Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 21

Each One’s Thought



It was near the vicinity of the room where Narsena and Master were talking.
I repeated the word I heard earlier with a trembling voice.

I wasn’t standing around here with bad intention.
After I was driven out from the room by Master, I was waiting for them to finish in the inner part of the guild.
I thought it would cause extra trouble, so I didn’t wait at the adventurer’s area of the guild.

However, while I was waiting, I heard someone crying in the room, and so I rushed to the room.
Master had quite a bad personality.
That was why I thought Master was going too far with Narsena which made her crying.

——— It was then I heard that family name, Analestria.

At that moment, all the thoughts in my head until now were blown away.
It seemed that Master didn’t tease Narsena at all in the room, even though the thought that otherwise happened dominated my mind until just now, it was quickly replaced.

Analestria, it was a family name that was engraved within me.

A few years ago, I was able to study under the guidance of the world-class adventurer by chance.
It was a miraculous event, unfortunately, that miraculous event didn’t bear a miraculous result.

After all, I could only do basic things with magic power and ki that I just learned, I was unable to reach the level comparable to other adventurers.

…… No, saying untalented might be a bit misleading.
Master said it was not about talent and more about my constitution.

Normally, you could only learn either magic power or ki, to be able to learn both in a short time but unable to do much with those was an anomaly.
Because of that, in term of healing magic, I could only use 《Heal》.

… Although in theory, that was fine.
However, as an adventurer, the fact that my ability was flawed and I was ridiculed for that didn’t change.
After all, both magic power and ki were unusable in battle, and my healing magic was useless.
…… Disqualified as an adventurer, it couldn’t be helped if I was called that, I didn’t have my current ability a few years ago after all.

However, I didn’t give up as an adventurer even in that situation.

I even dismissed my master’s advice that told me I should become a magic tool craftsman instead and stayed as an adventurer.
I trained desperately even when I was told I was untalented.
Every day, I thought, tried, trained so hard I almost died, all to create my own way of fighting.

——— The reason I worked so hard like that was because there was the girl from Analestria family that accepted me.

That girl was the first one that accepted me.
I will join Onii-san party she said, I couldn’t believe that.
That was just something she said in a heat of the moment.
In a few years, the girl probably wouldn’t even remember.

Despite that, whenever it was difficult for me, I was reminded of that girl.

Her words of acceptance.
The figure of the girl who comforted me and said she would enter my party.

Because of her words and existence, I was able to struggle desperately to reach where I was currently.

「That girl and Narsena… are the same person…」

That was why, I was struck by the possibility of that girl and Narsena being the same person I couldn’t move for a while.
Narsena is someone who saved my current self, and she might also someone who has supported my heart until now.
The thought impacted me so much it took the calm away from me.

Her hair color is different, so it might be another person… I tried to tell myself that, but it was useless.
I had already been convinced that that girl was Narsena.
It was so obvious it made me wonder why I only realized now.

And then, for some reason, my face turned red suddenly.

「Ah.. Ehh… What…」

I was unaware of what happened to myself.
That besides of my feeling of gratitude toward Narsena, love had also blossomed…

「Ralma-san, thank you very much!」

「Ahh, don’t worry. Now go wash your face before you go meet Raust.」

「Ah- Ralma-san, p-please absolutely keep this from Onii-san, alright?」

…… Despite that, the moment I realized that Narsena was going to come out from the room, I turned away from the room and ran away.
I didn’t understand why.
It was just, I felt embarrassed if I met Narsena with a face this red.

I felt puzzled by that feeling.
However, I couldn’t resist that feeling and left the place quickly.

◆ ◆ ◇


「Hahh… what a difficult person those two are.」

After I saw off Narsena, I leaked those words involuntarily.
I might be more tired now compared to post monsters subjugation.
Doing an act I wasn’t used to was more tiresome than I thought.

