Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 2

Adventurer Guild


It was the early morning of the next day of the party with the city folks.
Narsena and I stayed up late yesterday, so we went to the adventurer guild while feeling sleepy.

「It had been a long time since we could go to the city, I wish we could take it a bit more slowly…」

On the way to the guild, Narsena stood still and suddenly leaked that remark.
Narsena who said this, from times to times, would look back to the city in reluctance.
I also shared that sentiment.

Returning to the city after a long time, it might be only for a short while, but we have not been able to do so for the last two days after we defeated the mutated hydra.
The guild seemed to worry about the hydra that was mutated in a short period of time, and so we were detained in the guild and asked for information about the hydra.

As a result, we were exhausted in just two days.
To be honest, I wanted to just rest in the inn today.

「…Sorry, if possible I want us that take that request.」

「No no, please don’t worry! I also agree that we should receive that request.」

……However, for us, despite being exhausted, we couldn’t take the option to rest.

The cause was the request that was posted recently.
It might be groundless, but Narsena and I felt that request was dangerous.
That was why, in order to increase the certainty of success, Narsena and I decided to take the request on our own.

…After all, we understood how terrible it would be if worst came to worst.

I was determined to solve the problem before it came to that point.
That way, we could live our daily life without worry.

「…No, that’s not the only problem.」

However, at that moment, I remembered a certain concerning remark.

「The guild……」

That remark was something concerning the adventurer guild.
I murmured that as the words Marry-san said while she was drunk last night came to my mind.

……The words that mention that the guild was raising the price of materials as if the guild was trying to drive them away.

It was an unthinkable remark.
Normally, the guild and the city that handle the material was inseparable, aside from some degree of fraud, it was impossible to do something that would drive the city folks away.

The city was selling equipment to strengthen adventurers and then selling the material purchased from the adventurer that had become stronger.
And the city developed with the material obtained from the guild.

That was the relationship between the city and the guild. If there were no people in the city, the number of adventurers would decrease and the guild would suffer greatly.
Considering that, Marry-san’s remark was unbelievable and should be considered drunken nonsense.

…Even so, I had my doubt toward the guild.

Marry-san’s face when she said that was serious.
I didn’t think it was a lie considering her expression.

And even without that, I couldn’t trust the guild.
I was reminded of Hanzam, the guild staff’s attitude when I explained about the mutated hydra yesterday.
While I was talking, Hanzam was listening eagerly to me.
He looked so serious that the image I had for the guild staffs was about to change.

But while listening to me, Hanzam was always calm.
No surprise nor relief.

……It was as if the hydra mutation was just a trivial matter.

I had a bad feeling when I saw his attitude.
And then, while incomparable, the request was also concerning.

「…Not much I can do, huh?」

However, all concerns about the guild were just in my mind.
Understanding that, I let out a sigh.
No matter how suspicious, I couldn’t do anything as long as the worst was just in my imagination.

After all, I didn’t even consider what the guild might be thinking.

Considering nothing I could do about this now, I decided to focus on the more pressing matter, the request.
Yesterday, I was unable to take the request because of various disturbance, but now was early morning.
This was the time when there were no adventurers.
During this time, there wouldn’t be any competitors.
……Well, considering the request, even with many adventurers around, the chance there would be any competitors was minuscule.

But this was still the best time to go to the guild.

「Let’s hurry, Narsena.」


After deciding that, we ran all the way to the guild……

◇ ◆ ◇

There were few adventurers in the guild as we thought.
Although not zero, the number was clearly less than in the daytime.

Moreover, it seemed the adventurers were busy enough they came early in the morning.
From time to time, they would eye us, but ended up leaving the guild without saying anything.


Looking at the scene, I laughed that no one would disturb me and walked to the reception.

「Nice to meet you. I’m Nancy.」


…….But tens of seconds later, we understood that our enemy was not only adventurers.

「I~ want to get along with Onii-san~~」

In front of me was a woman with a touchy-feely tone of voice, she was Nancy, one of the receptionists in the guild.


Narsena was clearly irritated with her.
Apparently, Nancy calling me Onii-san was what got into her head.

In such situation I was about to sigh.
Honestly, I didn’t want to be called Onii-san by her, even before, I already had a bad impression about her.
After all, even though she might think this was the first time we met, I remembered she was also speaking ill of me.

……Incidentally, at that time, she didn’t talk like this.
Honestly, I wanted her to quit, because she gave me goosebumps.


But despite that, I couldn’t move away from her.

…The reason was the other guild staffs that sent us sparkling glance this way.

Narsena and I were not actually recognized as a first-class adventurer.

First-class adventurer was just a common name, it was officially called exclusive adventurers.
The condition was for the party to be officially certified by the guild and had a dedicated guild staff assigned to the party.

In other words, nevermind having a dedicated guild staff, we who weren’t officially recognized as a party had no way to become a first-class adventurer no matter how strong we were.

…That was why we were being targeted by the guild staff that saw this as an opportunity.

It was not only the adventurers that got the benefit of the exclusive adventurer system.
The guild staff that belonged to the first-class adventurers would also be treated well.

That was why the guild staffs were trying to befriend us who might become future exclusive adventurers.
As long as they could qualify as a dedicated guild staff, they could make an arrangement with the suitable adventurer and forcibly make them into exclusive adventurers.

「Onii-sannnn~ you’re really coo~l.」

……It seemed the other receptionists were also aiming for the straight road to fame and rich like Nancy.

…I didn’t have any intention on becoming an exclusive adventurer, being surrounded in the guild, or marrying the receptionist.
But in this situation, I wouldn’t be able to take the request unless I agree.
I understood that from the line of sight of the other receptionists. I got the urge to escape from here.

……Honestly, It was a really troublesome place to be in.

But running away here wouldn’t solve the problem.
Understanding that reality, I was about to sigh.

「This guy shouldn’t be an exclusive adventurer, after all, they’re the members of my party.」


——It was at that moment someone put their hand on my shoulder and said that.

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