Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 25

Ralma’s Plan



Kicked at the abdomen by Raust, I, who couldn’t react at all, felt pain on my abdomen.
From that pain, I remembered the hellish pain I tasted once before.

「I will never let you escape.」

Raust was laughing at me.
With no intention to hide the anger in his eyes.

… I felt an intense dread when I saw Raust’s smile.

The memory of old crossed my mind, it was the memory of when I was over-confidence with my ability, challenge the lower-layer, and came close to dying.
The dread I felt from Raust was incomparable from that time.
However, it was too late to just notice now.
I was convinced that Raust could go to the lower-layer because he was lucky.
But, that was a mistake.

It was true that Raust was a defect as a healer, but he wasn’t incompetent.
No, on the contrary, I now realized that he had enough strength to stand side by side with first-class adventurers.

「Why… How!」

… However, I was boiled with anger when I realized that.

「Don’t screw with me! Why the fuck a small fry like you so strong! I’m more talented than you!」

It was a scream of my soul, a soul of someone who stuck at the middle-layer of the labyrinth and couldn’t proceed to become a first-class adventurer even after several years.
At first, my reason to bully Raust was to vent my anger.
… That changed when Raust could go to the lower-layer.

Knowing that someone who was said to be untalented like Raust was capable of going to the lower-layer, what I felt was unbearable jealousy.

The best party in the middle-layer, precisely because we spread the word like it was a compliment that those words had a good impression now.

… But, even now, I still had a complex with those words that gave an illusion that I stopped at the middle-layer even after trying for several years.

「Why you can go to the lower-layer while I cant!」

That was why I directed my anger toward Raust.
… While exposing the jealousy I felt.

Those words only serve to bring me more anger.

「Why, you said? That’s my line!」


And then, I was beaten by the woman who was Raust’s party member.

「Why can’t all of you see the result Onii-san achieved! Why all of you can’t see Onii-san’s effort! Onii-san’s hardship… even after that much hardship, why can’t all of you admit his desperate effort to do his best!」

I lost my words hearing the woman’s shout while teary-eyed.
I didn’t quite understand what the woman was trying to say, only that I knew she was getting emotional.

「I will definitely never forgive all of you!」

And then, the woman, leaving herself to her emotion, prepared to swing her skill ladened fist.


…… Remembering the effect of her skill when it hit me before, I involuntarily screamed as I covered my head and curled my body.

At that time, I took those action spontaneously because my heart was overtaken by fear.
I should have come with my companion here to humiliate Raust, never did I imagine I would be in this situation.
In this state, I had no mental capacity to receive the woman’s attack.

「… Aarrghh, please spare me」

…… However, for the people around, they wouldn’t understand that.

Suddenly, the voice of other adventurers entered my ears, roused by those voices, I realized I was being ridiculed at.
I was dumbfounded by those voices for a while until I realized our fight had gathered people around.


And the woman, maybe noticed that too, stopped her attack.

…… However, I wasn’t in a position to be glad for that.

「A-Aaaa, Ahhhhhhhh!」

After all, the people that gathered all looking at me with scorning eyes while laughing at me.
Among those people were some adventurers under the umbrella of Wolf of Calamity, when I noticed them, I let out my voice while in a daze.

At that time, I felt like everything I build up till now fell apart.

「Whoaa… I’m disillusioned.」

「What a shameful adventurer, right…」

「I don’t know what to say…」

It was crumbling like sand.


When I understood that, I began to run to the woman with my fist ready impulsively.
There was nothing for me anymore.
Even if I ran away from here, I was finished.

At that time, I remembered my anger toward this woman…

「Shut it.」


… But my attack never reached its target.
An impact was sent to my body along with Raust’s cold voice, and so, my consciousness faded away.
On that day, Wolf of Calamity, the party that was regarded as the leading party in the labyrinth city, was crushed in one day…

◆ ◆ ◇


「This Wolf of Calamity will never come back up anymore.」

It was when Raust took down the leader of the Wolf of Calamity as he was trying to attack Narsena.
Alone in the room, I said so as I enjoyed my tea and sweets.

