Re-Summoned Hero Episode 111

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Saying their farewell to the restaurant.
Saying their farewell to the library.
So many foods.

The foods Sylvan cooks amounted so much they can’t get up for a while, delaying their departure for a bit.
「Finally, we can depart…」
「My stomach, it still hurts. Ughh….」
As they set off to their journey, Souta is holding his stomach, while Dina is laying still in the carriage.
「Ed, my bad, but can you go slowly? I ate a little too much.」
「Ed-kun, I’m sorry.」
With a nod, Ed starts to move slowly.

The dwarven country has produced many well-known smiths. For that reason, many adventurers and knights from other countries come to the dwarven country in search of weapons and armors. Even off the shelf weapons and armors in the stores around the city have decent quality. Many of the made to order stuff that is made for an individual can’t be compared to the off the shelf stuffs quality wise, of course, the price and the waiting time also suit that quality. Narasu’s weapon should also a made to order weapon, with hefty price considering the quality.

In addition, the surrounding area is surrounded by many mines which yield high quantity and quality metal for smithing purpose. Due to their race’s nature, there are many alcohol lovers, and with that, many alcohol varieties are also produced. Because it’s located in the north, it’s customary to drink alcohol to warm their body, even young children drink alcohol, albeit diluted.
「It’s cold in the dwarven country, so it’s good we bought a lot.」
Souta and Dina went to various stores during the tournament, they bought from summer clothes to winter clothes, and also anything that can protect them against the cold.
「It’s something we normally keep, we have everything from foods to clothes, so we don’t have to go shopping.」
A little bit recovered, Dina wakes up and responds to Souta’s words.

After that, the several weeks of journey goes without any problem. As a sign they’re approaching dwarven country, they can feel the temperature gradually dropping, they start to change to warmer clothes in response to the temperature decrease. In addition, Ed also wears the winter clothing they had prepared.
「It’s getting really cold. My breath has become white. Haaa~~」
Sitting next to Souta in the coachman seat, she breathes her breath on her hands.
「There is a big regional difference. The elven country has a warm climate, so you need to endure this cold.」
「Nuh-uh, it’s cold, but it’s fine. If I think of this as the real thrill of a journey, then this is fun.」
She feels chilly, but her face is beaming. Souta takes out a blanket from dimensional storage and then puts it on Dina’s knees.

「It’s about time we can see the mountain, the dwarven country is great, you see. The city is built surrounded by mountain, it makes the city and mountain seems to unite.」
While saying that, they can see the entrance to dwarven country in the distance. Although not as severe as the elven country, the dwarven country also checks people who enter the country strictly.

By the time they reach the entrance, all the other people’s check has been completed, and so they can finish theirs smoothly.
「Now then, that’s the end of the immigration process. Welcome to the dwarven country of Gadbarza!」
Smokes from blast furnaces are rising from here and there, this seems to be the industrial zone.
「Whoaaa, it’s amazing. This has a completely different atmosphere compared to elven country and beastkin’s country.」
Dina looks around restlessly as everything she sees in this country is fresh and curious for her.

「So this is the accommodation I heard at the time of entering, huh…… From the exterior, it looks to be a nice inn.」
Getting off the carriage, Souta enters the inn. Dina doesn’t leave the carriage to keep an eye on the carriage.
The one who welcomed Souta is a young female dwarf. While the dwarves that are featured in many stories have a beard while young for the male and have a variety of hairstyle, like afro for example, for the female instead of a beard, this female dwarf, while her hair seems bushy, it doesn’t look large because she ties it up behind.
「Two people, one room each, do you have open rooms?」
「Please wait a moment … Yes, we have some. How long do you want to stay?」
She answers while confirming the reception book.

「I see, then two weeks for now. We also bring a carriage, can you take care of it?」
「Thank you very much! Horse carriage is fine, there is a stable in the back, can you bring it there?」
She opens the door and goes out.
「So this is the carriage, then please this way. Ahh, hello.」
「Hello, nice to meet you.」
As Dina comes out from the carriage, they greet each other.

