Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 33



「You’re taking your time, Narsena.」

「Ahaha…… Sorry, various things happened.」

As I stood in front of the guild, my cheek loosened seeing Narsena running out from the guild.
After she went back to the interior of the guild saying she had some business, I was worried because she didn’t come back, but it looked like it was fine.
Feeling relieved, I cracked open a little joke.

「It’s good it ended without incident. Actually, Sword of Lightning comes to the guild today. I was about to come back to the guild, thinking you’re involved with them.」



…… However, even though I intended that to be a joke, Narsena somehow looked impatient.
And in response to her unexpected reaction, I let out a stupid sounding voice.
The next moment, my surprise turned into worry, but when I tried to ask…

「Is by any chance…」

「O-Onii-san! Let’s get going soon!」

Before I could finish my question, Narsena changed the topic in a hurry and walked ahead.
Her attitude was clearly suspicious.
That was why, I was about to ask Narsena again when I caught up with her…

「… Not long from now I guess?」

…… However, I muttered that as I felt multiple signs of people from behind me.

It seemed Narsena also noticed and stopped walking.
Certainly, I was bothered by the previous topic.

But, let’s put that matter for now and clean this up first.
Or so I judged in an instant, and then as if nothing happened, I started walking again and laugh toward Narsena.

「Let’s go, to the meadow.」


Meadow, when the word came out, the signs of people behind us reacted slightly.
Noticing that, Narsena and I laughed.

「… Alright, that went well.」

「… Yes, they really annoying, aren’t they?」

As soon as we started walking, those signs also moved.
I and Narsena proceed to the meadow, pretending to not notice.

… Those people who stalked us weren’t aware that they were now being invited.

◆ ◆ ◇

After leaving the adventurer guild, on the way to the meadow, the signs behind us disappeared.
However, the moment we reached the meadow, those signs appeared again, now surrounding us.

「Hahaha! Good job for coming after us yourselves!」

The next moment, a large number of adventurers that had been targetting us for several days appeared, the leader-like man among them sneered at us.
His face seemed to showed a sadistic joy, maybe he imagined putting his hand on Narsena after lynching me and making me apologize.
And with that expression pasted on his face, he opened his mouth.

「If we kill you here, the guild will just think this is a dispute between adventurers and won’t interfere! In other words, we can take your— Gahhh!?」

「Just shut up!」

… But he couldn’t finish his sentence.
While being astonished, the knife I threw to that adventurer lodged into his thigh, forcing him to shut up.


「No, isn’t it strange? How can that thrown knife hit with this much distance!」

Disturbance spread among the adventurers currently here.
Seeing this spectacle, I, in turn, laughed, ridiculing them.

「Taking my head, is that what you want to say? No way you can do that. It would be the opposite in fact, the opposite.
——— I’m taking all of you down.」


I said so to the other adventurers while revealing my killing intent.
Right, I made them come to meadow because I felt irritated by the stalking behavior of these adventurers.
That was why, I purposefully invited them to the meadow where nobody would care if adventurers fought with each other so they would take the initiative to strike.

Also, for them to not only want to harm me, but also Narsena, there was no way I would let them off for this.

「If we defeat you, there will be fewer people that would meddle with us. So, lose as miserable as you can.」

And so, I laughed at these adventurers that I would use as an example for others.
Fear permeated in the face of the adventurers when they heard my killing intent-filled words.


The next moment, the adventurers started running, aiming at me…

◆ ◆ ◇

「I see, so you approach me so I can’t use my throw.」

Seeing all the adventurers running toward me, I muttered so.
Apparently, those adventurers had judged my throw was dangerous and came close.

… Even so, their judgment was mistaken.

After all, Narsena’s fist was more dangerous than my throw.

「Leave it to me!」

And then, in order to showcase that power, Narsena charged toward those adventurers.


「Stop, stop it! Aaaaaaaa!」

Her body, strengthened by skills, immediately reached the adventurers and caused them to let out a miserable scream.
They couldn’t attack Narsena as one as they were at the mercy of Narsena’s quick feet.

「Yeah, Narsena seems to be fine.」

Seeing Narsena taking the initiative, I nodded, and then I decided to do my own part.

