Unfortunate news for Goddess’s Suffering readers

Due to unknown reason, the author has deleted their account from Shōsetsuka ni Narō, the means the deletion of all novel under this author too, which mean I’m unable to continue translating Goddess’s Suffering, because I don’t have the copy of the raw saved, I have chapter 39 opened when the deletion happened, I don’t know when, but I opened chapter 39 2 days ago, and this morning, it’s gone

Well, I said I don’t have them, but using wayback machine and checking around the net, I’m able to salvage most of them


as you can see, it’s not everything, chapter 44, 53, 56, 60, 67, 69, 70, 73, 84, 85, 87, 89, 91, 92, 94, 98_2, 99, 108, 110, 112, 114, 115, 117 are missing

I’m still undecided what I should do going forward, respecting author decision and stop translating this novel altogether (though, I won’t go as far as deleting the already translated chapter,) just translate what is there and skip the missing chapter until I can find it one day, just translate epilogue and move on (this one is the worst option imo,) buy the light novel and translate that from the beginning (though I really don’t want to translate light novel because of legal reason, at least translating web novel is still in gray area, not to mention I don’t know if the light novel finished already or not with only 2 volume released now)

5 thoughts on “Unfortunate news for Goddess’s Suffering readers

  1. I think that you could probably ask the syosetsu staff to try contacting him? As long as you make it clear you’re trying to ask him for his blessing, they should at least be able to send him a message. The worst thing they can do is say no.

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    1. I don’t believe that’s possible, we don’t really know the database system of their site, so it’s possible that the deletion also delete their information from the site database, it’s possible to recover this, but that’s going as far as checking the backup etc which is too much work for a simple unimportant matter (for them) like this

      I can try, but don’t expect anything from it, if anything, trying to get author’s business email from the light novel release and contact them directly might have a better chance, but contacting their business email means business, and I honestly don’t want to do this if possible, it might turn into complicated matter


      1. I’m not a lawyer, so take my words with a grain of salt, but they’d probably need to keep his information in their system in case a lawsuit happened maybe? I can’t think of any situations but if money was ever transferred between him and the site they’d definitely keep it recorded.
        Like I said, the bigger problem is whether the staff are allowed to use the information to hook you up with the author, and getting him to give his blessing. I don’t know how Japanese authors generally feel about their work getting translated, but I think that I read somewhere that most Korean authors hate translators who put their work up without giving them royalties. The light novel publisher might get in the way too. I’m sure you don’t want to legally form a translation company just so you can make a contract to finish the novel.


    1. whether I continue or stopping the translation of goddess’s suffering, I won’t pick a new project yet, my original plan was catching up with banished healer, finish goddess’s suffering while doing re-summoned hero, and then pick new project or translate headless dullahan again if it’s not picked up by active translator at that time, so I guess the answer is focus on current projects

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