Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 29




No longer a first-class adventurer, hearing those words, confusion crept into Sarveria’s face.

「What are you saying! Don’t be silly!」

Immediately, Sarveria yelled at the masked warrior.
It seemed her anger had surpassed her fear of the masked warrior.
And Margulus, with Sarveria’s angry yell as a signal, also yelled at the masked warrior even though he was still suffering from the pain.

「You hit me! It’s forbidden for adventurers to fight each other!」

Margulus and Sarveria’s voice drew the attention of the people in the guild nearby.
… Not long after that, Almast appeared from the adventurer guild and turned her accusing eyes toward the masked warrior.

「What is this uproar about? Though from the look of it, it seems you’re being violent toward Margulus-sama!」

「Almast! That’s right, this guy suddenly…」

Margulus’ face lighted up when he saw Almast.
And then, while Almast tried to shift the blame to the masked warrior…

「Even though I’m a guild’s agent?」

— The atmosphere changed greatly from the masked warrior’s remark.

Guild’s agent, they were the adventurers that were contracted directly by the adventurer guild in the capital city.
Their skill was on the first-class level or higher, they had various privilege comparable to the head of the guild branch, and they weren’t bound by the guild’s rules.


… Now she understood who was the person she tried to pick a fight with, blood drained from Almast’s face.

「T-That, Margulus-sama, this time…」

Immediately, Almast tried to tell Margulus and Sarveria they should take the blame for now.

「Hahh- Guild’s agent you said? I don’t know how great that is in the capital, but this is labyrinth city, you see? How about you stop clinging on your past glory?」

「Like really, what? So just because you’re a guild’s agent you think we will forget your blunder? Are you being serious?」

… However, Almast was too late.
Margulus and Sarveria continued to throw insult toward the masked warrior.

They didn’t understand how much authority a guild’s agent had.
Almast tried to stop the two who still didn’t realize what they were doing.
But, Margulus and Sarveria didn’t notice Almast effort.

「Or maybe you’re trying to say that you’re adventurer from the capital and want to leave this party? If that’s so, just give up.」

「That’s right, in the labyrinth city, once you enter a party, you can’t leave.」

… And so, Margulus and Sarveria said a critical information.

About the act where they bound adventurers with a rule that didn’t exist.
Right, there was no such rule in the labyrinth city.
It was probably something Almast made on the spot in order to deceive me.

However, there was no way such a thing would be accepted by a guild’s agent.


At that moment, Almast’s face, the only one who understood the entire situation, went pass blue into white.
But it was too late.

「I see.」

While looking at Margulus, Sarveria, and Almast, the masked warrior muttered so.

「…So it’s this rotten, huh.」

From Margulus’ remark, the masked warrior didn’t even try to hide the anger he felt.

「Tha-That’s wrong! I’m pretty sure Margulus-sama is just misunderstood…」

And immediately after the masked warrior muttered that, Almast was trying so hard to make excuse for herself.
Unfortunately for her, I didn’t allow her to do that.

「Hmmm? Didn’t you explain that carefully to me back then? Is that all just a mistake?」

「Wha-! You’re saying too much…」

Almast gave me a death stare after my question, and as she was about to say something.

「Shut up, I don’t want to hear any excuse.」

The masked warrior cut her off before she let out any word.

「Gh! I, understand…」

With that, a despaired expression could be seen on Almast face as she closed her mouth.
After the masked warrior confirmed Almast wouldn’t say anything anymore, he turned to look at Margulus and Sarveria.

… At that time, Margulus and Sarveria started to feel anxious which was obvious from their face.

「Your party, Sword of Lightning, right? I, who have been formally ordered to investigate the adventurer guild in labyrinth city by the guild in the capital city, using my authority, declare that from this moment, Sword of Lightning is no longer a first-class party.」



…… The moment they heard the masked warrior’s declaration, Margulus and Sarveria complained in unison.

「You’re complaining when you’re only at this level?」

——— However, the masked warrior shut them up with the force of his wrath.

Hit by the wrath of someone who crossed sword evenly with the phoenix, Margulus and Sarveria couldn’t even breath.
Seeing their state, the masked warrior suppressed his wrath.

「Hah, Hah,」

「Cough, cough!」

And then, while giving them a cold glare as they were coughing, he opened his mouth.

「A fine for tricking your fellow adventurer and bringing them to fight a boss without informing them, a fine for lying and preventing your healer from leaving the party, also, you have to reimburse the cost of that return magic tool, you will pay all of them won’t you?」


… Margulus and Sarveria were dumbfounded by the masked warrior’s demand.
By then, the fine imposed to Sword of Lightning was huge.
As they were a first-class party, their equipment was pretty good, and they to some extent also had a saving.
But this fine could only barely payed after they sold all their properties.

「W-Wait, please wait a minute, okay!?」

… Margulus, trying to reduce the amount of the fine, raised his voice.
Desperately, with a forced smile on their face, Margulus and Sarveria tried to persuade the masked warrior.

「Please stop it!」

… However, their attempt was interrupted by Armia’s angry voice.
Her complexion was still bad.
Perhaps she was still feeling the fear from the fight with that phoenix.
Nevertheless, her voice when she was yelling at Margulus and Sarveria was firm.

