Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 9

Toward the Subjugation


「………Unexpectedly, it seems it would be easy to subjugate.」

The sky was dyed in vermillion when we went home from the cafe.
I was talking with Narsena with a bit of excitement.

「Yes. As one would expect from a party that’s worthy of being called Guild’s agent.」

Narsena, who was also excited, agreed with me.
The people around us looked at us weirdly, but I knew that nothing I could do when Narsena was like this.

About the pre-subjugation meeting, the final plan was for me to draw phoenix’s attention until Armia finished preparing to release her magic.

If I could draw its attention to me, then the phoenix would no longer attack Armia.
Of course, no matter how much I attracted its attention, I wouldn’t be able to prevent stray fireballs that fly straight to Armia.
Zieg-san said that he could repel the stray fireballs with his magic sword.
Also, in case of emergency, Narsena would use a magic shield specifically used to fight phoenix.

With this, even if something unexpected happened during the fight against the phoenix, we would still be able to survive.
Because we have reached that conclusion, Narsena and I couldn’t hide our excitement.

I believed that even if it was only two of us, subjugating phoenix wasn’t impossible.
However, I couldn’t deny it was more of a gamble.

With our situation improved leap and bound compared to when it was just only us, it was natural to feel excited.

「But, we’re still not allowed to lose focus.」

However, even with the improved condition, our victory still wasn’t assured.
I recalled when I was doing hydra subjugation before, despite finally cornering the hydra after three hours of fierce battle, Sarveria ended up poisoned.
Frankly, super-high difficulty monsters was an existence which you mustn’t lose focus even when it was badly cornered.
Even in the situation where their death was practically guaranteed, being a super-high difficulty monster, they would have a power that could turn that outcome around.

All we can do to prevent such a situation is to prepare.

「Let’s go shopping.」

「The phoenix subjugation is only several days away, so we should get ready from now, right?」

As I thought that, I stepped toward the city while talking to Narsena.
From now, I was thinking of going to buy materials for phoenix subjugation.

「Wait a minute!」


It was then, suddenly a voice that asked us to stop resounded.

When I looked back, there was a female healer from Zieg-san’s party, Laila-san.
When she came before us, her breath was so rough.
As I didn’t know what happened to her, I felt worried.

「It’s a bit delayed to say this, but thank you so much for helping Armia regaining her footing.」

But at the next moment, seeing Laila-san bowed her head with vigor, I understood that my worry was misplaced.
Apparently, she rushed to this place wasn’t because something had happened, but to say those words to us.
After I understood that, my cheeks loosened as I saw Laila-san’s figure, whose sense of duty was so strong it was unthinkable for an adventurer.
It seemed Armia was able to enter a good party this time.

「He couldn’t say it in front of Armia, but Zieg is grateful to both of you too. Really, thank you very much.」
However, when I noticed her misunderstanding, my expression changed to an awkward one.
It seemed Laila-san thought that I was also involved in persuading Armia.
To correct the misunderstanding, I started talking with a wry smile.

「I didn’t do anything.」

「No, that’s not the case.」


「Thank you for giving a chance for Armia to atone.」

………However, after listening to what she said next, I realized that I was the one who mistaken.

Maybe she had been told beforehand, but it seemed she knew what was happening between Armia and Narsena.
On top of that, Laila-san seemed to be grateful to me.

I understood that from Laila-san’s appearance, but I couldn’t hide my confusion.
To be honest, I didn’t particularly blame Armia for anything.
That was why I tried to tell Laila-san there was no need to be thankful.

「I’m really sorry for what Armia had committed. The current you may have forgotten that you were hurt by Armia by the happiness you have now. But that doesn’t make the fact that Armia hurt you in the past gone.」

But before I could open my mouth, Laila-san deeply bowed at me.

「That sin won’t be compensated by Armia alone, but also by us, her party members. It’s a duty she must fulfill, and because we put her into our party, it also becomes our duty.」

After listening to Laila-san, I realized the reason Armia changed.
Her encounter with Laila-san was what changed Armia.

「And it’s our shared duty too to thank you. That’s why, thank you.」

And then, Laila-san raised her head, turned toward Narsena, and smiled at her.

