inn, I and Narsena went to various stores to sell materials.

「It’s completely dark now.」

「Right, we conversed too much…」

That was why, when we went back to the inn, the sun was setting and the area was getting dark.
The stores were omitting the troublesome procedures for us.
However, it was natural it took a long time when we needed to go to more than 10 stores, not to mention the small talks we had in each store.

「Yeah, everyone is delighted as well today…」

「Yes! Onii-san also already very popular.」

「Ahaha. Thank you.」

Still, I didn’t hate the trouble that every other common adventurer hated.

Thanks to the people in those stores, we got extra, talking with Marry-san, and playing with Sheila-chan.

If the adventurers in this city saw my action, they would just mock me and called me not-adventurers-like.
However, today was fresh and fun for me that I wouldn’t care even if I was ridiculed like that.
The reason I got accepted by the city was probably largely because of her personality.
After all, when I was still selling meat at the butcher, I hadn’t accepted this far.
Without her, I probably would still in the corner of the adventurer guild, believing that I’m useless.
I can easily imagine the scene.
And that all changes because of Narsena.

「By the way, Onii-san, today, I saw you throw fireballs at the monsters. Are you using a magic tool?」

「No, that’s magic.」

「Hmmm~ I see…… wait, what? Magic?」

「Yeah, it’s really useful.」

When talking to Narsena, I knew the best how much my opinion changed.

Perceiving magic power and using it without skills, that was a technique I learned from my master that was called a world-class adventurer.
After months of being taught the technique, I made it my own after a couple of years.
That would have been a pretty high pace.

「Well, I can only use elementary level magic which only useful to suppress the enemies.」

But soon I realized I was only a jack of all trade.
I trained desperately and practiced my magic, even when I was poor and missing some meals every day.
In order to change myself who was always called defect and incompetent.
What I got from that was just elementary level magic that was not strong enough to be used as means of attack.
So for me, that magic was nothing else but trauma.

But when I told the magic to Narsena, trauma wasn’t what I felt.

「Even if it’s only elementary level, isn’t it already good enough, Onii-san! How can Onii-san learn that anyway without any magic strengthening skill!?」

After all, Even with this kind of not really useful ability, Narsena still acknowledged me.

Seeing Narsena’s overreaction, I was almost laughing.
Narsena wasn’t aware.
What really great was not me who could use that kind of skills.

It was Narsena who recognized my effort, even though I would be only scoffed by others when I talked about this ability.

「You can ask my master that.」

「I wonder what kind of person Onii-san’s master is… how can they teach magic to a healer…」

「You will know sooner or later, maybe?」

「Eeehh~ don’t give me that halfhearted answer…」

While talking with Narsena, I thanked her again in my heart for who knows how many times already now.
I didn’t know what she intended to do in the future.
I was indeed already aware that I was capable to some extent.
However, I was certain that one day, Narsena would go and join another more excellent adventurer’s party.

Still, if she was in a dangerous situation, I would definitely go and help her.

While I made that resolution, on the surface, I was smiling without showing what I just decided.

「It’s not that. I don’t have any proof, but I’m certain that Narsena will meet my master one day. Look, it might happen really soon.」

「As I thought, Onii-san is just saying whatever! Geez.」

Because of my answer, Narsena puffed her cheeks.
While thinking that was my bad, I laughed.
Seeing me laughed, Narsena turned her face away in dissatisfaction.

「…… You seriously remind me of that girl.」

When I saw the emotionally-packed Narsena, I couldn’t help but muttered those words.
Every time I saw Narsena’s figure, another girl’s figure would overlap with it.

She was an expressive, kind, and strong girl.

——— And that was the girl who caused me to want to become strong even if I ended up with a distorted way of fighting which separated attack and defense.

also just an explanation on the magic Armia used in her battle with the hydra, the restraining magic said there is the same kind of magic used by Raust, magic that used to limit opponent movement by attacking, not by actually tying them up

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9 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 11

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    I wonder if Narsena is the girl he’s thinking of that made him want to be stronger? Probably is but considering how reserved Narsena is about talking about their history and MC’s denseness the MC likely won’t find out until around ch100 at the earliest. Aagghh I’m terrible remembering names. 😛 Hope the new healer and mage manage to stay in one piece while the two parasites get traumatized enough to quit adventuring but will probably be awhile before hear how they’re doing if Raust and Narsena don’t run into them. Surprised Guild still in business considering how lax they are about important things like that venomous receptionist. On the other hand haven’t really gotten any info on Guildmaster or other employees so might be just one or two bad apples ruining the barrel. Anyone know what chapter red haired woman on cover is introduced? Just say chapter and nothing else. Really looking forward to seeing how gets acquainted with Raust and Narsena.


  2. “ magic that used to limit opponent movement by attacking”
    Word you are looking for is suppress. Ie suppressive fire keeps the enemy heads down while other squad members get to better attacking positions. It isn’t meant to do damage, just keep them from shooting back.


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