Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 19

World-Class Adventurer


The moment she said that Onii-san had the strength comparable to world-class adventurer, I could see the great joy on Ralma-san’s face.
It was the face of a master who was happy their disciple got so much power. That expression also clued me that Ralma-san truly believed Onii-san had world-class adventurer level of power.

Because she believed, she showed such great joy.

「No way………」

…… But, even though I understood that, I still couldn’t comprehend what Ralma-san just said.
First, she said Onii-san had no talent, but then she also said that Onii-san’s ability was comparable to a world-class adventurer.

For me, having no talent meant weak, and having ability meant having talent, that was my belief, hence why I was unable to combine no talent and having ability together.

… And in the first place, I couldn’t believe that Onii-san had world-class adventurer level of ability.

It didn’t mean I thought Onii-san as weak.
I believed Onii-san was as strong as the usual first-class adventurer.

But world-class adventurers were special.

It was a common mistake general public made when they thought a world-class adventurer was just an adventurer that was simply stronger than first-class adventurers.
However, the reality was totally different.

After all, it was said that the gap of ability between world-class adventurers and first-class adventurers was greater than the gap between the bottommost adventurers and first-class adventurers.

That was what world-class adventurers were.
The existence that went beyond exceptional, such was the existence which made adventurer guild created a new designation just for them.

「B-But, even if Onii-san…」

… And, I who couldn’t believe that, instinctively blocked out Ralma-san’s words.

「Do you really think so?」


However, Ralma-san’s reaction to my words was just a question.
Surprised by her unexpected question, I hesitated to answer.

「Do you really think only defending against hydra’s attacks an easy feat?」

Ralma-san kept continuing without paying attention to my current state.

「There is no way such a feat is easy. Committing only on defense means the battle become one-sided. Hey Narsena, you have experienced this already didn’t you? Tell me, at that time, what kind of state you were in?」


I at last understood what Ralma-san trying to say.
I had been trained by Ralma-san’s friend, another world-class adventurer and to be on the defensive-only side meant you were always at a disadvantage.
In other words, it meant you were always pressured.

「… But, Onii-san always kept his enemies in check in such condition.」

「Yeah, right. Also, it’s more like keeping his enemies in check is the only thing he could do in that state……. Now, do you finally understand how abnormal is it to be able to keep a hydra in check with such condition?」


… Finally, I understood the abnormalities in Onii-san.
Ralma-san who realized that fact from my expression took a deep breath and then drunk the finest tea on the table to moisten her throat, after that she continued talking.

「Well, there is no way I could lose to that foolish disciple of mine. All I need to do is making sure I leave no gap for him to attack me.

——— However, it will be difficult for me to beat that foolish disciple of mine.

My long-range attack aside, which is my best attack, I’m not confident I could defeat him who kept fighting off hydra’s attack from middle or close range…… That guy, only his physical strength is absurd.」

「Is that… so?」

Thanks to Ralma-san explanation, I was now convinced that Onii-san had world-class adventurer level of ability.
I only noticed just now how abnormal Onii-san’s defensive capability was.
Usually, human limit their opponent’s action by attacking or feigning an attack.
But Onii-san could only defend.
In other words, his opponent was free to attack.
Even so, Onii-san didn’t attack that aggressive and violent hydra while still keeping it in check.

That was evidence that Onii-san ability could be said to be on the same level as a world-class adventurer.

「But then, why did you say Onii-san had no talent!?」

Because I understood that, I was more doubtful that Onii-san was untalented.

「It’s true that he had no talent as a healer! But, he could fight, even use magic too……」

I repeated again the reason I thought why Onii-san was a superman to Ralma-san.

「That’s why I can say that he has no talent.」

「… and then … eh?」

…… However, Ralma-san cut my speech with those words.

「It’s his magic indeed. The reason I can say he has no talent. Certainly, his ability is high up there, but I can assert this…

That foolish disciple of mine has no talent as an adventurer.」

◆ ◆ ◇

While waiting for me came out from my shock from her assertion, Ralma-san put the sweets on the table into her mouth.
Then after a short break, she started talking again.

「When I heard that foolish disciple of mine doesn’t have a talent for healing magic, I decided to teach him a new ability, no, a new technique.」

「Errr, I have heard about it…」

I tried to recall my memory to reply to those words.
When I knew Onii-san could use magic despite being a healer, I asked him how.
At that time, Onii-san taught me power outside of skill.

「It’s magic power and ki isn’t it?」

「Did you hear that from Raust!?」

Ralma-san leaked her surprise at my words.

「No, I will leave that for another time.」

However, Ralma-san immediately returned to the original topic.

「Magic power and ki are the source of skills and also the reason a person can exercise miraculous phenomenon. It’s said that magic power act in the environment, while ki act inside of the body. Well, there is some exception like how you can strengthen your body with magic power, or using ki to affect other things. Incidentally, I can fight in close combat because I strengthen my body with magic power.」

Up until that point, I already heard the explanation from Onii-san.
That was why I listen to the explanation without saying anything.

「Of course, using magic power and ki directly is inferior to using skills. After all, skill doubles the effect of magic power and ki. However, in Raust case, with his catastrophic healing magic, I decided the technique to use magic power and ki directly would be more useful.」

After making a nostalgic expression for a moment, she continued to talk.

「… However, even after he learned about magic power and ki, he was still unable to get the ability to help him in battle. He just couldn’t reach that level.」


By the words she said in the next moment, I now knew why Ralma-san kept saying Onii-san had no talent.

