Banished Healer Volume 1 Intermission 3

Volume 1 – Intermission

Sword of Lightning III


「Armia, where are we going……… Kh!」

Along with the confused Leader and Sarveria-san, I headed toward the place where even beginner came to, an armor shop.
And then, the moment they understood where they were brought to, color of humiliation spread on their face.

「Don’t screw with me! Why are we… in this place…」

The next moment, Leader exposed his feeling and yelled at me.
Sarveria-san also showing the same expression as Leader.
It seemed they were humiliated by the fact they were brought to an armor shop for beginners.

「We are, Sword of Lightning is no longer a first-class party.」



Hearing my declaration, they shut their mouth.

It was a reality that had to be pointed out by someone.
But, even when I understood that, I still felt guilty looking at the expression on their face.

「… No, nevermind not being a first-class party anymore, we are even poorer than the adventurers around. Now is not the time to be picky with the armor shop we visited because of your pride.」

However, I ignored the feeling of guilt and continued my remark.
We whose assets had been mostly confiscated now were inferior even compared to beginner adventurer.
The situation wouldn’t change by escaping reality.
……If we stopped here just because of our pride, then we wouldn’t be able to change.

「But, it’s not yet the end for us.」

Along with these words, I thrust my hand toward Leader and Sarveria-san.



From my sudden act, they were confused for a moment.
However, the moment they saw something I held in my hand, the expression they had on their face for a while now changed to that of a surprise

What I held in my hand was enough money to buy beginner’s armors.

By all right, I couldn’t have had this amount of money.
While not everything was taken away, we didn’t have enough money to buy armor.
Besides, there was no way there was anyone who would lend their money to the current Sword of Lightning.
And because they knew it, they couldn’t hide their surprise.

「Actually, I got this money from Laila-san. It was when they invited me to their party.」


I told that to them.
Hearing that, despair appeared on their face.
Perhaps they thought, using this money, I wanted to get out from this party.
However, I smiled and shook my head.

「But I refused.」

Yes, I didn’t enter Laila-san’s party.
It was not because their party was weak.
In fact, their party was probably one of the most powerful parties not only in the labyrinth city but also in the capital city.
I also respected her and had a friendly relationship with her.

But it was Leader and Sarveria-san I was being affectionate first.

The scene of the first time I entered the labyrinth as the member of Sword of Lightning still remained in my head.
At that time, I was fascinated by how Leader and Sarveria-san’s fight.
Thinking it again now, it was probably because I was weak.
They were by no means had a spectacular ability.

——— Even so, I didn’t want to abandon them who were my comrade.

「It’s because… I want to keep going to the labyrinth together with Leader and Sarveria-san.」

Along with those words, I laughed.

Borrowing money from someone after refusing their invitation to their party was not something that could be praised.

I knew it was terribly shameful.
Still, swallowing the shame, I asked Laila-san for the sake of Leader and Sarveria-san.

「But if we have this we can start over.」

Hearing my words, their attention was gathered on the money in my hand.

「Surely we may have done something that we shouldn’t do, but we can still make amends and start over.」

I stopped my words there and smiled.

「After we get our equipment sorted with this money, I don’t think we can get that much money right away. However, let’s return the money we take unjustly from Raust-san even if it’s a little bit at a time.」


From my words, they looked down, their shoulder shaking.
It was as if they regretted what they have been doing so far.

「To Laila-san too, if we have a little room in our saving, let’s pay her back and give her a gift, a thank you gift for lending us money despite our current condition.」

While I said that, I imagined the future I had in my mind again.
With the equipment bought with this money, we won’t be able to earn much.
Still, after apologizing to the people we have troubled and thanking the people that help us, we might be able to become a first-class party again after working hard.
And if that happens, I may be able to evaluate myself a little better.
After I thought so, I laughed.


….But when I saw the expression of Leader and Sarveria-san when they raised their head, I lost my words.

Floating there was anger they couldn’t hide even if they wanted to.
Seeing that, my thought halted for a moment.

「Are you fucking kidding!? We are the victims!」


……It was a fatal gap.

The next moment, I fell to the ground after I felt an impact on my head.
I could feel blood flowed down on my face as my consciousness became dimmer.

「We are first-class adventurers even now!」

……Finally, along with Leader’s hysterical shout, my consciousness cut off.

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40 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Intermission 3

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!

