Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 37

Hydra Battle II



When the hydra changed its target and came at me, I let out a stupid sounding voice.
I knew how much the hydra was focusing on Onii-san so I gave my all to attack it.
That was why, when the hydra suddenly changed its target to me, I couldn’t hide my bewilderment.

…But when I realized the malice sticking to my skin that came from the hydra’s twelve eyes, I felt like I knew its aim.

The hydra, now considered Onii-san as an enemy, decided to kill me first.
In order to make him despaired, it decided to kill the source of his motivation.


The malice that hydra harbored toward Onii-san was like mud, it felt foreign and it took my breath away.
Before and after mutation, I understood instinctively its change wasn’t only in its ability, but also its maliciousness.

However, even after being exposed to its malice, I only gasped while feeling shaken, it didn’t shake my heart.
It didn’t mean I didn’t feel any fear when being exposed to the hydra’s malice.
Just, even if I felt fear, it didn’t matter, that was it.

After all, the fear lost out to the excitement I felt in my heart.

The scene I saw earlier, the sight of Onii-san parried the mutated hydra’s attack stuck in my head.
How, for Onii-san to perfectly parried that attack even though he couldn’t do it just a moment ago, how could he do that?
Thinking normally, that was not possible without a miracle, and yet, Onii-san still achieved it.

—— Though for some reason, I’m convinced that Onii-san would be able to easily perform a miracle like that, or so I thought.

Now I understood how much I trusted Onii-san.
The reason I’ve been trying so hard to become stronger until now was to return a favor to Onii-san who lamented he had no talent and protected him.
My hard work for several years now was for that reason.

However, the reason I choose to become stronger was because I fell in love with Onii-san’s figure who protected me and defeated the goblins.

◆ ◆ ◇

It was still fresh in my mind, the figure of Onii-san who fought desperately even when he was wounded all over.
At that time, I never believed I would survive.
It was something that the me from that time barely understood just from seeing Onii-san’s fight.
Onii-san was doing all his best to distract all of the goblins, alas, he only succeeded in the beginning because he still had enough stamina.
Onii-san’s movement who was out of breath was lackluster, immediately, he was caught by a goblin and then beaten and kicked to the ground by a large number of goblins.
Still, until the end, Onii-san was moving to attract the goblins.

…Unfortunately, after a few minutes, Onii-san who had no energy to move anymore was lying on the ground, dying.

At that time, I didn’t stand in front of Onii-san to protect him, nor did I believe we still had a chance to win.
I was just trying to increase the chance of Onii-san, who had been desperately trying to protect me, to survive.
In other words, I was sacrificing myself at that time.
That was why, I couldn’t hide my astonishment to Onii-san who stood up in his condition.
Even if he recovered himself with 《Heal》, he was still in the state unfit to fight.
Because 《Heal》 was not something that could recover someone on the verge of death.
Normally, he should be only barely able to stand up.

———And yet, Onii-san, with his back facing me, killed the goblins one after another.

Honestly, that was a strange sight, though I understood now.
Until just now, the person who could only run from place to place was killing goblins one after another while full of wounds.

But what I learned from Onii-san appearance from my memory was a strong love.
I understood better than anyone else that Onii-san wouldn’t be able to defeat those goblins flock.

Hence why, when he defeated those goblins, I knew that miracle just happened, and I felt a strong love for Onii-san who created that miracle to protect me.

That was the first time I wanted strength.

While I felt delighted being protected behind his back, I couldn’t stand me being useless even though Onii-san was tattered.
That was why, at that time, I harbored this feeling.

I want to have the strength to fight next to this person.

And then, why did I got excited when I remembered that memory, and why did I trust Onii-san this much?
I understood the reason.

Since that time I have been thinking that if it was Onii-san, then he could make a miracle.
And when considering the miracle from that time made my current existence, It was obvious my heart would get so hot.

This time for sure, I will fight together with Onii-san.


Because I thought so, I returned a smile toward Onii-san when I heard he screamed.
To convey that I’m alright, and I will leave the rest to him.