I was currently quite far from where Raust and Narsena were, with many obstructions in between too.
But with the amount of magic power I had as a world-class magician, distance and obstructions were irrelevant.
I had watched every single moment from when Narsena being called out by the Wolf of Calamity.

「Narsena, I’m fine. I’m fine so you can stop crying.」

「Hics, but, but~!」

… Incidentally, when I was served with a serving of Raust and Narsena flirted at each other, I was frowning.

「… This is irritating.」

Nothing could affect the heart of a single other than younglings’ flirting.

「… I guess it can’t be helped.」

However, I noticed I was smiling at those two.
I showed this reaction was because I knew precisely the circumstances between the two, when I noticed, I replaced my smile with a bitter laugh.

Raust and Narsena, both thought and lived for each other, that was why they cherished each other so much.
Especially Raust, he was convinced that nobody else accepted him, I believed he cherished Narsena much more because of that.
That was probably why he exposed his emotion so much, it was a surprise how agitated Raust was when he thought Narsena might be abducted.
After all, I never saw that kind of emotion from Raust at all.
Until now, I had always assumed Raust didn’t show his emotion too much in response to his painful reality.

But now, you could clearly see the difference.

Whatever happened to him, he could endure it so far to the point of suppressing his emotion to cope because of the memories of Narsena.
Precisely because that memory was something he kept dear in his heart that he could endure any hardship.

——— That was why, Raust was furious when someone tried to harm Narsena.

「Just like dragon’s reverse scale, huh…」

Recalling his fury that I couldn’t imagine at all from his usual calm attitude, I let out a murmur.
Honestly, while I was impressed by Raust, I couldn’t feel any threat from him.
He might be difficult to defeat, but I was confident that I would never be defeated.

… But that assessment changed when I saw his anger after knowing that Narsena was about to be harmed.

「… Not that I’m sympathetic toward Wolf of Calamity for touching Raust’s reverse scale.」

Recalling that time again, I whispered so.
Honestly, I didn’t remember much about Wolf of Calamity other than my disgust towards them.
But still, while I felt sympathetic toward Raust, I needed to bear in mind to be vigilant to things related to Raust.
Probably, the adventurer guild would also distrust Raust after this event.
What Raust did wasn’t in the benefit of the guild, nor would he do so in the future.

「Well, I need to finish my work.」

However, I decided to stop thinking about Raust.
It didn’t mean I didn’t care about Raust, but now I had something else I needed to do.
Actually, I came to this labyrinth city was not simply because Analestria family asked me to check Narsena’s condition.

「The guild here is definitely planning something.」

My other job was to find out the reason for weird happening in the labyrinth city lately.
The labyrinth city’s guild now invited people as long as they have the ability, in fact, they invited adventurers that had problem with their deed while driving out the well-respected adventurers out from the city.
That by itself was already suspicious, but it didn’t end there.
When selling the material from the labyrinth to the city folk, instead of selling as cheaply as possible, they raised the price high.
It was as if they were trying to kick out the civilian living in this city.

It was clearly suspicious, and it was clear that the guild of labyrinth city was planning something.
However, nobody had any idea what.
That was why I sent here to investigate that reason.

「Don’t overlook adventurers’ criminal acts, this way I could do a large scale investigation to the guild of this city.」

And I now had a clue to how I could make them uncover their plan.
Now that Raust takes the attention of the guild, I can investigate freely without any disturbance, thinking so, I let out a smile.

「Right, Ronaldo’s disciple is going to come too… I guess I will leave the lookout to him and go report my find.」

I decided to leave the labyrinth city without people from the guild noticing what I have taken hold of.
Then, I left the labyrinth city by the next day without anyone noticing…

Change the detail in chapter 23, the people who make a commotion in the guild aren’t members of Wolf of Calamity, but only underling.

I need help determining a term

in the future, there will be someone identified as ギルド直属の冒険者, it means guild’s direct controlled adventurer, imagine if the standard adventurer is mercenary band, this person is a knight serving the capital adventurer guild, help me think of a good, less mouthful title for this person (google translate give me “direct adventurer”, I think it’s not clear enough as a term, but let me know your opinion)

Also, some sentence in this chapter might be changed in the future once something become clearer.

