Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 18

Untalented Adventurer


I couldn’t hide my surprise when Ralma-san suddenly kicked Onii-san out of the room.
After all, I knew too much of this person bad nature, that was why I knew she didn’t change her mind because of me.
However, I decided to stop thinking about the real reason why Ralma-san kept Onii-san away.

Because I have a bigger thing I’m bothered about.

「What does it mean? Onii-san is Ralma-san disciple?」

I remembered that Ralma-san talked to me about her only disciple before.
It seemed, together with her former party member, Ralma-san trained her disciple for a short time.
And that disciple was a human with a hard-working character who paid money regularly for several years.

I wouldn’t have surprised that Onii-san was Ralma-san disciple if the talk only reached this far.
Onii-san was said to be trained by two adventurers, and it was no wonder that Onii-san would need to send money at a fixed interval with his small saving.
… However, there was what Ralma-san said that denied the possibility of Onii-san being Ralma-san’s disciple.

「I mean, didn’t Ralma-san said that your disciple only has the ability to become second-rate adventurer at best?」

Because Ralma-san said clearly that her disciple had no talent at all.
… It wasn’t only he had no talent as a healer, but Ralma-san clearly asserted that her disciple had no talent as an adventurer.

Although, looking at the current Onii-san, I couldn’t believe that he had no talent at all.

Certainly, as a healer, Onii-san could only use 《Heal》, but as an adventurer, he had a first-class ability.
There was no way a person like that had no talent as an adventurer.

But it was also hard to imagine that Ralma-san, a world-class adventurer, made a mistake.
Whatever her usual behavior was, her ability to judge other’s ability was certain.
For such kind of person, there was no way she called other clearly untalented for no real reason.

「I can’t believe that you said Onii-san has no talent as an adventurer. Or, are you going to deceive me again?」

That was why I judged that Onii-san being Ralma-san disciple was a lie.
It was a wonder how Onii-san communicated with Ralma-san to both deceived me, but I believed this had the highest possibility.

「No, it’s not a lie. At the very least, that’s how it was several years ago when he was still in training. Nevermind being a genius, that foolish disciple wasn’t even that useful.」


… However, Ralma-san readily denied my expectation.
Furthermore, Ralma-san, floating a pleasant smile on her face, opened her mouth.

「That surprise attack of mine, it should be impossible for Raust to dodge that. A few years ago, even when I used that from the front, he couldn’t even react. I wonder how he got his current ability…」

What she said in the end was words full of her excitement.
I knew that was Ralma-san attitude when she was amused and finding something she enjoyed from the bottom of her heart.

And because I saw that, I now understood.

…… Onii-san was really Ralma-san disciple, and she really believed that Onii-san had no talent.
Also, how Ralma-san didn’t understand how Onii-san got that power.

「Narsena, you joined his party, right? If so, tell me how he fights.」

「… I understand. But please tell me if you understand something.」

So, after being a little bit troubled, I decided to talk about how Onii-san fight as asked by Ralma-san.
Why Ralma-san called Onii-san untalented when he has that much power? I couldn’t help but ask that question in my head…

◆ ◆ ◇

And so, I told her about the battle until now as detailed as possible.
To be able to defend against the hydra attack, and how Onii-san could use elementary level magic despite being a healer.
Also, his breadth of knowledge about monsters, his healing magic abnormal capability, and the ability to detect enemies and traps.

Ralma-san heard all that with great interest.

「… So that’s how it is.」

After she heard everything, seemingly understood something, she smiled.
A little different from her smile when she was amused before, her current smile was full of satisfaction.

「He’s saying he got his power thanks to me, but isn’t the power I taught insignificant compared to this?…… What a foolish disciple.」

Ralma-san’s smile filled with a bit of loneliness but her expression still looked so happy it took my breath away.
For a while, I couldn’t talk to Ralma-san.
Ralma-san was currently unlike her usual audacious self, she looked properly like someone’s master, or at least that was what I thought when I saw her expression, hence why I hesitated to talk to her.

However, I couldn’t suppress my curiosity and opened my mouth.

「Err, so do you realize something?」

「Hmm? Ahh, right, you did ask me to explain.」

Hearing my question, Ralma-san answered my question with an expression that looked like a kid trying to boast.

「That stupid disciple of mine, Raust, had no way to become successful as an adventurer normally.」

「……… Hm?」

…… But what she said was not what I would expect considering her expression.
I was wondering what kind of positive words she would say, so I couldn’t hide my surprise when Ralma-san said that.
Why? How can you call Onii-san untalented after hearing my story… I was going to say those to Ralma-san.

However, she wasn’t finished speaking yet.

「——— But the current him, Raust has the strength comparable to us, world-class adventurer.」


…… Unable to comprehend Ralma-san words, I was dumbfounded.

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21 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 18

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!

    I knew she’d say something like that, because it’s quite obvious that his way of fighting is very unusual, I read quite a few novels like this, but never have I read about someone only focusing on defense or only on attack, even Naofumi, his nickname is “Shield Hero”, who is normally unable to attack, attacks and damages monsters while defending


    1. I’ve encountered a few novels where the MC is a self healing fighter. Azarinth Healer, comes to might first and foremost, but there have been others.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    If even his master thought he didn’t have talent back then that might be why his self-esteem is low even with all his skills. Although most of it is probably due to abuse and unwarranted blame dumped on him to cover their own failings and cheat him out of more money from the thief and fighter of his former party. In any case, looks like his master has taken in interest in him and will probably demand to be part of their party for a while. Would love to see face of that venom tongued receptionist if tries to badmouth Raust again and gets double teamed by Narsena and Ralma. 😀


  3. To bad author couldn’t have gone with the simple method of classifying Adventurer’s strength by using letter.
    That way 1st class adventure be A-class, Super Top Notch Ultra Adventures be like S, SS or SSS


  4. You shouldn’t feel constrained to just the closest matching superlatives. So long as the intent is maintained it’s better to localize a bit and use the ol’ thesaurus. Great, celebrated, superior, and accomplished all hit the same meaning without needing to repeat the same two phrases.


  5. And while I would love to stockpile the chapters to read all in one go, I just know that I’m going to impatiently read them as soon as they appear! ^_^


  6. take easy there translator, don’t mind us reader to leave us with cliff-san.
    as long as this novel still get translated, i don’t mind meet him every week

    thanks for good work


    1. the story still incomplete is the reason I don’t want to change the adventurer specification, granted I don’t think there will be anything higher than this, so I will use your suggestion and change the highest specification into S-Class (implicating super), I will cross the bridge later if the term used for anything else


  7. Another word for top-notch is first-rate to split things up a little. It’s in the thesaurus. See below.

    Synonyms for first-rate
    A number 1
    of the first water
    of the highest type
    top of the line


  8. Cheers for the chapter!
    I have to agree with others above, dont stress and just take it as you go. Burning out or getting sick would be just as bad, so take care of yourself! That’s an order!


    I’m going to be pissed if they just skip over the massive elephant in the room. Narsena knows how he was treated, by the guild staff and his last party. If she passes on this opportunity to tell Relma-san about the abuse her disciple has been put through, we will know the author has no intention of pulling his MC out of his self inflicted hell and will continue his abuse. At which point I doubt I’ll continue to read. Those kinds of plot hooks just feel so fake and annoy me to no end…


  9. You say one thing then say the opposite, are you drunk you shitty master? Just admit you are an idiot who can’t see talent for shit.


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