    Alright! Raust, Narsena, please come and fuck him up, then throw him in a herd of Goblins so they fuck him even more, as for Sarveria, just throw her to the Goblins from the start, then to the Orcs!!!!! God! I almost believed that Dick and Bitch would have a change of heart!!!! That was so stupid of me!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They have never tried to hide their true nature so this should not have been a surprise. It’s hard to be mad at them for just being themselves as they always are. If anything I would be mad at Armia for being so stupid. If she walked into a lions den and was eaten would you blame her or the lion? She knows their personality better than anyone else and chose to ignore it.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I think they have tried to hide parts of their nature, the kinds of betrayal and scams they got up to would have required doing so. Mage girl met them after that stage when they were established and had a better reputation due to status, so has likely never seen them close to their worst. Other then abusing their healer.

        She is making a mistake, but has decent reasons for is and is missing some key info for what is it a horrible idea.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. 14 year old with no experience believing the leaders of the 1st rank party.

        Even those other adventures and the guild staff going along with it.


    2. Is it bad that I kinda see them like a slightly “mature” (not their maturity per say, but more as a a rating) version of Jesse and James?


  2. Man that denial and self-righteousness. Claiming to be the victim when everything is punishment for their own offences for things they knew were wrong, and that they are still 1st class even though they have evidence they never were, didn’t they even want to get the MC at one point back because they realized they needed him, or have they completly broken from reality?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s the power of self-victimization logic. No matter what, they are the victims. At least the author is keeping their personalities consistent which is more plausible.


  3. WOW you cant fix stupid. She gets what she deserves. Usually I feel bad when someone is betrayed like that but this is just funny as there is no reason she shouldn’t have seen this coming. I am sure they appreciate the money you just gave them though. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for the chapter!


    1. There’s no reason she could’ve seen it at that moment.

      The part where they showed their true nature was before they recruited her.

      The part where she realized she was done being a Naive was when they banished Raust…

      She still doesn’t know the two were that evil as at the moment, they looked like they were guilty and in dispair. She didn’t know that they were angry of not staying as 1st class instead of guilty banishing raust.


      1. She reflected and realized that the way they treated Raust was wrong. She realized she’d been learning how to be a horrible teammate by following in their footsteps. She realizes that they cheated Raust and kicked him out with nothing, taking all of his stuff. She’s seen how they’ve acted since then. Like when they forced her and Laila to go fight that boss, almost getting them killed. They lied (with receptionist’s help) and forced Laila to stay in their party.
        How should she not have any idea of what kind of people they truly are by now? She’s an idiot, even if a kind one. I feel bad for her, but she was stupid for not getting the F out of that party already, let alone flashing money at them and suggesting they repay everyone they’ve wronged.
        Because she’s still young and this was her first party, I can kind of sympathize with her (naive and inexperienced), but she should have realized by this point these two were not nice people. Someone needed to slap some sense into her. Luckily her teammates did that, lol. One last act of kindness.


  4. That was really dumb of Armia. I can see where she’s coming from – she knows *SHE* was wrong and has become repentant, and expects others to have the same realization. It’s still dumb, she should have recognized the basic character (or lack thereof) of her two teammates and known they were incapable of remorse or reformation, but it’s understandable.

    Hope nothing happens to her that is *TOO* bad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You will find out next chapter (last of their POV/intermission), at least to where they deserve to go/proper punishment for their sins.

      I read the MTL, but only till then end of this arc. So I an not sure if they actually say their ultimate fate or if they stay in the story.


  5. Did the scammer party just get scammed? Her eyes are open. Armia knows their personalities, how they’ve been exploiting and knowingly putting others in harms way. And now just when they’re broke, she shows up and dangles money in their faces and like a carrot on a stick leads them to a location that simply entering harms their egos while also being a place filled with impartial witnesses then she sets idealistic party goals that further provokes them.

    I think Armia said shes remaining with Sword of Lightning out of penance, in which case she can’t just leave and go apologize to Raust. She’s gotta suffer first in a similar manner he did. Like giving her all for the party only to get used and officially kicked out. And afterwards can she go talk to Raust.


  6. Reading chapter I wanted to drop this novel, but last scene have made me rethink. Because here are limits to stupidity. Armia may not know how they were at beginning, but she knows well how they cheated MC his money, how they abused him, how she was brought to boss level against her will, how she was left after she was poisoned by hydra.
    But she think they are good? No sane man would do it.


  7. I feel bad for Armia, but at the same time, she’s a bit of an idiot. How does she not realize what kind of people those two are by this point? Naive to the point of stupidity. None the less, I hope she finally wakes up and gets out of that stupid party. Hopefully those two get another round of face slaps for this latest injustice they’ve committed.


  8. So they flew past anger and went just straight up insane, huh. Truly, trash will always be trash. Looks like the author realizes the audience doesn’t want them redeemed, the readers want them dead.


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