「… Ahhh, I’m not putting up an act like that anymore even if it would kill me.」

I looked back at my own behavior earlier and leaked such words with a slight blush on my face.
From the beginning, I was aware that Narsena was in a weird state, hence why I was repeating some of what I said to pretend I was uninterested.
… I was really surprised because unexpectedly, she was suddenly crying, however, dropping Analestria’s family name was intentional.
Magic power was a very useful ability, I could sense the magic power in the area and used it as a meant to search enemies.
And so, I always knew that Raust was nearby.

「… He still has his memories of Narsena, right?」

… Well, I want to quit acting this way if that’s true.
However, if I don’t do this, their relationship might not progress.

Narsena and Raust, I who was connected to both of them now understood the relationship between them now that they were together.
Maybe I should call him dense, but that blockhead doesn’t notice that Narsena is an important person for him.
Seriously, when will Raust notice if I don’t do this.

「I thought I would have nothing to do with that foolish disciple of mine anymore, but this…」

Thinking so, standing alone in the room, I leaked such words.
When I knew Raust had no talent as adventurers, I tried to make him quit no matter what.
Only death awaited an untalented adventurer.
And I didn’t want to see my first disciple to die.

… However, Raust dismissed my suggestion.
There was someone who acknowledged him so he would never stop being an adventurer.

And so, I couldn’t get involved with Raust anymore.
Because I wasn’t a labyrinth city’s adventurer, I was the capital city’s adventurer.
From there, I spent several years only knowing that Raust was still alive.
That was why, while I was overjoyed that Raust was able to acquire his current strength, I was more surprised and relieved.

「…That must take so much effort.」

After thinking so, I muttered those words, face still blushing…

◆ ◆ ◇



After talking with Ralma-san, I headed to guild receptionist’s area while humming in a good mood.
The words that Ralma-san said about Onii-san were replayed in my head over and over again.


And so, my face loosened.
I didn’t forget that fact that I wasn’t there when it was most painful for Onii-san.
That fact still weighing my heart.

As long as the feeling of yearning I had when I saw Onii-san fight desperately from inside the carriage wasn’t weakened, that fact would never stop weighing my heart.

But, I now had no intention on being shackled by that feeling anymore.
I believe it was more important to think about what I could do to Onii-san from now on rather than worrying about what I couldn’t do in the past.

「T-That’s why, I should tell Onii-san it’s time to get a joint residence for our party again…」

While thinking so, I walked toward the receptionist’s area with my face still red.
While Onii-san might already return to the inn, he could also still waiting in the receptionist’s area.


… However, what waiting there wasn’t Onii-san.

It was the figures of several adventurers who looked at me with unpleasant stares.
From the presence of those adventurers, I felt a bad feeling.
That was why I rushed to get out from the adventurer guild

「Why so hurried?」


…… But the moment I left the guild, I was held in place by the rude man who grabbed my shoulder.

I glared at the man so he released me, but the man only laughed, clearly having no intention on releasing me.

「Hey, how about we have a little conversation?」

…… A hint of the black flame of jealousy could be seen on the man’s face.

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In any case, I have bad news for you guys, don’t think I can finish everything in a timely manner, I decided to just post what I finished but translate as much as I can as fast as possible at least until chapter 25, and then take 1 or 2 days breaks.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!!

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    Raust, why the hell did you run away??

    Who else thinks that the guy who stopped Narsena is leader of Raust’s former adventurer party? Lightning *something something*?

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  2. Hi,
    Maybe I’m stupid but even after a few chapters I still don’t understant how Ralma explains the unexpected “strength” of Raust…
    at a moment she had an epiphany and went from “he had access to magic, ki and healing but no talent to it and no amount of hard work will change that” to “he did THAT (awaken THAT latent talent) and that’s why he is now world-class adventurer”…

    what is “THAT” ?

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  3. those guys who stopped her… I think they’re just those usual a-holes every guilds have… why jealous? because of a certain broken (unfit) healer having a cute party member… and they’re not the previous party of MC cuz…they’re stupid for their own good…


  4. The big man is probably one of the people who once lied to the MC.
    And I look forward to Reust’s awkward attitude when meeting Narsena. Lol


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