In order to live as an adventurer, Onii-san abandoned the healing magic he couldn’t use satisfactorily to get a new technique.
… However, despite grasping at the straw to get the technique he could use to supplement his healing magic, all he got was the reality that he had no talent.

Change all instance of top-notch to world-class

Also, notice it said bottommost adventurer there? from what I get it’s basically non-newbie that still weak, either because they’re lazy or they simply had no talent

Also, don’t be too wild on your speculation, it will be explained in the next chapter, which I will do after I wake up

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22 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 19

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!

    So does she mean that he has no talent because he couldn’t use Magic Power and Qi even though he understood it, it is it something else?


    1. Her reasoning that he has no talent is because he can’t form the skills that enhance the properties of his ki and mana when used to attack, defend, or support himself or others. He only has a broken Healing ability that despite it’s high power lacks the utility that other healers possess.


        1. What I got from your comment was Raust has no talent because couldn’t use magic and ki, but he can use them. What he lacking so far are talents in the form of [skills] that increase the effectiveness of ki and mana. The difference is he makes a fireball and it will deal 20 damage, a [skill] created fireball would deal 40-60 damage.

          What his master has failed to notice so far, is that he is able to use his ki, mana, and healing talents to turn into a very effective monk type combatant. He is also good at scouting and supporting others during a fight. So basically an all rounder Jack of all trades. He may never be a master like those with [skills] but his sheer competency in a broader spectrum of areas trumps their limited narrow area of expertise.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I say She keeps on telling no talent but her definition of talent is vague at best…
            She is a frog in a well, effective use and able to wield and use a broken skill despite its brokenness is a talent by it self. She just refuses to accept the unorthodox use of the MC, She is hung up on the only knowledge she knows the “traditional” ancient way of thinking…
            No talent as adventure? more like not suited for “one class” identification, the ancient way of thinking…
            Like how super novice was underrated in Ragnarok before.

            In battle of close power lvl, wits will win…
            Screw that narrow minded master…

            But then again i could be grossly wrong in my analysis

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  2. When are they gonna stop these explanations and get back to the important part? The Frauds humiliating themselves and proving who the real leeches are?

    But, well, at least we now know why he has such low self esteem…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IKR… honestly think his “Master” needs a little humiliation as well, she seems to be just as much a contributing factor to the MCs low self-esteem as the shitty party he had. She is constantly throwing out phases like “he has no talent” and “he isn’t suited to being an adventurer” when clearly his level of competency is leagues above most adventurer and rivals even herself. It’s starting to make me wonder if she doesn’t have a jealously issue.

      Plot twist: Miss Ralma is the instigator of horrible treatment her “disciple” has been suffering over the years in the name of “teaching him his place in the world”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it’s fair she told him that he had no talent, rather than lead him on thinking he’ll improve on a slight chance he gain what she intends for him to gain. Rather than give his Hope’s up on an occupation that you could lose your life on at any moment. He could search for a new occupation.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Based on how she reacted to his current skill and the way she explained his degree of strength and lack of talent, I believe your plot twist has no chance of becoming a reality.
        Rather, I think this is just a case of History’s strongest disciple Ken’ichi. The dangers he went through and survived made up for his lack of talent, thus allowing him to reach his current level of strength…


        1. Nah, it was more just a random stray thought. Though her insistence that a person who can clearly survive in areas that a first class adventurer would thrive seems more then a little off. I can only classify it as lack of seeing the current him in action and basing her assessment on previous observations.

          Liked by 1 person

    2. I agree. This Ralma is a very infuriating character. Very “Beat Around the Bush” and “Orthodox only” speech. Which in all sense, made me angry, which is good on the author’s part.

      There is such a thing as “Multi-class”. A concept that’s foreign in that world. Close-range fighter with healing abilities and magic abilities? Sounds like one giant pain in everyone’s A**. You hit a vital spot, only for him to back off and heal quickly.


  3. Thanks for the chapters.

    Some typos spotted:
    「B-But, it’s just Onii-san…」
    considering what’s discussed in the next sentence (about him just defending), shouldn’t it be something like ‘B-But, Onii-san…’

    「Dodge all of the /hydra/[1] attacks with only /defend/[2] in mind, do you really think that kind of feat is easy?」

    「There is no way such a thing is easy. Committing only on /defend/, that means the battle become one-sided.

    「Yeah // right.
    missing a comma here

    …/I/ now convinced that Onii-san had world-class adventurer level of ability.
    I’m/I am

    While waiting for me /being stunned/ from her assertion,
    sounds odd, might I suggest using ‘that was still stunned’ or the like as an alternative?

    「Magic power and ki are the source of skills and also the reason a person can exercise /paranormal/ phenomena.
    shouldn’t it be ‘supernatural’?

    It’s said that magic power act /in the atmosphere/,…
    if it’s a comparison, and considering the next sentence, wouldn’t ‘outside the body’ or the like be a better alternative?

    「… However, Raust learned about magic power and ki but // still unable to get the ability to help him in battle.
    this is me being nitpicky, but I think adding ‘ he’s/he is ‘ as in ‘ he’s still unable’… might make the sentence flow better.

    In order to live as an adventurer, Onii-san abandoned the healing magic he couldn’t use /satisfactory/ to get a new technique…
    satisfactorily/with ease?

    Thanks again for the chapters.


    1. it’s not a good idea rushing it while I’m a bit sleepy I guess, most of the mistake was in the latter part, I decide to check the entire thing again


      1. Thank you very much.

        Doing something while sleepy and/or hungry is usually bad, either for the result, or for your wallet.


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