Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 32

Unexpected Visitor


「……… Raust, there is something I need to tell you.」

「Why…… are you here…?」

Two days after I fought against Wolf of Calamity, Margulus, the leader of Sword of Lightning suddenly came to talk to me.
Margulus and Sarveria seemed to wait in the adventurer guild and only appeared when Narsena was away.
Narsena and I came to the adventurer guild for the post-processing of the case with Wolf of Calamity, I felt refreshed now that it was over.
…… However, that feeling disappeared as Margulus and Sarveria showed up and I frowned involuntarily.

I knew that two days ago, Sword of Lightning was stripped of its benefits of being a first-class party by a guild’s agent.
That was why, now that Margulus and Sarveria showed up again, I felt bitter.

When I was in Sword of Lightning, Margulus and Sarveria were being violent to vent their anger when there was something wrong to me.
And I thought the reason for them to show up now might be related to that.

「Please forgive me for all what I’ve done to you until now.」

「Please, I’m sorry.」


That was why I couldn’t hide my confusion when Margulus and Sarveria suddenly bowed their head to me.
However, they didn’t notice my confusion and continue talking with their head still lowered.

「You might already know, but Sword of Lightning has been demoted from its first-class status…… We’re aware that we just reap what we have sown. After all, we banished the person who was the ace of the party.」

「… We’re really sorry, Raust, we were not aware at all how much work you did for our party.」

I couldn’t hide my confusion from Margulus and Sarveria’s apologies.
After all, what they said were the words I was looking for all this time.

… That was why, for Margulus and Sarveria to conveniently came up with those words, it just fueled my distrust.

「Really, you might think we’re being shameless for showing our face like this, but there is something we must tell you even if you think so. You’re about to be attacked by some adventurers because you defeat Wolf of Calamity! That’s why…… how about you enter Sword of Lightning again so we can protect you?」

「Sword of Lightning might not be a first-class party anymore, but we’re known to some extent. So, if you enter Sword of Lightning again, those adventurers might hesitate to attack, and even if they still attack, we can fight together.」

「T-Thank you.」

But, seeing their expression that looked sincere as they told me so with a worrying expression, I said my gratitude.
It doesn’t mean I can trust them, but I probably can think of them not as an enemy for now, or so I decided.

「But, I have a companion I can rely on. So, it will be alright, you don’t need to worry.」


But, regardless of whether I felt animosity toward Margulus and Sarveria or not, I never intended to re-enter Sword of Lightning.

——— That was because I didn’t regard those adventurers that would attack me as a threat.

Seeing we defeated Wolf of Calamity, maybe they were afraid we would attack them, or maybe they couldn’t accept the fact that someone who was regarded a defect had that kind of ability, but Narsena was aware there were some adventurers that would attack us.
Even so, if it was just your usual adventurers, then, just Narsena and I could handle them just fine.
That wasn’t just a self-confidence either, it was our conviction.

Hence why, there was no need for me to accept Margulus and Sarveria’s proposal at all.

「Hey, wait a minute.」


…… Yet, my reassuring words made their face turned blue instead.
And then, they opened their mouth in a state that looked, frantic.

「Raust, your party member must be a woman who is just trying to use you. Sorry, but I must say this, immediately break your party and then Sword of Lightning will……」


Margulus tried desperately to persuade me to return to Sword of Lightning.
But his persuasion only had an adverse effect.

After all, my distrust to them had turned into clear hostility.


With my atmosphere that was clearly changed, Margulus’ face turned pale.
Knowing my relationship with Margulus up till now, this was an impossible sight.
Even so, that was a trivial matter to me now.
Moved by my anger, I opened my mouth.

「I haven’t regarded Sword of Lightning as my enemy.」


Trace of hope showed up on his face.

「My companion is Narsena alone, if you stand against her, then I will crush Sword of Lightning.」


While giving them a cold stare, I spat that out.
After I finished saying that, I left the adventurer guild. Margulus and Sarveria didn’t try to follow me……

◆ ◆ ◇


「Since the time Onii-san beat Wolf of Calamity, he started to take care of me more……」

When Onii-san releasing his anger toward Margulus, I was watching the situation in the shadow with a little blush on my face.
It was not just my imagination, but I felt that Onii-san was obviously kinder to me lately, I also felt that I was cherished more by Onii-san.

「What are you doing, Margulus!? We need to chase after Raust right away!」

「W-Wait, his state is currently…」

「We’re doing this to become a first-class again right!?」

「Kh! Even so……」

… That was why, seeing those two tried to use Onii-san, I couldn’t hide my anger.
Once I was sure Onii-san had left the guild, I opened my mouth.

「What’s with breaking up the party? Aren’t you guys the one who tried to use Onii-san?」

「Hahh? What’s with you, we’re now busy…… hooo~」

In response to my sudden question, Margulus turned and glared at me.
However, his expression suddenly changed when he saw my figure, a vulgar desire clearly shown on his face.



… Feeling disgusted by that expression, I reflexively knocked him down with one blow.


Surprised by the sudden event, Sarveria glanced at the guild’s staffs for help.
And yet, the guild’s staffs behaved as if nothing happened and didn’t see this.
In fact, they acted like we were all invisible.

After all, the moment I noticed Margulus and Sarveria were looking for Onii-san, I talked to the guild’s staffs to make this situation happened.


Seeing the guild’s staffs’ reactions, Sarveria immediately tried to run away.



However, I grabbed her clothes, forcing her to stop.
And then, I whispered into her ear.

「Onii-san might treat you guys softly because you’re his former party. But I’m different.」


Sarveria’s face turned pale from that whisper filled with a little killing intent.
Onii-san might be soft to Sword of Lightning because he was grateful to that party.
In fact, he might even forgive them for oppressing him.

But, I would never do that.
They tried to exploit Onii-san and willingly threw him away when they couldn’t use him anymore.
Seeing a party like that tried to do that again, there was no way I could overlook that.

「If something goes wrong, Onii-san will deal with it, so I will overlook it now. But there is no next time. If you guys try to deceive or attempt to exploit Onii-san again, know that I will not forgive you.」

「I-I understand!」

Hearing that, Sarveria, face still pale, nodded over and over again.
Seeing her teary eyes, I was convinced I successfully engraved the fear in her.
Satisfied, I released her and then point at Margulus.

「Tell that to this guy too, remember, there is no next time.」

After saying that, I left the place to chase after Onii-san.

I’m not in home, the chapter is kinda late because I know I will be away from home for a couple of days, so I just spend my time playing with my pc, I now at my aunt’s house, working with my trusty notebook, my grandma said we will be here until monday, but it probably stretched until wednesday, regardless, expect many chapters in this period of time, not today though, I’m still tired from the travel

as for the chapter itself, I couldn’t really concentrate when editing this, right before I move the chapter from grammarly back to notepad++, I feel I want to do something to the chapter, but I couldn’t remember what because there are many people talking to me and it just gone from my head, I hope I can remember what fast.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!

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