「Die, you, defect healer!」

There were more adventurers coming at me than people who came at Narsena.
Not sure if they thought I would be an easier target, or they just hate me, but I was their top target.
This meant I was now in charge of attracting those adventurers.
If so, my current role would be to make sure these people didn’t go after Narsena.

After I decided that, I did my best to defense.
The next moment, I limited my magic detection to 10 meters radius.
It was a limited but precise magic detection I had trained for several years.
The moment this magic detection activated, my five sense became duller and everything outside of the 10 meters radius became barely perceivable.

——— In return, I became aware of everything inside the 10 meters radius.

Thanks to the magic detection, I knew the actions all the adventurers who attacked me.
How many were attacking, how to avoid them, if it was possible to make them attack each other, everything.
And then, with all of that information, I strengthened one part of my body with ki.

At that moment, I let out a smile as I felt an illusion of everything became slower.
Right, the part I strengthened with ki was my brain.
When I strengthened my body with ki, I couldn’t get that much enhancement.
That was why, I trained myself so I could strengthen only one part of my body with ki.

And now, with my brain being reinforced, all of other adventurers attack wouldn’t be able to hit me.
I made their attack hit their ally, limited their attack, or received their attack with my dagger to earn time.
In the middle of those exchanges, a fireball flew from outside of the 10 meters range, but I easily avoided it.

This method of defending was what I created while thinking about the usage of magic power and ki.
As long as I kept do this, I could keep them onto me.
And while I kept them busy, Narsena picked them one by one, their number was slowly dwindling.

「Shit! What’s with these guys!」

Looking at the condition of battle, one of the adventurers screamed that.
And hearing that scream, I, confident in our victory, grinned.

Until now, I have always been scorned in the guild.
but if I win this battle, the situation will change.
I will be recognized as a talented adventurer.

One month ago, I would never imagine this will happen, everything is thanks to Narsena.
Probably, if she’s not here, I would be still on the bottom of the ladder between all the adventurers even though I’m capable.
Because I thought I’m useless.
No, if not for meeting Narsena several years ago, I wouldn’t have this ability in the first place.

While thinking that, I felt my gratitude toward Narsena.
I could be here now because of her existence.
That was why, even while fighting, I embraced my gratitude toward her……


… But the next moment, I felt a chill on my spine and, without thinking, I stopped fighting to look back.

「Wha-What is this feeling……」

「Hey, there! There is something!」

It was not only me who stopped.
Narsena and other adventurers also felt something and stopped fighting.
……Seeing the attitude of others, I felt a vague premonition.
I remembered a vague and unpleasant feeling toward the presence of something that could make everyone stopped.
The moment I remembered that feeling, I stopped my thought acceleration and magic detection and instead turned my eyes toward the place one of the adventurers pointed at and then activated visual enhancement with ki.

… When I saw something came here at breakneck speed, I lost my words.


What came toward us have six heads, all of its yellow eyes had traces of hostility.

「No way……」

Those eyes were locked here, I knew as I was their target of hostility.
And seeing its appearance and its hostility toward me, I understood.

——— What was coming here with breakneck speed was the hydra I cut its head off when I was still in Sword of Lightning, and it was already mutated.

Author mentioned (in next chapter, but it’s related to the content of this chapter) that Raust personality might look like it’s changed, but it’s not, he’s just sensitive to anything that tries to harm Narsena, if it’s only toward him, he would just endure it like before

So yeah, incoming hydra battle, not next chapter, nor chapter after that though, but it’s close

also, just an early announcement, after I finish this volume (12 chapters left) I will go on a 2 weeks hiatus to focus on translating the 2 other novels I do, looking at number of days left, I probably can finish before the end of the month

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!

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    Also, in this sentence
    “… Those people who stalked us didn’t aware that they were now being invited.”
    It should be weren’t aware, instead of didn’t aware.


    1. I think it was mentioned in one earlier chapter that the guild tried to get rid of the adventurers with a decent attitude.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    It’s the intro of his pet Scaly! Oh, so cute it remembers him. Almast definitely in trouble when they report back about the Hydra. Other adventurers will either run away or be cannon fodder considering their lack of brains and fighting prowess shown thus far. Would be nice if Laila, Almia and that Guild Agent show up to help. Be too odd and OP if Raust and Narsena manage to beat it themselves.


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