Re-Summoned Hero Episode 119

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Did you get the permission?
Audience with the king.
Dina will be the one doing the test of ability.

「This is a bit late to ask this, but…… do we depart tomorrow?」
Souta asked Antgar anxiously, the confident expression on his face until a little while ago gone without a trace.
「…So you can be a bit absentminded too. They need to do some preparations, I was told to go there tomorrow.」
「I see. Then, how about we do some blacksmithing works to kill time?」
Souta stood up and then move toward the workshop.

「O-Oy, what are you going to do in my workshop!」
Antgar chased after Souta in panic. Dina didn’t follow them, instead, she headed toward the backyard to do battle training with Undine.


In the backyard, Dina went to the hut where the mysterious dummy stored and took out other test dummies then set it up next to the wooden dummy in the square. Although they weren’t as hard as the mysterious dummy, some of them were made of metal, that was sufficient for practice target.
After she finished the dummies installation, while holding Undine, Dina let her magic pass through it. Then the blade was gradually covered in water. Dina was the best at recovery magic that she learned from Franchir, but before that, she studied spirit magic and attribute magic with his brother and showed that she was even more talented than her brother.
Water spirits were floating around Dina. Many elves were contracted to wind spirits, but Dina was contracted to wind and water spirits.

「Thank you.」
When Dina said so, the spirits were nodding like it was a matter of course. In her mind, she thought the spirits wouldn’t answer her after a blank period of over a thousand years, but when the spirits reacted as she remembered, she was relieved. Although one couldn’t exchange words with the spirits, they would know what you were trying to say by your expression. The spirits nodded and strengthened Dina’s magic as she wished, and then she passed it through Undine. With her increased magic power, she struck the test dummy.


After starting the fire in the forge in the workshop, Souta took out some metals and lined them up on the workbenches. Once finished, he took out the tools he was going to use. Antgar who was complaining before was watching Souta with great interest.
At that time, a roar from the backyard resounded.
「W-What is that!?」
Surprised by the sound, Antgar ran to his backyard. Souta sent a glance toward the direction where the sound came from and then decided to continue working.

「Now, it’s been a while, what should I make?」
Souta rolled his sleeves, then pick up some metals to create a sword. Antgar then returned as the metals were heated.
「Your companion is amazing…」
Antgar returned while looking a bit pale, Souta only returned a short reply before hammering the heated metal on the anvil. He hammered it pretty skillfully, Antgar was fascinated at Souta’s work.

「If you’re just standing there, then you should be free right? Then help me.」
Antgar nodded to Souta’s words and then hurriedly prepared his tool.

After that, they continued working until dinner time. They wrapped up their work once they made two one-handed swords. They washed away the sweat they worked out with the water from the well outside. When they came back to the living room, they could smell the smell of foods drifted from the kitchen.
「Ahh, you finished at last? I already prepared the dinner, please take a seat.」
Clad in an apron, Dina urged them to go to the dining room. The same thing happened recently, so after exchanging glances, Souta and Antgar headed toward their seat.

「I was surprised when I went to the well outside, the sky had turned completely dark.」
「That was also the first time in a long time that I was completely immersed in blacksmithing.」
While eating, Souta and Antgar started talking while recalling what they did until now. Antgar’s face looked fulfilled from recalling the pleasure of creating weapons. By creating weapons with Souta, he was able to create something of a higher quality than usual, and also got a look at Souta’s blacksmithing ability.

「Well, it’s been a long time, so that was a good warm-up.」
As it wasn’t the katana he was looking for, the act was just for practice and so Souta wasn’t that excited.
「I want to create what you want to create. No, I already felt like that even before, how should I say this…… What I meant is that feeling feels like more solid now.」
In contrast, Antgar was excited, his interest in katana was also growing.

「Fufufu~ you seem to have so much fun. Was it like this too with Raugo-san?」
Souta crossed his arms and thought before answering Dina’s question.
「No, how was it again? I have a feeling they were quite different…… In the beginning, I was always instructed in the blacksmithing technique, at that time, I just single-mindedly practicing. I would practice so much that the metals in his workshop ran out.」
Dina and Antgar couldn’t imagine that Souta.
「Since I was recognized as full-fledged by him, everyone went to collect various materials, and I made several prototypes of katana I want to make now. During that time, we talked about problems and improvements like when I talked with Antgar.」

For Antgar, it was a story of his ancestor from a thousand years ago, he felt strange hearing the story. For Souta, it was only a story from a couple of years ago, it was still fresh in his mind, so he looked nostalgic and lonely.
「Now, there is still plenty of time today, so I also prepared dessert!」
It was a sudden change of topic, but Dina felt Souta’s loneliness so she tried to behave brightly on purpose. In fact, she really did prepare a dessert, it was a simple cheesecake. It was the only dish that her mother taught her. If she talked about it, the atmosphere would become heavy again so Dina kept that fact in her mind.

「This is nostalgic.」
Souta had eaten it three years ago, and because he liked it, he finished eating the piece on his plate in no time. Dina then put a new piece of cake on his empty plate.
「Is it fine?」
Souta was a little surprised and looked at Dina’s face.
「It’s fine. I made a full cake, so there is still more! Antgar-san too, please tell me if you want more.」
When she looked at Antgar, his plate was already empty and he thrust it out for more.

I swear I’m not 2 days late, I’m 1 day late, I actually finished this yesterday night, but my mind was kinda borked from the lack of sleep already so I edited this just now, well I actually modify quite a bit of lines, so I guess, it’s good that I edited it with fresh mind, I will start Goddess’s Suffering translation in a couple of hours and will release a chapter either this night or tomorrow morning

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8 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 119

  1. Oh my… It seems I have run out of chapters. Well, that brings me to the notion of going back through and looking for little things like when you used “his” for Dina a short while back. That doesn’t seem nearly as interesting as continuing, though.

    I’d like to say however, that the quality of the translation on this novel has improved dramatically since the first chapter.

    Now, off to go check that Patreon thing. I looked at it … yesterday? Anyway, last time I checked it, I noticed … well, I’ll probably message you there.

    Thanks for all the chapters! I enjoyed reading this so much, that I forgot to take notes on errors… which is incredibly unusual for me.


    1. anything below chapter 8 was planned to be retranslated, so not only they’re posted when I was still really new to this, I even stopped my editor of that time to not go below chapter 8 while I do a quick and dirty retranslation on chapter 8-17 (chapter 17 was when my editor joined)

      in the end, not only those earlier chapter unedited, it’s not even retranslated until now, I will get around to do it one day, who knows when though

      In any case, leaving them there actually kinda fine, at least people won’t have a high hope towards the quality of my translation, and it definitely better than drop of quality in the middle of series, still I’m aware of the problem and know what I should do, I just still don’t get around to do it


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