「Ahh, Armi-…」

Still, Margulus and Sarveria seemed puzzled by Armia’s behavior.
As if they were asking why she doesn’t stand on their side.

… But, when Margulus realized that the masked warrior was looking at him with murderous intent, his face turned blue and he ran away from this place.
Seeing his back, Sarveria used her skill and chased after Margulus, finally, after seeing them run away, Armia lowered her head to me and the masked warrior.

「I’m really sorry, we will repay the fine somehow.」

After saying that, Armia left with an unsteady gait.
Seeing her condition, I was about to chase after her.
Even so, I restrained myself and turned toward the masked warrior instead.
Before Armia, I had one thing I needed to do.


When I turned around the masked warrior seemed to be shaken for a moment.

「The labyrinth city is dangerous. You should go to the guild in the capital city. The capital now should be secure, the malicious adventurers are all had been caught.」

…… And yet, the masked warrior pretended as if nothing was happened, and gave a piece of advice with a voice lower than before.

However, I didn’t respond to his advice.
While fixing my gaze to the masked warrior, I opened my mouth.

「… Why are you dressed like that, Zieg?」


… At that moment, the masked warrior, no, Zieg, was clearly shaken.

I’m going to say many things, feel free to skip all of it, or just read the first 3 points as they’re the only one that is related to the chapter

  • The title of this chapter is kinda funny, I can choose other words, but decide to keep it like that, it’s fine, right? everything is fine.
  • Pot calling kettle black basically, who are still clinging to their past glory again?
  • You know how they said kid mature quicker when given bad examples (or imitate that and become rotten themselves, but let’s ignore this part), don’t you feel proud of Armia, being the most mature one

So while this is kinda late, I was going around Shousetsuka ni Narou to look for a candidate for the next project for when I catch up with the author of this novel (the author kinda taking their times with new chapter update, so I probably can handle thet workload just fine), I find an interesting one that has kinda same premise as this novel, kicked from party, etc etc, what piqued my interest is the fact that the 4 volume available are named with “‘girl name’ arc” and the fact there is a yandere tag on it, will finish reading it for now and see if it’s good or not, and then start translating it if no one picked it up and I find it to be interesting enough to be translated

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28 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 29

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!

    Yes, finally Armia and Laila won’t have to stay in a shitty party. Almas, you deserve this, and I hope you suffer even more! We finally knew his name, but that led to even more questions about him.

    Rhea, that was a terrible pun, you know?

    Also, if you’re looking for new novels to translate, can I suggest you try Infinite Dendrogram? I’d really love it if you can translate it, it’s okay if you can’t tho!

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    1. unfortunately, I don’t take suggestions on which novel I will translate, nor do I want to continue another person’s work

      in this case, infinite dendrogram is already licensed by J-Novel Club, they’re indeed only licensing the light novel, but I don’t want to take any chance even if I do take suggestions from other


      1. Oh, well, I just wanted to ask that’s all, thanks for replying and also, this novel you’re interested in, what’s it called please?


        1. here is the English title written on the cover of the first volume of the light novel “I stopped working because I was expelled from the brave party who denounced me as a coward”


          1. Ahh, so it has that kind of title, huh? I started seeing a lot of novels/manga that has a similar name, like the sage that took an arrow in the knee and whatnot, I wonder if they’re becoming popular? Well anyway, I’m looking forward to it!!


  2. Is this Zieg her former party member or something?
    That aside, I really get the feeling Armia won’t be leaving that party any time soon…


    1. if he does that, then who’s gonna pay the fines? disbanding the party means erasing the party name…thus no one will be footing the bill…


  3. I seriously don’t get what the Labyrinth City guild gets out of their stupid favoritism. I just can’t see any way anybody profits from favoring a party that was well known only for scamming people before it lucked into an OP determinator as a healer. The only people who profit from it at all are Margulus and Sarveria, and if they had the pull to influence guild policies they wouldn’t have needed to resort to scamming their party members in the first place.

    Hopefully, time will tell.


    1. Probably just only Almast that favor them, while the guild just ignore anything that happen. And maybe there are many simliar cases with other bad parties.


  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    Looks like those two got a critical hit to their pride and wallet. Although would have preferred if the fines were only directed to those two rather than the party considering Armia and Laila were victims but will have to contribute to the fine as party members even if they want to leave immediately. Zieg probably isn’t Laila’s former party member but someone she was well acquainted with in the capital guild. Either one of their troubleshooters or possibly vice-guildmaster or some post of authority. Slim chance he’s one of her family members or former party member as that would be a conflict of interest in a couple of ways as a member of the guild coming to let her know the guy who tried to sexually assault her and his cronies have been dealt with. Hope Almast gets fired and heavily fined for all her abuse of adventurers, siding with those two phonies, stipulating false rules, and likely taking bribes. Although Margulus and Sarveria are more likely to grab their gear, valuables, and disappear in the middle of the night leaving the fine with the other two. With any luck Armia and Laila will run into and make peace with Raust and Narsena and join his party with him convincing Zeig to exclude them while laying the fines plus another one for abandoning their party without permission and running on solely Margulus and Sarveria.


  5. Nice, those gross jerkasses finally got what was coming to them. And there’s no way that shitty receptionist is getting away with this bullshit either. I hope she gets reduced to rags, lying on the side of the road.


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