With her guidance, Souta moves the carriage and Ed to the back of the inn and then return to the inn to settle the payment. They’re assigned to an adjacent room. After checking to room, they decide to go around the city. They look for various stores. Many of them are stores related to equipment like weapons or armors, but none of those stores selling the goods they want. In the stores they checked, there are only equipments used by adventurers up to B-rank.
「As I thought, it’s not good unless it’s a made to order……」
Souta has powerful weapons in the past, but there was something he couldn’t make, so he’s now looking for a smith that can make that.

「What sort of things does Souta-san wants to make?」
A weapon that he couldn’t make, that’s the reason Souta came to this country, however, Souta never told Dina what weapon is that, hence the question.
「A katana. What we made a thousand years ago only resemble one.」
While patting his neck with his left hand, Souta points at Izayoi on his waist with his right.

Souta and Dina have visited several stores since then, but they still couldn’t find anything.
「Doesn’t look like we can find something with just wandering around…」
Souta thought to commission a weapon to one of the better smiths, but all he can find around here are generally on the same level.

「Should we try to go to the store behind the inn?」
The store is a bit old-fashioned and there are only a few visitors, but they decide to check it out because of the unique atmosphere it exudes.

Translating this is harder now I’m more accustomized with past tense narration

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3 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 111

  1. Somewhat offtopic:
    Regarding Japanese food information you were uncertain some time ago.
    First of all, the authentic Japanese food and the food you read about in different kind of fiction works, is not the same. The reason is simple: amount of profit and stupid competition.
    Many dishes you know are probably nothing more than region-specialty tourist dishes. That is, they are served to tourists and casual city inhabitants as a local specialty, give a stable profit with relatively low investment in their preparation and are easy to be mass produced. Something like a better version of staple food, at most. An example is okonomiyaki (to simplify thing, you could translate yaki+something as fried or grilled something, and something+yaki as fried or grilled bits of something). Its literal meaning is fried bits of something what you like. Sounds a bit familiar, right ? Like “tasteourbestpizza”. And it is actually what it is, a slightly improved version of pizza, an advertised slogan, and each region of Japan would offer a localized version of it, with their regional vegetables, spices etc. That’s exactly what it is, it can hardly be called a traditional Japanese dish. Note, that neither most of the tourists nor your average Japanese residents are not familiar closely with the EXPENSIVE, difficult to make traditional dishes. And most of the readers wouldn’t understand should they, the authors, present some authentic traditional dishes in their fiction, because it is meant for a very wide number of readers, who can’t afford something rare or simply don’t even know about it, preferring food stalls and cheap restaurant, while thinking about “expensive” restaurant menus as about the top of their dreams. By doing so, they leave the traditional, harder to obtain dishes somewhere in between.
    Note that a knowledge of that is a part of my hobby as insane level trolling. In this case, if you mention that to many Japanese people, they would be likely to become quite enraged (and silently hate you), by the fact that they take a somewhat better junk food as a traditional food, without knowing the actual one. It is the same in many countries, in my country, for example, there are not many places where you can actually order DECENT and therefore expensive traditional food, plus at celebrations where you can rarely find some local masters who specifically cook for holidays. In my country talking he topic in this way is more tolerable, but would enrage to open confrontation or even a fight if made in an insulting manner some office workers, whoes tastes also range from junk food to slightly better junk food and the top of the dreams being an EXPENSIVE restaurant menu – in opposite, it won’t work on village inhabitants who clearly understand that they can afford DECENT food on rare celebration events and very clearly know the difference. To summarize that, it may be useful to know that, but mostly for yourself, as many people prefer self-deception over the bitter truth.
    Other than that, you could find such places in Japan as well, but they are going to be expensive and outside normal tourist routes, and probably in tourist-specialized villages, which are normally harder to visit.
    If you have some specific questions about that, I can answer them, but note that for many people it is a bit sensitive topic.


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