Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 28

Return to the Surface



When the phoenix noticed the masked warrior who suddenly showed up in this place, it moved its hostility toward him.
The hostility released toward the masked warrior was incomparably stronger than when it attacked Armia, I knew this was because the phoenix felt much more threat in the masked warrior.


However, even before that intimidating air, the masked warrior didn’t feel fear.
Instead, he sneered while readying the great sword in his hand.



The next moment, the phoenix roared and fired a fireball.

…… A fireball that was three times bigger than the one it fired toward Armia.


I gasped involuntarily from the sigh.
Certainly, the masked warrior’s sword was huge, it was at least as tall as Armia.
But even with a sword that big, it was impossible to defend against that fireball.
The size of that greatsword was just not big enough.



——— However, contrary to my expectation, one blow from the masked warrior and the fireball was scattered.


At that moment, I realized that the greatsword possessed by the masked warrior wasn’t an ordinary greatsword.
A line that glowed red appeared on the blade for a while when it scattered the fireball.
I opened my mouth reflexively from the sight.

「Ma-Magic sword…!」

Magic sword, it was a sword with special effects made with material from monsters with super-high difficulty by combined efforts of dozens to hundreds of blacksmiths and magic tool craftsmen.
Surprised by the fact that this masked warrior had a magic sword, I lost my words.



While I was dumbfounded, the battle kept progressing.
The phoenix fired many huge fireballs to the masked warrior.
However, whenever the masked warrior swung his greatsword, light emitted from the sword and the fireball scattered leaving only sparks behind.

It was a seriously fantastic sight.
The warrior dealt with a super-high difficulty monster without taking a step back.
I couldn’t help but thought this was an enactment of fairy tales with the offense and defense that happened now.

「Great! Now get it!」

「Right, get it! With this, we’re too…」

… However, when I left my absent-minded state, I noticed that the masked warrior was put into disadvantage slowly, unlike Margulus and Sarveria who just cheering on him.

「If it keeps like this…!」

The fireballs were flying with incredible power and speed, and yet the masked warrior swung his great sword at an astonishing speed, scattering each and every fireball fired at him.
Looking at only offense and defense so far, the masked warrior was on equal terms with the phoenix.
However, as a healer, I was aware of the fatigue that slowly accumulating inside the masked warrior’s body.

…… It was a natural outcome.

Certainly, if the masked warrior was alone, he might have enough ability to contest against that phoenix.
Unfortunately, there was no way he could fully demonstrate his ability in this situation.
After all, there was a large distance between the phoenix and the masked warrior, the phoenix could one-sidedly attack the masked warrior.

…… How much pressure was that masked warrior felt?
The role of a warrior was usually to attack.
They limited their enemies actions by constantly attacking them.
In addition, with their physical strengthening skill, they could tank some of the attacks.
In other words, for a warrior, not defending against basic attack was the norm.

… Even so, the masked warrior was now forced to only defend against the phoenix’s attacks which he clearly unskilled at.
It wasn’t weird if he would reach his limit soon.

「Armia, focus! We should help him!」


The moment I concluded that, I yelled at the stunned Armia.
Certainly, in the current situation, the masked warrior had no chance.
But if Armia and I joined the fight, it would change everything.
I could recover some of the masked warrior’s fatigue, and if Armia released her magic, the masked warrior would be able to close the gap between him and the phoenix.
But, as we tried to get ready to help…

「Don’t come!」

… The masked warrior said his words of rejection.

「……… Hah?」


We who didn’t understand his reasons couldn’t hide our confusion.

「It’s fine, I’ve earned enough time.」

「—— Wha-!」

—— Following his words, he threw a large number of big magic stones, at that moment, I understood everything.

What the masked warrior threw was a very valuable magic tool.

The magic tool was so expensive and prevented the one who used it to enter labyrinth for a few days.
Furthermore, there were various problems such as low activation rate and taking a significant time to activate, it was not popular with adventurers at all.

But that magic tool had a revolutionary effect that let us escape from the labyrinth.

In other words, we were saved.


And then, light covered our bodies.
The phoenix roared as it saw the sudden abnormalities.

「Don’t be sad, I will come back and fight you properly next time.」

As the masked warrior finished muttered that toward the phoenix, my sight was covered in bright light…

◆ ◆ ◇

「We have returned?」

The moment I opened my eyes, I leaked such words as I saw a blue sky spread in front of me.
While watching the clouds moving in the sky, I understood this was a reality as I felt the ground under my body.

「We have returned! Alive!」

At that moment, my heart was filled with joy.
The fear I felt toward the phoenix still stuck in my head.
The phoenix was a truly horrible enemy, to be able to escape from that place felt like a miracle to me.
Because Margulus never said we would subjugate a boss, we were in such a life-and-death crisis.

「Ah, uhh…」

… Maybe also instinctively understanding that, Armia also trembling a little.
Tears could be seen on the corner of her eyes.

…… However, there were two people unaware of such a miracle.

「Shit! What the fuck is wrong with you! Even though it was a chance to beat that boss!」

「Yeah! It was a breach of contract! We will never pay you because of this!」

Margulus and Sarveria, they both accused the masked warrior who was supposed to be their lifesaver so.


Seeing their shameless appearance, the feeling of relief I felt was replaced by the anger I had forgotten.

「… How can you be so shameless for doing nothing.」

…… Yet, I was unable to finish speaking my mind.

Before I could, the masked warrior threw his snark toward Margulus and Sarveria.

「This bastard!」

Margulus felt furious from the masked warrior attitude.
Moved by that feeling, he tried to hit the masked warrior.

… However, his fist never reached the masked warrior.


No, Margulus was thrown to the ground instead.


Seeing Margulus’ current state, Sarveria who had no clue what just happened was dumbfounded.
And, looking at Margulus and Sarveria like that, the masked warrior laughed.

「Rejoice, as from today onward, you’re no longer a first-class adventurer.」

I feel this chapter’s translation a bit sloppier than usual, in term of word choice and sentence structure, I think I repeat some things too many times, maybe it’s just me

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19 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 28

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!

    I didn’t feel any difference between this chapter and the other chapters, so it’s probably just you.

    Finally, they are no longer a first-class party! But I’d like it more if they were gone or were injured.

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    1. from how they act, their downhill would start from then since they would not be able to find anymore party to join, even though they have some strength but normally with just 2 people would not enough for mid-layer dungeon

      also townfolk won’t have any good opinion about them so they won’t find even normal work in town


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Hope this is just the beginning of those two’s punishment. Would be nice if mage and healer were able to leave party and join a better one, or Raust’s. Wonder if warrior is the new guild master or someone high ranked in guild management considering he stated those two charlatans were no longer first class adventurers and that venomous receptionist seemed a little desperate to state his qualifications. With any luck those two will be forbidden from accepting any members to their party from now on if not expelled from the guild. Leila and Armia should be better off since they wanted to test things out in middle level first, essentially kidnapped to lower level, and actually tried to help warrior when seemed in trouble rather than do nothing but cheer like the other two.


  3. Seriously, you just witnessed the guy solo a Phoenix for a respectable amount of time while you two sat around with your thumbs up your asses. Even if he did manage to kill the thing you pieces of scum wouldn’t be owed anything, not materials from the beast and most certainly not any kind of recognition. How moronic.


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