Banished Healer Volume 1 Intermission 2

Volume 1 – Intermission

Sword of Lightning II


「So you’re really here.」

Along with those words, I smiled.
After losing the party’s joint residence, Leader and Sarveria-san spent their time in the guild’s tavern, so I thought they would be here.
And seeing my guess was on the mark, I smiled.


…However, the moment I noticed the dark expression on Leader and Sarveria-san’s face, my smile losing its luster.
Certainly, after being demoted from first-class party status, Leader and Sarveria-san always surrounded by heavy air.
But their current state was obviously different from what it was.

「It’s about Raust-san, right?」


……Seeing them like this, I muttered the name of the person who seemed like the cause.
The agitation that showed up on their face told me I was correct.
Perhaps despite far too late, they now starting to regret doing what they did to Raust-san.
That was not a regret someone who kicked out Raust-san from the party one-sidedly should have.

……But still, it might be inevitable that they would feel lingering regret for Raust-san.

After all, the feat that Raust-san accomplished was out of the norm.

The adventurers here were all turning their eyes in awe toward Onii-san who was leaving.
Even though they, until a few hours ago, still ridiculed him.

「If I put him into my party at that time, then…」


Among them, there were also some that felt regret for rejecting Raust-san to be included in their party.
Under such circumstances, there was no way Leader who once put Raust-san into his party wouldn’t also think the same.
They couldn’t get that idea off their head even though Leader and Sarveria-san knew they were paying for their mistake.

「But, Raust-san will no longer come back to Sword of Lightning.」

Even so, there was no point in thinking a what-if situation like that.
Raust-san had a reliable party member.
No matter who invited him, he wouldn’t enter another party.

「Let’s stop being fixated on Raust-san.」

That was why I said so to Leader.
It was time to give up.
At that moment, Leader and Sarveria-san’s face were clearly distorted.
They too probably didn’t think about it seriously that Raust-san would go back to Sword of Lightning this late.

Even though they knew it was impossible, they still couldn’t let it go.

That was why, with my words, Leader and Sarveria-san’s gave up on Raust-san.
…Even so, that didn’t mean their complex would also go away with it.

「…You’re quite composed aren’t you, Armia? Is it because you wronged Raust less than us that you behave like you’re right?」

Next moment, as if to vent his anger, Leader said that words to me.
Also, I aware that he tried to shift the blame away from him.

「That is, not something I could consider, right?」

However, I didn’t get angry at Leader’s words.
Instead, I showed a smile full of regret toward him.


Leader gasped from my unexpected reaction.

Seeing his reaction, I noticed Leader was making a big misunderstanding.
Certainly, my attitude toward Raust-san might be better than Leader and Sarveria-san.

……But that was not something that I could be proud of.

◆ ◆ ◇

I joined Sword of Lightning a year ago when it was already a first-class party.
At that time, I was a 14-years old rookie magician who was being happy I was invited to a first-class party.
I was indeed aware that I was better than others, but I never dreamed that I would be invited to a first-class party.

…That was why, I started to idolizing Leader and Sarveria-san who were the core of the party.

That was also the reason I started to oppress Raust-san.
I didn’t look down on Raust-san at the start.
The Leader I was infatuated with said it was to train Raust-san, hence I also did it.
Doing as I was told, without doubting my actions at all.

………However, the day after Raust-san was banished from the party, when I challenged the hydra before it was mutated along with Laila-san, I realized my foolishness.

At that time, along with my foolishness, I also realized how active Raust-san was.
…… No, I knew exactly how much weight Raust-san pulled for us, I just realized I never tried to acknowledge it.

The moment I realized that, I felt a terrible disgust toward my action.
As a rearguard who had a leeway to look around, from time to time, I could see that Raust-san was an excellent adventurer.
However, blindly believing Leader’s words, I chalked those as my imagination.

———During the battle with the hydra, I finally realized that Raust-san was truly excellent.

I felt a terrible regret from my own action.
Leader and Sarveria-san’s attitude toward Raust-san.
The malice contained in our act would never be forgiven.

…But my prejudice was far worse than Leader and Sarveria-san’s behavior.

And with that, I hurt Raust-san.
That was probably not something that could be undone.

That was why, after hearing Laila-san’s talk, I decided I wouldn’t make any mistake anymore.

I couldn’t go back to before I hurt Raust-san.
That was why, I decided to start over.
With that determination in my heart, I opened my mouth toward Leader and Sarveria-san.

「Please come with me.」

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Look forward to the beginning of the next chapter (yes only the beginning)

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10 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Intermission 2

  1. Minor corrections:
    「…You’re quite composed aren’t you, Armia? Is it because you aren’t wronged Raust more than us that you behave like you’re right?」>> 「…You’re quite composed aren’t you, Armia? Is it because you wronged Raust more than us that you behave like you’re right?」

    No, I knew exactly how much weight Raust-san pull for us, I just realized I never tried to acknowledge it. >> No, I knew exactly how much weight Raust-san pulled for us, I just realized I never tried to acknowledge it.
    Thanks for the chapter


    1. Yeah, I didn’t understand that line at all. She definitely wasn’t as bad as the other two. And she was an impressionable 14-15 year old rookie adventurer that joined their party. She’d be easily lead astray by those two morons. She is in no way “far worse than Leader and Sarveria-san’s behavior”.


  2. I dont understand it. So she hurt raust then as a way of redemption she stayed in the party that humiliated him instead of approaching him and apologizing to him and doing something that would make up for what she did? Shouldn’t she first have to admit her mistakes and apologize to him personally before thinking of redemption? It feels like what she’s doing is just escaping her guilt by boding to those that did the same to him and then calling it redemption.


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