The hydra was attacking me while fully radiating its malice.
But for the current me, I felt no fear, nor pressure from it.
And also, I didn’t try to run away from this place too.

I knew that I couldn’t stop the hydra.
But that was also why I didn’t run away from it.
The hydra believed I was weak.
That was why I kept making it thought that way to make a gap in its defense.

Above all, I wouldn’t be able to stand by Onii-san’s side if I run away from here, that was how I felt.

I didn’t move at all when the hydra tried to attack me with its tail.
I just concentrated as I watched the attack.

And the next moment, I sent my fist against the approaching tail.



At that moment, the hydra raised a roar of pain as its face distorted.
I finally found an attack that could be used against this hydra.
With my ability and skill alone, I couldn’t do effective damage against the hydra.
However, if I timed my attack with its attack, I could deal some damages by utilizing the momentum from hydra along with my skill.
The impact must have been transmitted to its internal organs.

And it seemed the attack was quite effective, it turned to me with clear hostility.

Apparently, it finally recognized me as its enemy.



……Nevertheless, the hydra didn’t stop its attack on me.

It spotted the weakness of this attack in a split second from my cramped face.
The simultaneous attack that could damage the hydra was effective but had a fatal drawback.
The damage from the hydra’s attack would also accumulate inside me.

In other words, I couldn’t use this method too often.



I somehow could deal with the next tail attack, however, from the pain running on my fist, I understood I could only do this for a few more times.
And seeing my state, as if it also knew that, something like a conviction of its victory appeared on its face.


——At the same time, I also let out a breath of relief.

Seeing me, the hydra put on its vigilance once again.
And to such hydra, I showed it a weary smile.

「Sorry, I do this just to gain time. I’m glad my plan is transmitted properly.」


Hearing my words, the hydra finally felt something from its behind and turned back.

However, it was too late now.

「Leave the rest to me!」

The next moment, Onii-san threw his dagger toward the hydra…

Someone mentioned that the hydra might be saying a lung fuck, it looks like that guy is right, definitely an Ohh Fuck moment there

also sorry if some words feel a bit repetitive, I try my best, but alas, nothing I can do if the author use different words with more or less same meaning in english over and over again

I will be busy tonight, I don’t think I can release next chapter today, I will try, but expect next chapter in, 24 hours? tomorrow basically

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10 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 37

  1. Thx for the chapter.
    Im totaly loving the work ur doing and the story is so fun so far can’t wait to see more, once again thx 😀


  2. it amuses me that I read this on the 26th and it says it was posted on the 27th 🙂 Thanks for the update 😀


  3. Thanks for the chapter, wow boy here we go again. The hydra trying to kill only to notice the danger when it’s life is in the end


  4. “Source of his motivation” huh? Somehow the Hydra knows the human language and enough of their culture to understand their strong bond, and in a moment of being deflected decided to turn around and kill her.
    Narsena even talks(thinks, whatever) like she knew of the Hydra both before and after it was mutated? Are Hydras so common nowadays? 😛

    Another flashback to the unknown blank space in memories huh, did the goblins step back after that beating so that she could stand in front of him and say those cringey words?
    (If it were me then i would have killed him the moment he hit the ground, why give him a another fighting chance?)

    A giant mutated Hydra attacked with its tail at full speed and a single fist/counterattack killed the momentum/force behind the attack and let her survive without even a scratch?
    (Even your proud little Onii-san went flying you know?)

    There is too much drama with this pair, i have a feeling that this novel is gonna stress me out before long if this continues. What would be a good next drama-adventure? An ancient Dragon? That Phoenix in the Dungeon breaking out? Damnit Author-san, why? It started out just fine before you turned this into a big drama with cringey determinations.. T_T

    Im probably gonna drop this novel before it gets worse..
    On another matter Translator-san, ive noticed some misspellings and grammar mistakes every once in a while in your translations.
    Have you ever tried the support program “Grammarly”? Its a program that can help point out grammar mistakes and spellings in your work and it has helped me a lot over the year I’ve used it. 🙂

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/


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