Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 23

Raust’s Rage


「Thank you for coming to help!」

Hearing Narsena’s gratitude, I, who just fell in to interrupt the fight, felt relieved
I noticed the crisis that befell Narsena because there was a commotion around the guild’s receptionist counter.
The guild staff who rarely act was arguing with many adventurers, and the noise could be heard until the inner part of the guild.
At first, I was only checking the situation out of curiosity.

… But, when I realized the party that was arguing with the guild staff was the people under the party that was hostile against me, Wolf of Calamity, I suddenly got a bad premonition.

Immediately, I left the guild to look after Narsena by expanding the searching capabilities possessed by magic power.
However, for me who didn’t have that much magic power unlike Master, I could only expand the search radius to 100 meters at most.
With how I couldn’t find Narsena in that radius, the uneasiness I felt since a while ago gradually increased.

「I’m glad… really glad…」

That was why, seeing Narsena without any major injury, I repeated those words over and over again.
At that time, I was obviously losing my composure.
Without completely understanding it myself, my mind moved by Narsena’s safety.
No, maybe I should say it was being shaken by the event that happened to Narsena instead?

Driven by that impulse, I reached out to hug Narsena.


…However, my action was interrupted by the cursing word spat out by Morzeral as he tried to stand.

Unable to hide his emotion, a sign of irritation could be seen on his face.
He was one who believed he was blessed to have a party compared to a useless existence like me.
It seemed he couldn’t hide his emotion knowing my physical strength.
…… But, even in such state, Morzeral who judged he should get through this with whatever it took, started moving.

His target was Narsena.


…… Seeing that, I understood that Morzeral, immediately judged he wouldn’t be able to match my strength, tried to take Narsena as a hostage instead.

Normally, that wasn’t a bad decision.
Aiming for weak opponent first was a basic tactic.

「… Morzeral,」

But this time, his decision backfired.

The feeling of relief from knowing Narsena was safe in my heart instantly disappeared.
Replacing that, was the sense of rage against Morzeral.
Controlled by that anger, I ran out, fist clenched.

「Only you,」

Just hitting him using something like my attack wouldn’t do any damage to Morzeral.
At my level, no matter how much I trained my body, it wouldn’t compare to someone with skill.

However, I have the technique I somehow created several years ago.

It was a makeshift technique compared to the magic power and ki usage of Ronaldo-san, another world-class warrior that trained me.
The usage was simple.
Just activate both magic power and ki to strengthen your body at the same time.

With only the strengthening effect from either one of them, I could only able to reach barely usable level of ability, but with both, I could get enough physical strength comparable to someone with skill.

…… However, in the end, it was just a makeshift.
No basis or knowledge behind it, just created based on my experience and intuition, calling this technique might be presumptuous.
After all, the limitation and the cost for this were too much for this to be called technique.

Activating both magic power and ki to increase your physical strength would put a heavy burden on your body.
Used by themselves, magic power or ki only strengthen your body based on your base physical strength, so this didn’t happen.

However, the strengthening done by combining magic power and ki was different compared to strengthening done by only either one of them, my body wouldn’t be able to withstand that strengthening.
On top of that, controlling my own body became difficult, making me unable to protect myself.
That was why, I usually didn’t use this technique unless the opponent showed a clear gap.

Seriously, how long did it take for me to be able to use this technique in combat?
After all, I struggled hard before I could attack while in the reinforced state, and if I made a mistake in the distribution of magic power and ki, my body would easily reach its limit.

——— However this time, ignoring the damage it caused to my body, I activated that technique with a large amount of magic power and ki.

And so, the dull pain that was the characteristics of physical strengthening could be felt with my entire body.
That pain made sounds of heavy impact resounded in my body, and I could feel a cold shiver on my spine.

「I will not forgive!」


However, forcibly ignoring that feeling, I landed my fist on Morzeral’s face.

My fist broke Morzeral’s cheekbone that was as hard as steel after being reinforced by his skill, he let out a weird scream as he was thrown into the ground.
Not only that, but Morzeral’s body shook the ground as it impacted it.
Even though he was smashed into the ground, Morzeral who had excellent physical ability didn’t die, however, there were only white on his eyes as he was convulsed, making it clear he was in a critical state.

「Wha- what did …」

… Seeing Morzeral’s state, the other members of the Wolf of Calamity couldn’t hide their surprise.
They seemed to be under the same impression that I, who was a defect, would never be able to beat Morzeral, they looked to be in disbelief.
After all, they were all the people who still couldn’t go to the lower-layer of the labyrinth after all this year and took out their frustration at me.

That the person who they had oppressed until now actually stronger than them would certainly shock them.

However, I didn’t feel any sympathy for the Wolf of Calamity.
On the contrary, I felt disgusted by their reaction.

That was why, I didn’t hesitate to take advantage the gap in their defense.


The next moment, I charged toward the warrior by kicking the ground lightly.


Surprised by my action, the magician and the warrior of the Wolf of Calamity were finally preparing for battle.

「You’re also the same.」


…… However, their responses were too late.
The warrior couldn’t even take a defensive position by the time I reached him, I punched him with the hand I didn’t use against Morzeral which sent him crashing to the wall, taking his consciousness.
After watching that happened, I glared at the rest of the Wolf of Calamity’s members.

「… If you don’t do anything, I will also stop here.」

「Kh! S-Spirit of the earth!」


Hearing my remark, the magician frantically started to chant while the healer went pass me and ran toward their most powerful force, Morzeral.

「《High Heal》《High Heal》 Come on, get up!」

… However, his healing magic couldn’t completely heal Morzeral.
In other words, the magician was the only one left.

「Pay attention here too!」


The one who beat the last remaining fighting force of Wolf of Calamity wasn’t me.
Narsena who was supposed to be tied up, got away without anyone noticing and used her foot to reap the magician’s consciousness.

…… The magician who didn’t have physical strengthening skill fell unconscious easily, and with that, the fight was settled.

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21 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 23

    1. Yet I get the feeling despite attacking her and her being a noble, AND their intent to sell her off likely having done so before. They will be let off with the beating.
      It already seems the guild is literally just there to give out quests and act as a store. Letting the adventurers do whatever.


  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Be nice if Wolf group got into big trouble for attacking Narsena and threatening to rape and enslave her but considering they’re a high level group guild will probably try to blame Raust. Especially considering all the high jinks, bullying, and minimized pay his former party keep doing to anyone unfortunate enough to sign up with them yet seem to only have a bad rep with other adventurers.

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    1. Yeah, even among the other adventurers these guys are worse than filth, it’s quite sad to see such a messed up guild, while Raust may not save everyone it’d be better for these types of slave dealers to at least pay for their crime/s.

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