「It’s pathetic, but we couldn’t help Armia getting back to her feet. If you weren’t there, Armia might still broken.」

「Eh- ah,」

While smiling like she was laughing at herself, Laila-san confessed so to Narsena.
Apparently, Narsena didn’t expect to be thanked in this way, she looked clearly surprised.
Seeing Narsena reaction, Laila-san laughing at her, and then bowed deeply at Narsena.

「That’s why, thank you so much. I’m glad you’re there to help.」

「Eh, ah, y-yes!」

In response to Laila-san’s words, even while she was still looked surprised, Narsena still nodded somewhat shyly.
Seeing the sight of those two, I smiled despite myself.
It seemed the person in Zieg-san’s party we knew the least about, while I still didn’t know what kind of person she was, was at least a trustworthy person.

「Sorry for being abrupt. I really want to thank you. Let me say this just in case, no, there is no problem.」

After raising her head a bit, Laila-san then turned to me, then feeling really bad for what she had done, she apologized again.
Apparently, she was aware that I was worried when she came running at us.
Facing Laila-san who apologized for that, I opened my mouth to tell her I didn’t mind.

「No. Please don’t worry.」

I was indeed didn’t care about being misled by her action.
After all, she rushed to thank us.
Besides, if she didn’t run here, we would already leave then.
Considering the situation, there wasn’t any reason to fault her.

「I see. I’m glad you say that.」

Maybe she picked up my feeling from my words and actions as she said that with a gentle smile.
It was then her expression turned into one from someone who just remembered something.

「Because we’re going to prepare for phoenix subjugation, I need to go back soon……」

「Ahh, you’re right. We need to prepare too.」

With her words, I also remembered that we were about to go to the city
And as far as Laila-san’s appearance was concerned, it seemed that she came to us without informing Armia.
She might need to go back early so Armia wouldn’t be suspicious.

「My bad for stopping you.」

After saying that, Laila-san turned to the direction where she came from and walked away.
However, on the way, she looked back at us and smiled.

「I’ll be repaying my gratitude to both of you by playing an active part in the phoenix subjugation.」

It was an overly confident statement for a promise.
Returning the favor in the phoenix subjugation, that wasn’t a line someone without great confidence could say.
After saying that, Laila-san left in a jog and never looked back again.

◇ ◆ ◇

Even after Laila-san out of sight, Narsena was still staring at the direction Laila-san went.
Looking at her, what came to mind was a look of pure wonder.

「……A female high-ranking adventurer, there is someone so cool and elegant like that.」

At the next moment, Narsena muttered words that exude both admiration and surprise.
It seemed, for Narsena, Laila-san’s existence was something that could shock her.

「…Even though Ralma-san also exist…」

「………Ah, yeah. Master is an exception, in the first place, I don’t think Master is someone we can include in the human category.」


……But after listening to Narsena’s answer to my murmur, all the energy in my body drained.
Apparently, rather than being influenced by Laila-san’s existence, it was more like she had been poisoned by Master’s existence.


What? Do you have any complaints? The scene of Master threatening me with those words suddenly came to mind, and then I sighed.
After spending a long time with that person, then Narsena’s reaction might be inevitable.
After all, Master is that kind of existence.

However, Master’s existence aside, there is no doubt Laila-san possesses a good character.
While I haven’t seen her ability, being able to enter Zieg-san’s party means she must be quite skilled.

While thinking so, I recalled the anticipation I had toward the phoenix subjugation.
By no means phoenix subjugation is something that can be done with such a light feeling, despite telling myself so, I still couldn’t erase the urge to smile.
It seemed Narsena also harbored the same feeling as me.
I noticed that when I turned my head to the side, and so, I stopped holding back my smile and opened my mouth.

「Now then, let’s go to the city.」


Our anticipation toward phoenix subjugation as we walked toward the city wasn’t something we could hide……

There are in total 8 どうやら (douyara / I defaulted to translate this as “apparently”) in the raw, after I notice that, I changed some with it seemed to make it more various, but in the end, if this chapter still feel a bit repetitive, then you can fault my English ability for not flexible and knowledgable enough to make it less repetitive

Also if you wonder what will I translate next, or when will next chapter of banished healer released, I plan to do Goddess’s suffering tomorrow, then banished healer after I release that, then resummoned hero, so I guess it will look like this

tomorrow – goddess’s suffering

the day after that – banished healer

2 days after I start banished healer (I assume it will take 2 days to finish, I will aim for 1 though) – re-summoned hero

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