Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 24



「… It was that bad, huh?」

「E-Even still, I’m still relieved! I never thought those guys…」

Cutting the existence of the magician of the Wolf of Calamity off my mind, I looked at Narsena while saying words filled with amazement.
Thinking that I was criticizing her, she desperately tried to express her gratitude.
But those words of mine wasn’t actually directed for Narsena.

That amazement was for myself who even forget that Narsena wouldn’t lose against Morzeral and his party after seeing her situation.

Now that I think about it, I was clearly flustered before.
After all, Narsena has an ability comparable to other first-class adventurers.
If it’s Narsena, she should be able to cope with the Wolf of Calamity alone.
Thinking so, I secretly felt ashamed of myself who was getting flustered over nothing.

However, I had no intention to forgive Morzeral and his party.

「Shit! Shit!」

Apart from us, the only other person here was the Wolf of Calamity’s healer who was desperately tried to heal Morzeral.
But, it was not that effective.
Apparently, the injury caused by my blow on Morzeral’s body was too severe that the healing ability of the healer couldn’t hope to stabilize his condition.
Seeing the situation, I felt like letting out a sigh.
The healer in front of me, he’s a man who had always boasted that he’s an elite.
But, in reality?
How can he boast with only this much? While leaking a weak sigh, I activated my healing magic.


While I didn’t say the keyword simultaneously, the magic was activated with almost no time lag, and the effects overlapped.
That was a technique I acquired accidentally as a by-product of when I tried to combine magic power and ki desperately.
This was another makeshift technique, by activating multiple spells in a short time, the effects were overlapped.

There was no side effect for this, it was used mainly for its overlapping effects.

However, the magic stone I had in my hand strengthen the effect of my 《Heal》 more.
It was a magic tool that doubles the effect of magic.
It was a defective magic tool, only available to use for people who were capable of using magic power and ki.
But in return, the effect was guaranteed.

「Uh, uuuu……」

Skill and magic tool, with those increasing the power of my 《Heal》, Morzeral’s wound, which the healer from Wolf of Calamity couldn’t heal, was instantly healed.


「O-Oniisan? What are you doing!?」

Seeing the action I took, the healer from Wolf of Calamity and Narsena raised a surprised voice, however, I healed Morzeral not because I wanted to save him.
When I wanted to explain that to the two……

「Don’t fuck with me! What the fuck are you!」

… I was interrupted by the emotional outburst from the healer.

The healer glared at me who was supposed to have saved his companion.

「What kind of defect you are to able to do all of this! It’s strange, isn’t it! You should be just another incompetent human that should have groveled before us instead…」

With bloodshot eyes and a hint of the flame of jealousy on his smile, the healer yelled.
Why are you not a defect and other abusing words toward me.

「Shut up.」


However, I didn’t have any shred of interest on what the healer said.
So I kicked the healer to take his consciousness.

Honestly, I didn’t particularly care for whatever they do.
After forming a party with Narsena, I didn’t feel anything toward the people who oppressed me.

However, I would absolutely never forgive those who attempted to harm Narsena.

That was why I didn’t kill Morzeral.
Such light punishment was not enough.

After I decided that, I opened my mouth in a certain direction.

「This is definitely a crime, isn’t it?」


At that moment, the guild staff that was trying to run away from this place was shaken by my question……

◆ ◆ ◇

A bit after I called him out, one of the guild staff appeared.

「The guild staff is really………!」

Narsena raised a voice of surprise seeing his appearance.
On the other hand, the guild staff, a man called Hanzam, while looking calm, his discomposure was obvious.
It seemed he didn’t expect I would find him.

Hanzam should have already understood I was talking about the Wolf of Calamity action with my previous line.
After all, it was obvious that I was trying to hand them off for criminal activity.

「… From what I can see, isn’t it just a mere adventurers’ private fight?」

However, Hanzam behaved like nothing happened.

「Both are responsible in this case, but what you did was legitimate self-defense. We will not take you as responsible for this matter. In return, we will deal with the Wolf of Calamity ourselves.」

… The words Hanzam said was an excuse used by guild staff to escape the situation.
The guild staff didn’t want to be troubled, hence why they would make it as if there was nothing happened.

However, this time I didn’t want this case to be written off.

That was why I revealed my hand.

「Ohhh, isn’t that the world-class adventurer, Ralma?」


Hanzam looked to be perturbed from the lie I said while I looked at a random direction.
Seeing his reaction, I smiled.
Apparently, the situation was just like what I imagined.

「… Are you making a fool of me?」

「No, I guess it was a mistake.」

As opposed to Hanzam who accused me of lying, I worked my brain while still looking carefree.
The guild staff hardly intervene with adventurer’s brawl.
So why, only this time, a senior guild staff like Hanzam would come to this place to mediate the fight between us and the Wolf of Calamity?

There were two things I considered as the answer to that question, the origin of Narsena, and Master’s existence.
After considering that, I decided to use my Master’s existence.

「But, don’t you think Ralma-san is currently watching this place?」


The discomposure on the guild staff face that kept changing was interesting, to say the least.
Satisfied with his reaction, I entered the main subject.

「Even if she doesn’t see, it seems Ralma-san is Narsena’s acquaintance, so we need to report this matter. If the guild really want to take the matter of Wolf of Calamity to their hand, then it would save our time, but…」

Right, I said that with a smile, Hanzam was making a sour face as if he had just swallowed a bitter bug, however.
That was natural, after all this was just a politely worded threat.
That if they weren’t punished properly, I would tell Ralma.


While I was threatening the guild staff, Narsena was beaming with smiles.
Apparently, even Narsena who hadn’t been long as an adventurer had something to comment about the attitude of the guild staff.
Well, to be able to fool the guild staff as easily as this would surely make us felt good.

After all, there was no way Master didn’t know what happened here already.

「… I understand. Then please let me know the detail of the damages in the adventurer guild……」

However, Hanzam who didn’t know that, unwillingly agree to my demand.
Believing that I wouldn’t tell my master about this incident.
Towards Hanzam’s attitude, I was about to laugh.

「Oh, wait a minute.」

However, remembering what I needed to do before that, I interrupted Hanzam mid-sentence.
At that moment, uneasiness could be seen on Hanzam’s face.
The real reason Hanzam wanted to take me to the adventurer guild was so he could make me swear that I won’t tell my master using a spirit-based magic tool.
That was why, he might be getting impatient and scared that we would refuse to go the adventurer guild with him.

「Oyy, do you think I wouldn’t notice that you’re just pretending to be unconscious?」

——— But, the reason I cut him off was completely unrelated to that.


I kicked Morzeral who pretended to be unconscious while waiting for a chance to escape.
Completely receiving that unexpected attack, Morzeral writhe on the ground.
Seeing his appearance, I laughed.

「I will never let you escape.」

Did I say chapter 25 is Laila’s PoV? Whooops, I mean chapter 26, chapter 25 is Morzeral and Ralma’s PoV

Just saying, but apparently, Narsena is not actually in a bind, well she is bounded, but not in a dangerous situation

As a side note, no I have yet to finish chapter 25, it’s halfway done, I’m really unproductive as of late, it’s not good, you can expect another chapter in 3 hours though, that should be enough for me to finish the translation, checking it, editing, and then rechecking the translation

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the chapter!
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  2. woah everything related to the guild on this town is rotten. the staff and some of the adventurers need to be culled. I hope a monster outbreak will happen near the guild then monsters will eat the staff and they will be gone for good.


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