Just a little update

I know I said 2-3 days, but alas, I haven’t even started translating the next chapter of banished healer yet, and this is already the 3rd day, considering the length of this chapter, tomorrow is the earliest I can finish

so, why haven’t I start yet? Well, my notebook went into bluescreen loop yesterday, so I’ve been pretty much just trying to fix it, it’s fine now, ended up clean install the windows, but now it just doesn’t let out any sounds at all, the driver is working, the volume control is fine, considering before bluescreen loop, my speaker still working fine and I also tested it with earphone just to make sure, the speaker is not the problem

So yeah, I’m still occupied, I hope it will be fixed by tonight, or even better, by now, but regardless, I will put it aside if it still won’t be fixed by tonight

6 thoughts on “Just a little update

  1. Thanks for the translations!

    I hope you’re saving up for new hardware. Commonly, a failing hardware component (usually the hard drive if it’s mechanical) is the cause of the blue screen.

    Did you notice any difference in performance prior to wiping? For example, longer loading / wait time when opening folders and files, crashing of apps, screen flickering, stalling when opening many browser tab, etc.

    I’m not a computer technician, but I’ve been through many situations concerning these symptoms while using notebooks. I’ve dabbled in repairs such as screen / motherboard / hard drive / ram, replacement, re-soldering power input components, re-seating processors through heat treating, and probably a few more.

    Desktops also have the same issues, but notebooks show these signs earlier. While notebooks show degradation after 5-7 years, desktops are 10+ years.

    So, if the blue screen code indicates a software issue, hopefully it’s because the hard drive is failing. That is the easiest fix and usually the most economical. As you’re able to upgrade the hard drive and copy important files over while keeping the drive for another device after the rest of the notebook component fails.


    1. thank you for the advice, unfortunately, this is a 2-in1 tablet pc, so any hardware failure is out of my hand (I don’t even know how to crack this open other than forcing it), I already planned on buying a new one though, this one is about 9 years old now, I will use it as long as I can and just prepare to buy a new one when it breaks, considering this only have a warranty of 1 year (instead of the usual 2 years,) this has served me well


      1. That’s great! The notebook served you well. Depending on the model, there’s still salvageable parts even when you don’t need it anymore. For example, you can dismantle and sell the screen, motherboard ( logic board ), and maybe the memory if it isn’t soldered on the board. Otherwise, it’ll sit on the side as a web browser / media streamer.

        By the way, there is probably a dismantling guide for the model of your notebook online. Most of the time, there’s a small amount of screws and depending on the style, some glue or clip mechanism used to slim the device.


  2. Feel so unhappy for you, the sheer fact that people are stealing your translations without giving credit just ticks me off i suggest you try to set your site up so that viewers can’t copy any text, might just cause an annoyance to those guys, but better than nothing, thanks for the translations as well!


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