Also, I will be taking a vacation and come back on 22nd or 23rd, what will I do in my vacation you ask? Translating 3 chapters of Re-Summoned Hero and 5 chapters of Goddess-Suffering

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30 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 25

    1. Was thinking the same but I would call them an adventurer that was or works as a “guild retainer” or maybe a “guild agent”. Calling them a Retainer adventurer sounds like they work for an adventurer not the guild.

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  1. “Associate/Affiliate Adventurer”, “Guild Gopher”, “Guild -Contracted/Bounded- Adventurer”, “Adventurer of Office”, “Adventurer Representative”, “Monitor Adventurer”


  2. Thanks for the chapter!!

    I wonder how the other adventures that suppressed Raust will act after knowing what he did to these “wolves”


  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    “Associate/Affiliate Adventurer”, “Guild Gopher”, “Guild -Contracted/Bounded- Adventurer”, “Adventurer of Office”, “Adventurer Representative”, “Monitor Adventurer”


    1. Not really, this world is about power and those who have it and those that don’t use it. The author also says nothing on what role adventures play in this world, like other novels adventures job is to keep the monsters back(Possibly being saviors to the masses) and material collection. The adventures in this story could just be profit seekers, there could also be an overall lack of morals in society as a whole in this novel.


  4. >help me think of a good, less mouthful title for this person

    *Checks MTL* The parts important to the story are he’s 1) employed by the guild, as in on the guild payroll; 2) him and his compatriots (Ralma) are recruited from a pool of trusted and accomplished adventurers; 3) he and Ralma move at the behest of the guild’s executives; 4) they speak with the full authority and backing of said executives, so they get the final say in any guild matter.

    Really, any term that encompasses those points would work. Something like “Guild Investigator” or “Special Agent” would work. Don’t be too focused on their status as adventurers, as that’s not too relevant to their role in the story or their role in their world. It’s more an explanation for why the guild trusts them, and why they can do what they do.


      1. 9 head loli??? Maybe not… Choose, 9 twins 9 bodies with superior spiritual connection or loli with approximately 9 multiple personality disorder in one body, please choose…


  5. Ya know… I realized something from the recent chapters. Doesnt it seem like this world is more game-like that I am seeing?

    also Talent this, Talent that, Talentless… It made me misunderstand something…
    Maybe it’s just me but, shouldn’t it be “Skill” instead?

    Healer Skills, Skilless, Event without skills, he had the ability______. Something like that?
    It felt like a gameworld where the MC is breaking the barriers with pure will and hardwork.

    If this is a duplicate comment, sorry. Internet problems and confirmation glitches.


    1. From what i get, Talentless means he/she is not cut to be something above average. It doesn’t mean he/she is skilless. Like MC, he has 1 skill, but he’s regarded as talentless because he can’t learn higher tier skill like Area Heal. And ability is another different thing, because it is something that can be learnt, like his self-taught magic ki, or his knowledge of monsters and labyrinth

      Talent – Innate ability to learn and master skills
      Skill – Ability to use magic / enhancement with higher efficiency than using it without skill
      Ability – Personal evaluation how that person handle things

      That’s why MC is called talentless healing magician, but he has the ability of world-class adv.

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  6. Hiii,
    Literally means The Adventurer that is working under the Guild Master/Boss/Staff
    Think of it as Guild’s personal exclusive adventurer
    And the rest is freelance adventurer 🙂


  7. Every character have backwash thinking?
    Its literally like Bruce Lee against the His ERA.
    Results don’t lie, why are these character just one dimensional thinking even the master is.
    A simple tournament/duel against strong shows what skill is in the realm observed fighting.
    Even these so called veterans or high class adventurers are like novice in thinking IMO.
    MC could not even realize it himself that maybe the way of thinking the ERA has been indoctrinated is wrong.
    He found his fighting style, he could easily solo anything, he doesn’t need to prove to any one anything and just trample those that stands in his way but sadly he doesn’t have any sense of realization as of yet


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