Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 1

Change To Daily Life


Even now, I still had memories of that time.
The memories of me being called a defect healer and oppressed.

No one wanted to be with me, and sometimes, they even got violent to me.

I thought I was being alienated by everyone in Labyrinth City.

「No, that’s…」

……And that was why, the current me couldn’t hide my uncomfortableness.

「I’m really sorry!」

Currently, in the adventurer guild, part of the adventurers that ridiculed me was apologizing loudly.
They rubbed their forehead on the ground in a desperate attempt to apologize.
The scene attracted the attention of the adventurers and guild staffs around.
And, despite my twitching face, the adventurers who bowed at me didn’t care whatsoever about the surrounding.

「Y-You’re really strong, Raust-san, we don’t know about it until we saw you defeated the hydra…」

「That’s right! Until now, we didn’t really have any ill intention when we persecute you, I swear…」

On the face of the adventurers who kept repeating such excuses was unconcealed fear.
Apparently, the adventurers in front of me were the people who watched me fighting the mutated hydra.
And at that time, judging they would be helpless if I took my revenge on them, they came to apologize.


Having understood the situation, I sighed.
Two days after I defeated the hydra, my position among the adventurers changed dramatically.
Adventurers who looked down at me until now apologize, some even invite me to their party.

…But mysteriously enough, the change didn’t move my heart.

「I-I’m seriously reflecting! T-That’s why, please spare me!」

The appearance of the adventurer that desperately apologizing in front of me, this sight was unthinkable from his attitude until now.

However, even when I understood the reason, all I felt about those adventurers was an annoyance.
A question came to my mind.
I longed for their apologies and invitation to adventurer party, but why I’m so cold?

The answer came to my mind easily.

「Ahh, it’s because I’m already satisfied.」

In my head, Narsena, my most important person and most reliable comrade came to mind.
Perhaps, I feel fulfilled by her existence alone, that’s why I don’t have any interest in adventurers who tried to scout me now.

The moment I realized that, my interest in the adventurers in front me was pushed out from my mind.
This time, I came to the adventurer guild to receive a quest, but I judged that to be impossible now.
The next moment, I turned back and walked away to leave the adventurer guild.


Just before I fully turned away, I could see the face of the adventurers I ignored turned blue.

It was a response I opted to choose because of the many people that the moment I accepted their apology, started to invite me to their party as a token of their apology.
Not that I was angry at the adventurers.

「W-W-W-W-What should we do…」

「…C-Calm down!」

However, the adventurers behind me who obviously didn’t know about that, were fell into a panic…

◇ ◆ ◇


Clad in the robe, Narsena called after me not long after I left the adventurer guild.
In a good mood, she smiled while walking after me.
Seeing her who didn’t try to hide her joy from being with me, I smiled despite myself.

「…… I’m sorry, Narsena.」

……However, the moment I realized her robe was dirtied, I apologized to her.

Just like me being invited to the other parties, Narsena also received some invitation when we were going to the adventurer guild.
No, Narsena got more invitation than me.
Not only her beauty, but they also thought that she had more ability compared to someone who was called defect healer like me.

That was why, when we needed to go to the adventurer guild, Narsena was supposed to hide in the back alley like this.

「Please don’t worry, if it’s for Onii-san, I’m alright! More importantly, let’s go to Marry’s place! She’s waiting!」

But even in such a situation, Narsena was as usual.

「Thank you, Narsena.」

Also, feeling a mysterious comfort from her words, I laughed.
A gentle feeling spread in my chest.

「…It doesn’t really feel great, becoming famous that is.」

……But still, I don’t have a good impression toward those adventurers who tried to force us to join their party.
……Even when I know they didn’t have bad intention toward us.


Suddenly, while I was thinking that, I could hear someone clicking their tongue.


Currently, in the labyrinth city, while few in number, there were still some other first-class parties.
Narsena held her tongue out for one of those parties.
However, unlike Narsena who revealed negative emotion towards them, I didn’t feel that much emotion for them.
And to be honest, this easy to understand attitude was better.

「……Well, they take this attitude because they know they’re obviously weaker than me.」


From my words, Narsena burst into laughter.
Maybe my words also abated the adventurer party hostility? In any case, the irritated feeling Narsena directed at that party was gone without a trace.

Seeing Narsena laughing, my heart was calm.
……Even so, I felt no joy from the fame I got.
The people who came after me to deepen our friendship after we defeated the hydra was a big annoyance.
That was why, before I knew it, the image that defeating that mutated hydra was more of trouble was formed in me.

「Raust, Nar-chan, we have been waiting!」

「Welcome, you guys!」

「Uwohhhh! I’ll let everyone know!」


———That was why, when we got to the city, I couldn’t hide my embarrassment from the reaction the people in the city took.

More and more people gathered around me.
I was bewildered from the situation.

「Really, thank you! Take anything you want, this time it will be on the house!」

「Ohhh you’re right! No way we can charge our hero! Feel free to take anything you want!」

「Rather, both of you are really great adventurers!」


But, seeing the fuss the city folks made around me, I finally understood the situation.
The city folks were thankful that we defeated the mutated hydra.

「Alright! Today is a festival!」

「Okay! Hurry up and get ready! Ohh, the main cast should just wait here!」

「Let’s have a long talk afterward, okay!?」

To be honest, the welcome from the city folks were quite rough.
My ears were ringing from them shouting near my ears, and my back was beaten strongly.


However, I noticed I was smiling in this situation.
I felt the joy I didn’t feel when the adventurers were apologizing to me.

「Onii-san, you really defeated that hydra, no…… It’s good that you protected this place, right?」

And then, as if to show that feeling through action, Narsena smiled at me.

The festival that was held that day then continued until late at night……

So after some slice of life chapter, next arc will be phoenix arc, featuring Laila’s party AND Raust’s party, yes this also include Armia

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11 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 1

  1. Thanks for the chapter, the town folk were oppressed by some adventurers and find in Raust the only one who cared about their wellbeing


  2. Hey, love this series but, have we caught up to the raw or what is going on? I am contemplating dropping this since there almost is no updates…


  3. I don’t really hate Armia, she is just naive right now. Well… this can be count as an annoyance as well, but I think that her will have some important parts in some future arcs. I hope.


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