Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 38

Hydra Battle III



Seeing me standing behind it while grasping a dagger, the hydra looked startled.
Looking at its reaction, I knew Narsena’s plan was successful.
Thanks to her plan, the hydra exposed itself to a fatal gap.

It was a gap that let me switch from defense to attack.

As a result, I smiled as I was able to get behind the hydra and getting ready.

「Leave the rest to me!」

And then, I threw the dagger with my magic power and ki strengthened arm.
The hydra tried to move its big body to dodge the attack.
However, in such a short time for the dagger to reach its scales, as expected, even the hydra was unable to dodge this.


My thrown dagger cut off its three necks and deeply damaged its torso, the hydra then screamed.
The next moment, blood-like magic power gushed out from its wound.
It was a fatal wound, even for a high vitality monster.
……However, I couldn’t rejoice seeing that wound.


As if paying the price for inflicting major damage to the hydra, my hand was also in severe pain.
That attack was strengthened without considering future consequences.
It was an attack made while considering how Narsena attack couldn’t leave enough damage to defeat the hydra and it would be a waste of an opportunity that was created by Narsena otherwise.

……But now I felt a little regret for not holding back even just a little.


The intense pain running on my arm and the extreme fatigue made me fell crouching, unable to stand.
But, if the hydra counter-attack while I’m like this……

「FU, uuuuuu,」

…When I heard the hydra’s feeble voice, I raised my head, and then I realized I had no need to be wary of a counter-attack.

The hydra was lying there and was about to breathe out its last breath.
From the wound, fragments of darkish colored gemstone were scattered about, from that, I knew that my attack broke the hydra’s magic stone.

「Did I just accidentally hitting its weak point, the magic stone…」

Knowing I just hit by a stroke of unexpected good luck, I smiled wryly.
If my attack only injured its body, it wouldn’t be fatal to this mutated hydra.
I imagined so considering the previous encounter with the hydra.
However, the battle was concluded because I accidentally crushed the magic stone which was the weakness of monsters.

The vitality of this monster that didn’t instantly died when its magic stone shattered was indeed abnormal, but with its magic stone broken, the hydra wouldn’t have long to live anymore.

「FUuuuuuu, uuuuuu,」

……And yet, the hydra turned its look full of hatred toward us despite its condition.
Even though I knew it was dying, I couldn’t help but felt horrified.
The mutated Hydra was a truly dreadful enemy.

Intelligence, magic, vitality, and physical strength.

All were much higher compared to before it was mutated.
Even though before it mutated, it was already an existence that was considered a Monster.

This time, Narsena and I could win only because the situation benefits us.

The hydra was too obsessed with me while making light of Narsena.
That was the cause of our victory.

If the hydra was not obsessed with me and attacked Narsena first.

Also, if it didn’t make light of Narsena and pay more attention to her.

We got our victory because there were such miscalculations from the hydra.
However, if we fought properly, the chance that we could win would have been about 30%.
By believing in each other and even taking account we would be able to exert more power than usual.

That was the difference in power between us and the hydra.
Certainly I sought power from the very bottom and somehow became stronger, however, there were many other Monster above me.
Fighting with this hydra reminded me of this fact again.

「But I can become stronger with Narsena. If I’m with Narsena I will be the strongest.」

However, after knowing that, I laughed.
This world by no means a kind world.
In the future, this world would surely try to trample upon us with unreasonableness, just like this time with the hydra.
I who was not recognized by anyone and being oppressed knew the cruelty of this world.

That was why, I wanted the power to brush aside such unreasonableness which I could use if this world turned its fang toward Narsena.

And together with Narsena, I was prepared to have that power.

「That’s why, become the cornerstone.」

After I said that, I swung my dagger down to the still-breathing hydra.
With the intense pain in my arm, it was far from perfect attack.
But for the dying hydra, this was enough.

Thus, the calamity guided by fate quietly breathe its last breath.

◆ ◆ ◇

「It’s over, isn’t it …」

After I put an end to the hydra, I was greeted by Narsena’s smile on her heavily fatigued face as I turned around.


Though, in the end, as if she had lost her power, she crumpled.
Maybe didn’t want to let me saw her miserable appearance, she hurriedly tried to force her body to stand.

「Don’t worry.」


However, I stopped her by holding her up in my arms.
Surprised by my action, Narsena was dumbfounded for a moment and then blushed.


But not long after I started walking, she fell asleep.

「Thanks, Narsena.」

My heart was full of overflowing love toward Narsena as I muttered that while watching Narsena’s sleeping face.
At that time, I no longer able to deny my feeling.

——— I’m in love with Narsena.

Narsena was a lovely and charming girl who put her trust on me and told me she wanted to become my companion.
And while holding a girl like that, as I walked between the dumbfounded spectating adventurers, I made a wish in my heart.

I’m not asking so far as having a peaceful life.
If Narsena wants to, I wish to spend my time together with her.

… I had no idea how much trouble I had to go through to make that wish come true.

Explanation time, the italicized monster is a translation from bakemono while the usual monster come from 魔獣 (majuu) literally means magic beast, the reason it become monster was because at first, the author uses 2 different kanji to refer to monsters (魔獸 and 魔獣, both means magic beast) but it stopped being the case, maybe the author just typo earlier in the novel, also just fyi, the description of World-class adventurer from Narsena at chapter 19 actually mention them for being a monster, I change those to exceptional because it fits the context well enough, but not in this case, hence this long wall of text of explanation

I also change some detail in the last chapter following this chapter

「Leave it to me!」—> 「Leave the rest to me!」

Also, in case you have a hard time imagining the last part, Raust princess carry Narsena

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19 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 38

  1. Forget to say this, Raust was ever to actually attack this hydra twice, the first time when he fought the hydra with Sword of Lightning he cut off 2 heads, and now which cut off 3 heads and destroy the magic stone

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  2. Ahh!!! I can’t wait to see how he will dumbfound the others after they hear about what he and Narsena did!!! Will they become a First-Rate Party or a World-Class Party???

    Also, thanks for the chapter!!


      1. Don’t think so, I mean there are other adventurers who saw them dealing with the Hydra, even if they hate him, they won’t say something like “no he didn’t defeat it, we did” because they’ll be scared of him, and even if they did, others would find it unnatural that they suddenly stopped bullying him


        1. They were there expecting to beat him to a pulp and put him back in his defective place. I doubt they are going to be singing his praises all of a sudden, or collaborate his version of the story. The guild as a whole is shady AF as well, with it already under investigation.


  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    Now I have to wonder, how long will the author drag out the time until one of them confesses to the other? 1 more arc? 2? Maybe he has to get her family’s approval before he will confess?


  4. The MC was behind the hydra, yet the thrown dagger sliced off three necks. Were the necks all lined up? In pictures of hydra or other multi-head creatures, the necks are horizontally arranged when facing the monster from the front or back. To slice three necks, the MC ideally should be sideways to the monster. The dagger also managed to attack the torso and also busted the monster core.
    The only way I can interpret the damage is that the monster core is not located in the heart or chest of the monster, but at the base of the necks. And the hydra somehow reared up, or the MC was 20 feet high in the air when he threw the dagger to hit the base of three necks where the monster core was. It’s pretty hard to target the base of three necks and the core because from the rear of the monster, the body and tail will block physical, visual, and line of sight travel for the dagger.


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